Predictions on O'Bama

Predictions and thoughts about the coming year(s)

I jotted down most of these just after the election.  I'll be curious as to how I'll do...

Gas prices over $3 a gallon in one year,  (I don't feel as strongly about this one as I did in November but I still think it's a probability.)

No new nuclear power plants will be approved for construction,

Union Card check will pass but surprisingly the decline of unions will not be significantly reversed.

Guantanamo will take a lot longer to close than expected and in the end the people being kept there will merely be shifted around.

In the same way the 16 month pulling out period mentioned by Obama will be adjusted so that the 'countdown' to leaving starts several months from now making it effectively a two or maybe even three year pullout.

The Justice Department is going to go so far to the left that some of even its liberal members will feel ashamed and blow the whistle.  Others will be continue to be shameless and keep the wagons circled insisting that "there's no problem here."

The Fairness Doctrine will not be revived by name but via Executive Order the FCC will create a new set of regulations that have essentially the same effect.  Big guns like Rush Limbaugh will continue to broadcast but local conservative talk show hosts and less popular national commentators will be muzzled.

Despite the fact that adult stem cells are proving to be better than those from aborted babies Federal funding for stem cell research will quickly be passed.The Republican party did not show the voters that it has learned its lesson.  I doubt that it really has.  The party is still wedded to pork.  I wonder if Newt Gingrich will be allowed back in from the cold?

For 8 years a substantial portion of the population lived with and survived the presidency of George W. Bush feeling that his policies were 100% wrong.  They were wrong to feel that way but that's how they felt.  So now the shoe is on the other foot.  We now have to deal with a President who is just wrong on so many policies that it is incredible.

But better a President Obama than a President Biden.  Obama at least will be competent.  Look at the Democrats.  Who do they have waiting in the wings to take over after Obama? 

Biden?  The man's a joke.  Pelosi?  It is to laugh.  Reid.  Never in a million years.  Maybe there's a governor out there who will come out in a few years.   Though I'm not a good one for picking future political leaders.  I certainly was blindsided by Bill Clinton.

Looking at the Republican crop of leaders there aren't many that stand out but there are afew that over time might be able to suit up; Thompson, Palin and Jindal are my favorites.The people who screamed and hollered the loudest about the supposed fascist leanings of the Bush campaign will be the ones calling the loudest for Obama's administration to adopt fascist policies and/or cheering the loudest if the Obama administration adopts polices that do border on the fascist.

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An email floating on the internet is making the rounds as being authored by Kit Lange, about her predictions for O'Bama's presidency...did she write this?

Bob W

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