Calif. Utilities Seeking to Pass Costs Onto Customers While Claiming Moral High Ground on Global Warming

The fight against California's ill advised global warming bill AB32 is heating up as the State's utility companies come to the support of the economy killing global warming initiatives. Yet even as these power companies want to claim the moral high ground for supporting AB32 they are also seeking government approval to merely pass all the high costs of compliance right onto its customers.

So, while people are losing their jobs by the thousands, while taxes are going up, and while AB32 is hampering economic recovery, the utilities also want to pass on higher costs to California’s power customers in a stealth global warming tax.

The California Public Utilities Commission has filed Resolution G-3447 that will give utilities permission to hike prices in order to help the companies pay for the high compliance costs of the global warming law.

Here is the text of that resolution:

Resolution G-3447. Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) seeks to modify its gas and electric regulatory accounts to recover from its core and noncore gas and electric customers a portion of the California Air Resources Board’s (CARB) Assembly Bill (AB) 32 Cost of Implementation Fee (AB 32 Fee) paid to CARB.

San Diego Gas & Electric Company (SDG&E) seeks to revise its regulatory accounts to record the costs associated with the CARB AB 32 Fee and to recover these costs in customer gas transportation and electric commodity rates.

Southern California Edison Company (SCE) seeks to modify its regulatory accounts to record and recover AB 32 Fees paid to CARB.

Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas) seeks to modify its Core Fixed Cost Account (CFCA) and Noncore Fixed Cost Account (NFCA) to record and recover AB 32 Fees paid to CARB.

Unbelievable. As these companies collude with global warming evangelists to "save the earth" they also make to force customers to pay for their supposedly high moral stance.

AB32 is killing the economy in many ways. This stealth tax is just one of them. This is why opponents of AB32 are trying to pass Proposition 23, a law that will put AB32 on hold until the economy returns to health.

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