We Can Rebuild the Party

Earlier this evening, a group of under-40 operatives pulled back the curtain on, a 10-point action plan for the next RNC Chairman.

The premise behind the plan is simple: every Republican has a stake in the outcome of the RNC election, so every Republican must have a voice in the process. Collectively, we intend to bring pressure to bear, not for a specific candidate, but for a set of principles that will force our new leadership to deal head on with the GOP's structural failures -- a yawning online gap, a failure to mobilize our grassroots, and an inability to recruit either strong candidates in every district  or encourage sophisticated activism at the local level.

A number of us have been talking about these problems for months now. Well, the time for talk is over and the time for action is now. That's why the plan outlines a number of specific proposals and success metrics: 5 million new online activists, a minimum of $100,000 raised online by target Congressional candidates, candidates in all 435 districts, 25,000 new people who can work on campaigns and run their neighborhoods. It's time to start holding people in the party accountable for online success the same we hold people accountable for the number of voter contacts.

Over the next few weeks, we'll be fleshing out individual pieces of the plan and likely be getting more specific in our recommendations. We also know that we can't micromanage the process and that the next Chair is going to have to chart his or her own path. Having worked on campaigns, however, we know that necessity is the mother of invention. The primary purpose of the Rebuild the Party plan is to create this sense of urgency and necessity. We challenge the idea that the Internet is more than a fun little add-on or that it's enough to prove you "get it" by setting up a Twitter account. The Obama campaign proved that the Internet is so much more than that: it is a serious platform for transforming literally everything about how your campaign is run, from media to fundraising to field.

And the best part? You can vote on key tenets of the plan, submit your own, and vote them up in a Digg-like process. The best user generated ideas may be included in future releases of the plan. Participate in this platform by visiting and registering.

Beyond disappointment at all the opportunities we missed this election, I felt something else on Tuesday night: liberation. I felt like a huge burden had been lifted off our shoulders, that we could finally get to work building the Republican Party we really want not just defending the one that we had. Our mission will no longer be subsumed in the immediate work of winning an election. The time to build the next right has come.

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