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Disclose Act Folds, Closed By Three Votes – Much Too Close!

There were fifty seven Democrat Senators who would have stolen your right to free speech. Senator Upchucky Schumer, one of the more detestable examples of a stinking, slimy breed, conspired with the equally onerous and creepy Russ Feingold to craft the Disclose Act, which has been inspired and supported by that sterling personality, Barack Hussein Obama.

L-R: Schumer, Obama, Feingold.

This piece of legislative legerdemain was purposely crafted to protect Democrat incumbents. The same DeMarxist cretins who are selling you, your country and your freedom down the road. Among other sleazy provisions, it was intended to muzzle the voice of the Conservative Patriot movement and the individual voices of free Americans, while allowing unions, political action groups and slush funds of money stolen from their members to function along with the ‘special exemption’ issued to the National Rifle Association, The Sierra Club and the AARP (I went into this at some length in my article of July 6, 2010. For those of you interested, it can be accessed through my domain archives at I haven’t changed my mind about the NRA one iota and they will not receive one dime from me or my friends.

We defeated this fifth column DeMarxist assault on our freedoms. We defeated it by the narrowest of margins. It just illustrates how very dangerous the communists will be until we can defeat them in November, and somehow repel the kamikaze attacks of the lame duck Demarxist Congress.

Remember when then candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton screamed, “We reserve the right to criticize anyone” (she shrieked!)? I didn’t see her voicing her indignation to this bill. I guess it’s ok with her as long as it’s the voice of Patriots that are being silenced. We must redouble our efforts to defeat this dark, monstrous conspiracy against our country.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

Supremes Get One Right: Gut McCain Feingold.

After one of the WORST activist based decisions in history, that of April 2, 2007, which gave the EPA the power to treat auto CO2 emissions as an environmental issue, the Supreme Court seems to have finally put its robes on straight and actually READ the Constitution they are sworn to abide by. The court struck down major portions of the bill, especially those relating to the government’s regulation of free speech.

Senator John McCain’s support for this widely unpopular bill turned many Conservative and Independent voters against him, myself among them. That, and his support for amnesty among other “across the aisle” excursions, probably made him unelectable to anyone but party insiders. Frankly, I voted for him only as a vote against Barack Obama.

One hopes that the Supremes would continue their study of the Constitution for what it actually says and not in support of activist goals. It should be noted that President Obama’s choice for the Supreme Court, Justice Sonia Sotomayor, voted against the people of this country.

Supreme Court Of The United States

A number of other things have happened that should have Conservative patriots concerned since Scott Brown overturned Barack Obama’s brown, wormy apple cart. Nancy Pelosi, looking much like she had just bitten into one of those apples, admitted that they did not have the votes for the passage of Obama /Pelosi /Reid care. That’s a good thing, that’s a very good thing. Democrats are scrambling to come up with something that doesn’t smell of defeat and absolute retreat for their boss, while in the face of an indisputable message from the AMERICAN PEOPLE.

Obama announced that he would seek a ONE POINT NINE TRILLION DOLLAR increase in the debt ceiling. I’d say “WHAT?!!!” But I used that yesterday. In does point to the incredible disconnect between mainstream America and the ideologically-driven Democrat government, that in the face of a clear message to the contrary the administration would continue down this politically suicidal path.

President Obama also announced the government takeover of the school loan program, another ONE HUNDRED AND THREE BILLION DOLLAR government takeover. There were another 36,000 jobs lost last week, bringing job losses in the ‘Obama recovery’ to some 480,000 since the beginning of the Obama Presidency. Meanwhile, the Feds are planning to give PROTECTED STATUS to 200,000 Haitians. This begs the question, just who the heck is protecting AMERICAN CITIZENS?

Here’s a question to France and that ODIOUS blowhard in Venezuela… where are your aid convoys to Haiti? Gee, guess they must have been delayed. But then we saw the way France treated it’s colonials and how Chavez treats his citizens.

There are Conservatives lining up in challenges to the leftists all over the country and the march to defeat the attempted takeover of our country continues. Now is not a time to slack up or to rest on yesterday’s accomplishments. Now is the time for action. Action begins in your communities. Action begins with you.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


2010 Senate: Don't Primary Specter; An Alternative.

Michael Barone makes a typically brilliant point looking forward to 2010:

[I]f I were a conservative cheerleader against the Obama/Pelosi stimulus package, I would be concentrating less of my fire against the three Republicans who supported the Senate version and more on Democratic members of the House and (at least those who are up for reelection in 2010) the Senate.

Given all the talk on the right the past few days, I must go on the record AGAINST a primary challenge to Arlen Specter.  My reason is simple: Arlen Specter is the only Republican who's won Statewide in Pennsylvania at the Federal Level since 2001.  More specifically, he knows how to win in the Philly suburbs.  As Chris Palko has blogged about on this site, Republicans have gotten killed in the Philly 'burbs for the past decade.

A little background: I supported Pat Toomey in 2004.  In 2004, Republicans had a (reasonably) popular President, control of the U.S. House, and VERY narrow control of the U.S. Senate; under those circumstances, it made sense to replace a Liberal Republican with a Conservative Republican.  There was good reason to believe that whoever won the Republican Primary would cruise to victory in the General Election.  As a state with a Democrat Governor and a Republican State Senate, Pennsylvanians are well known ticket splitters.

In 2010, Republicans will only have 41 Senators.  While the President's popularity heading into the election cannot be known, Conservatives should prepare for the worst.  Republicans shouldn't risk a perfectly good Senate seat when a much smarter alternative exists.  Whatever Specter's flaws, a liberal Republican is better than a Democrat.

And what, pray tell, is the Alternative?

That one's simple.

Let's Beat Democrats!

More Specifically, there are 5 (actually 10) Senate seats currently held by DEMOCRATS that we should aggressively target before we counterproductively cannibalize our own.

1) Indiana - While Obama eeked out McCain in this state in 2008, it's historically been a GOP stronghold.  As such, Indiana will be Ground Zero of any backlash against President Obama's economic policies; Evan Bayh will not be able to hide his vote(s) .  If Mike Pence runs for the Seat, so much the better.

2) Wisconsin - While Obama won this state solidly in 2008, it has a history of electing Republicans and Bush almost won it in 2004.  The Incumbent, Russ Feingold, is a far left kook who teamed up with John McCain for one of the all time great legislative assaults on the Constitution.  If Congressman Paul Ryan or Former Governor Thompson could pick up this seat, they would do the nation a great service.

3) North Dakota - This is a state that consistently votes Republican at the Presidential and Gubenatorial Levels yet elects borderline Bolsheviks to the U.S. Senate.  Well, the Radicals Have Taken Over and they just got their way on economic policy.  Byron Dorgan will own the results of President Obama's economic policy.  Most of the statewide offices (at the state level) are held by Republicans.

4) Arkansas -  This state was one of the few bright spots for the GOP in 2008.  Every county voted more Republican than 2004.  Seats like these are the low hanging fruit of any future majority.

5) Nevada - President Obama just insulted Las Vegas.  Harry Reid is President Obama's cheif Lieutenant in the Senate.  Need I say more?

As you can see, pickup opportunities abound in seats currently held by Democrats.  We can do more to influence the agenda in the Senate by picking up these seats than by going after one of our own.  Primary Challenges are a luxury we cannot afford.


In case you would like to know why Arlen Specter deserves to stay in the Senate, I present the following three reasons:

1) The Surge -- In 2007, when the Democrats in Congress wanted to give up in Iraq, Senate Republicans rallied around President Bush and gave him enough breathing room to get the Surge off the Ground.  Arlen Specter was one of those Senate Republicans.

2) John Roberts and Sam Alito -- As Judiciary Committee chairman, Specter did what was necesssary to get President Bush's Supreme Court nominees through the Senate.  He'll do the same with any future Republican President.

3) Senator Chris Matthews -- I just can't handle that.  No way.  I can live with Arlen Specter if it prevents that.

I hope this helps.


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