FL Senate: Charlie's Comeback (and how he could be stopped)

If there is only one person in the world for whom the oil spill disaster in the Gulf is a blessing in disguise, that man is Charlie Crist.

From photos of the Governor surveying the spill to soundbites of him demanding full compensation for Florida's spill related damages, Crist's handling of the spill has offered him the chance to look like a leader, above politics, fighting for Florida. But his favorables, according to Quinnipiac's June 9th survey, haven't changed dramatically from the more difficult days of early 2010 and late 2009. His current job approval, at 57%, is lower than it was in October 2009 when Rubio's insurgency was underway. His favorables today are lower than the October poll as well, currently at 52%.

Meanwhile, Marco Rubio has struggled to pivot out of primary mode and into a general. The shift from running as "the true conservative" to a general election candidate will not be an easy one, and it becomes more and more critical with each tough poll that the Rubio campaign make that transition and begin to build his case to an audience beyond Tea Parties and local GOP groups.

There are a number of things going in Crist's favor - but don't count Rubio out. Five months is an eternity in politics. Looking at the recent polls and exit polling data going back to 1994, there are a variety of factors that will keep this race interesting through November.

1)Florida's unemployment rate is the fifth highest in the nation at 11.7%. There's an anecdote my colleagues and I have been using recently to describe the current political environment. Imagine a run-down house on that is on fire. Sure, the windows need repair, the house could use a coat of pain, the lawn needs to be cut. But until you put out the fire, the rest of that is irrelevant. The fire in politics today is the unemployment rate; until jobs come back to Florida, everything else is a distraction. When you can't drive down a suburban street without seeing foreclosure signs, voters have bigger issues they are voting on than whether or not former party chair Jim Greer had an illegal consulting arrangement with the Florida GOP. The temptation will be high for candidates to get into discussions about party credit card statements and backroom deals but things in Florida are very serious, and voters will respond to the candidates that take the economic crisis seriously.

2) Around one out of four voters in 2010 in Florida is likely to be independent. In the 2006 election, 24% of voters in the Governor's race were independent - a number that jumped to 29% in the Presidential race in 2008, in congruence with the nationwide trend of a small bump in independents. Capturing these voters is key. Currently, Crist is winning 51% of independent voters according to the June 9 Quinnipiac poll. This is not particularly surprising - both Meek and Rubio have been fighting for their partisan supporters - but if Crist continues to sustain a majority of the independent vote, he will be incredibly formidable heading into November.

3) As a result, Rubio must improve his brand with independents. Republicans know Marco Rubio. They love Marco Rubio. Only a quarter haven't formed an opinion about him, and only 11% don't like him. When it comes to locking down his side, he's good. His bigger problem comes from independents, where is fav/unfav is roughly even at 31-30. He absolutely needs to have favorables that are over 50% among independents in order to be competitive with Crist.

4) Kendrick Meek still doesn't have a statewide brand, and if he develops one, he will slightly erode Crist's share of the vote. Crist currently pulls in a whopping 37% of Democratic voters. I believe this has a lot to do with the fact that 69% of voters, including 59% of Democrats, that say they haven't heard enough about Meek to form an opinion. As the election proceeds and all candidates hit the airwaves one can expect Crist's advantage to erode. These days, a candidate can build a brand almost overnight - consider that Rick Scott came out of nowhere and now boasts 53% of Florida voters who have an opinion about him. Meek may not be armed with the same kind of war chest, but by election day it is highly unlikely that Meek will still be an unknown to 7 out of 10 voters.

5) Painting Crist as an opportunist is not enough - people think everyone does what's popular. The conventional wisdom is that if Rubio pulls down Crist's favorables and brands Crist as a political opportunist, he can gain ground. The Quinnipiac poll showed that almost half of Florida voters (48%) think Crist makes decisions based on "what's popular" - a charge they also believe about Marco Rubio (42%). When the question is asked generally about "most public officials", 74% say they usually do what is popular. Fighting the battle over whether or not Crist is "principled" isn't fighting a battle on which Rubio has some major advantage in the general electorate. Furthermore, it's not as if Florida voters didn't see associate Crist's defection from the GOP with ulterior motives - 60% said he left the Republican party because he couldn't win the primary, including 57% of independents. Voters aren't naïve on this point. If Rubio spends five months beating up on Crist as an opportunist and neglecting to build his own favorables among independents, it's not likely to be as productive as he'd like.

Most folks I talk to say that in order for Rubio to have a fighting chance against Crist, he needs to bring down Crist's favorables. Of course, that strategy might yield a slight bump in standing, but I don't believe it is nearly enough to win. Voters already assume politicians do what they need to do to get elected. They already assume Crist has made politically motivated moves in this race. And they vote for him anyways. The problem isn't Crist's favorables, the problem is Rubio's neutral brand image among independents. And the way for Rubio, Crist, or Meek (or any candidate in any race, for that matter) to build that brand is to become the leader on the issue of the economy and jobs.

Crist may be getting a break in the press with his handling of the oil spill. But the ultimate impact of the oil spill is more than environmental, it is economic. If tourism dollars start leaving the state and the economic situation grows more dire, the primacy of the economy in this and all races will become even greater. In January 2007 when Crist was sworn into office, Florida's unemployment rate was 3.5%. Besides March 2007, every month that Charlie Crist has been Governor, Florida's unemployment rate has gotten worse. Even the national unemployment rate doesn't have a trend as dramatically consistent as that, and even though the national rate has levelled off, Florida's keeps getting worse. If Rubio wants to take Crist head on, he should - but with economic policy contrasts that demonstrate both how Crist failed to ameliorate the jobs situation and with how Rubio would propose to fix the problem. Rubio rose to fame as the "ideas" man in Tallahassee, and it is that same focus on "ideas" that can be his ticket to Washington in November.

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Obama's Human Rights and Non-Nuclear Utopia

switching American values
Changing America: human rights outweighing sovereignty and defense.

Lest Senate Democrats choose to insert the language of S. 1346 into another bill, sitting en queue is The Bill Dick Cheney and the Sundry Bad Guys who prosecuted The Engagement Formerly Known as WOT TM should be worried about.

So should anyone else who defends America on foreign soil. So should our allies.

Introduced by Democratic Senators Durbin, Cardin, Feingold, Feinstein, and Leahy in June '09 and considered by the Senate Judiciary Committee May 6th, the Crimes Against Humanity Act  would more than just "[open] the door to demands of reciprocity from other nations that seek to prosecute US military personnel and government officials for alleged criminal acts committed anywhere in the world" by establishing "universal jurisdiction," as Heritage argues.

This piece of legislation would also:

  1. domesticate all crimes against humanity as defined by the UN -- including  terrorism on American soil --  making these crimes punishable by federal prosecutors and judges 
  2. afford reciprocity in other countries, subjecting our military and elected officials to -- not just The Hague -- but to the "Crimes Against Humanity" laws of other countries
  3. tie the hands of our elected officials and military, as every plan of action to defend our country must comply "with all of the foreign nation's applicable laws"
  4. limit any foreseeable way for America to ever utilize its nuclear arsenal in retaliation to strikes against our homeland
  5. exacerbate instability in the Middle East by signaling the non-existant threat of US retaliation in defending allies (such as Great Britain or Israel)

Not only would we not retaliate, we could not. Our nuclear posture would be eliminated by institutionalizing international law.

This would be the domino effect for nuclear disarmament, absent a Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, through the pretense of protecting human rights.

Under Obama, the nuclear option is off the table for America, as would be expected for our allies. Under this scenario, a swift end to World War II would not have been possible, without subsequent prosecution for war crimes. We would have been standing right next to Hitler's men at The Hague.

And just as we've moved KSM to federal court, mirandized Abdulmutallab, and unnecessarily publicized the federal complaint against Faisal Shahzad -- calculated moves to show compliance with international norms -- the most Americans could expect if rogue nations like Iran or North Korea were to strike America might be prosecution in absentia.

S. 1346 establishes "universal jurisdiction" in America without Senate treaty ratification of ICC, effectively completing a parallel track, achieving the UN's goal of international jurisdiction to prosecute crimes against humanity.

This is worse than Obama's Treaty for Utopia, and his supposed naivete' is fast disappearing.

Obama would guarantee every terrorist the constitutional rights afforded citizens of the United States, completely neutralize our defensive arsenal by preventing America from utilizing every available resource, and would subject all US citizens to potential prosecution in other countries through reciprocity.

The highest court of appeal would no longer be the Supreme Court.

The ICC would be the supreme law of the land.

And in setting this precedence, our allies will soon be pressured by the international community to follow suit in implementing similar "Crimes Against Humanity" laws, limiting their own ability to defend themselves using any and all means necessary.

 -- with Hugo Estrada


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Massachusetts Mayhem – Scott Brown… Bearding The Lion.

It’s symptomatic of what’s occurring all over the nation but this is one for the books. It’s happening in the very heart of that bastion of Eastern US runaway liberalism, Massachusetts. Scott Brown (R), State Senator and a candidate in the Jan.19 special election for the US Senate seat of the late Ted Kennedy, (the Liberal Lion), being held by interim appointee Paul Kirk Jr., has the country buzzing.

Scott Brown

What has Independents and Conservatives statewide energized and liberal Demarxists on the left running scared, is that Brown has come from far behind to pull to a one point lead as of Friday. His opponent, Martha Coakley, current Massachusetts State Attorney General, had been leading 50 percent to 41 percent. But Brown’s message has resonated with Independents, Conservatives and not a few Democrats.

Coakley has been at best a weak Attorney General and although Brown has gone out of his way not to attack her, the people of Massachusetts remember her as the woman who released a sexual predator to roam the streets of their state for two years. Add to that a very unpopular Democrat Governor and the sad state of the economy and jobs, or the lack of in Massachusetts, and there are the makings of a monumental turnaround.

Martha Coakley

If Brown defeats Coakley, making him the FORTY FIRST VOTE needed by the Republicans in the Senate to sustain a filibuster, look to the DeMarxist goon squad to do every single thing they can to delay Brown’s swearing in until after the Senate vote on health care. A lesson in sleazy tactics it would behoove the Republicans to learn well.

There are NINE DAYS left to the Massachusetts special elections. Scott can use all the help he can get, whether by way of contributions or phone work or whatever, and you don’t have to live in Massachusetts to help. Talk it up to your friends, get them to help too… this is OUR country…this is OUR effort. email: HELP HIM TO HELP US!

This is happening all over the country, folks! DeMarxists, who even a few short months ago were safe in their sinecured little pork-lined fiefdoms, are rattled and sweating profusely as they check polling data which can no longer be spun to reflect anything but impending disaster. They are seeing the price of the MASSIVE sellout of the AMERICAN CITIZEN to the MARXI-SOCIALISTS of the Barry Hussein Presidency and the Pelosi-Reid cabal. Perfidy has its price and the AMERICAN PEOPLE are preparing to administer justice as we fight to protect our families, our homes, our freedoms and our way of life. Our CONSTITUTION, our DECLARATION, our REPUBLIC and our BELIEF IN THE ONE GOD!!

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

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Trey Grayson Regains Momentum

In a WHAS Political Blog story written by Joe Arnold a very serious question has been put before GOP voters in Kentucky, and in answering that question Trey Grayson may have regained his momentum in this race.

Grayson has very directly accused Rand Paul of being on the wrong side of the issues surrounding 9-11.  Grayson says Paul refuses to reject the notion that the United States was behind the attacks, implying that Paul harbors some thought that it might be true. 

Grayson also implies that Paul is misguided about Guantanamo Bay prisoners and how they should be treated.

In the same article Paul's response to these issues plays right into Grayson's hand that Paul is "out of step" with Kentucky republicans.

Given the chance, Kentucky's republican voters would again line up in great numbers behind George W. Bush and his policies regarding Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay.  Kentucky republicans like Dick Cheney's brand of politics and are pretty hard core when it comes to what the Obama crowd might think of as "red neck" issues like God, and guns etc.

Paul has certainly caught a gust of discontent under his wings but as uplifting as it has been so far, the predominating winds in Kentucky GOP politics are strong and predictable.  Paul's progress will stop if he tries to fly against those winds instead of with them as surely as a bird flying against a windstorm.

Once again Paul needs to be clearer whether he shares Kentucky's conservative values in the area of national security.  While his views on other issues might be appealing to voters as a poll from several weeks ago seemed to suggest, things could change irreversibly for Paul in very short order unless he clears this up right away.

The early lead often shifts to and fro in politics and right now it appears that at least because of this one set of issues, Grayson has regained his early momentum.

Senators, Run For Cover – The Americans Are Coming, The Americans Are Coming!!

There are a lot of self-important and self-aggrandizing ‘power brokers’ in Washington that won’t be there come this time next year. It’s not just the tunnel-visioned hypocrites in the Senate that are in the cross-hairs either. The House of Representatives has MUCH to answer to the American voters for also.

Look for the DeMarxists to try to drive a wedge between the GOP and the TEA PARTY CONSERVATIVES. The facts are that the VAST majority of this country do identify themselves as conservative, for all the bleating of the lame stream socio-marxist media and the Maobamatons of the administration. The very people they have been crapping all over for years have been bulking up on the CONSTITUTION and the words of the FOUNDERS, the BILL OF RIGHTS and the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE. They have remembered WHO and WHAT they are.

The Americans Are Coming!

All prognostications for next year’s elections are indicating grim prospects for politicians whom the American voter has determined are responsible for, and are in favor of, the OPPRESSIVE legislation now working its way through Congress. Whether by active or passive support, Americans are taking note and remembering. No matter if it was in favor of the massive pork ’stimulus’ funds the DeMarxists voted for themselves, or the fraudulent and UNCONSTITUTIONAL health care bill, to the economic disaster that is CAP and TAX, to the upcoming and soon to be introduced AMNESTY FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS – better known as the DeMarxist welfare constituent voter-for-life bill.

Americans have also figured out who and what was responsible for the economic collapse in the first place. The hysteria generation that worked so well that first time hasn’t done so well recently, have you noticed? The pandemic they worked so hard to gin up. When was the last time you heard about that? Notice the layers of lies they have piled on about the incipient environmental disasters we DON’T face, which are peeling away like the skins of an onion.

The CITIZENS AND TAXPAYERS OF AMERICA HAVE PLAINLY HAD IT. There is a new revolution out there and it’s growing in intensity daily. We will not be denied. It’s our America and we will preserve it.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

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A RedState MUST Read For All Republican Senators

Erick Erickson over at has developed quite a good playbook for Conservatives, RINOs, and GOPers currently in Congress. Here's a portion of it:

The Senate, unlike the House of Representatives, has parliamentary rules and procedures that give the minority the ability to stall legislation. In fact, unlike the House, the minority have the ability to virtually paralyze the Senate. Doing so is not something we would want or expect for every bad bill that comes through Congress, but the proposed healthcare legislation is probably the worst piece of legislation ever considered by the United States Congress. It is the most intrusive, most damaging, most costly, most dangerous bill to the economic and personal freedom and liberty of individual Americans that Congress has ever considered. If there is any bill that deserves being stopped by shutting down the Senate, it is this one.

There are a whole series of parliamentary maneuvers that could be used by Republican senators to stop this bill. There is a hard backstop to the current process (Christmas). The Republicans’ goal should be to prevent Reid from passing the bill before that time. If he goes past Christmas and is forced to adjourn or recess, the momentum will shift in favor of those opposing the bill.

How could this be done?

To start with, they should stop constantly agreeing to “unanimous consent” requests from the Democrats. Senate Republicans, to date, have allowed Democrats, by unanimous consent, to process 10 amendments. The amendments that have been accepted – Democrat amendments – did not make the over 2000-page atrocity any better. The Republican strategy of trying to pass their own “message” amendments carries no message unless you consider “no strategy to kill the bill” a message. There are no amendments that could possibly make this bill a palatable piece of legislation – and any amendments the Republicans get passed that supposedly make the bill “better” may just make it easier for the Democrats to get final passage. If the Republicans want the news media to cover what they are doing to educate the American people even further about the atrociousness of this bill, they have to create drama on the floor of the Senate. And the only way to do that is through an all-out fight with no holds barred. They need to look like Braveheart, fighting to the end to save freedom. Because, in fact, it is our very freedom and liberty that is at stake.

The most powerful words in the Senate are "I object." Senate Republicans should have been shouting those two words on the Senate floor early and often from the moment this bill was considered, instead of the complete silence we have heard – other than to constantly agree to conduct business through unanimous consent. Here are just a few ways those words can (and should) be used in a very effective way:

The rules of the Senate require that a quorum be present to transact business. A quorum is 51 Senators. In most instances, outside of roll call votes, there are no more than 4 Senators on the Senate floor. If a Republican Senator suggested the absence of a quorum, Democrats could not transact business on the bill. It is a common courtesy to allow the quorum call to be dispensed with, without requiring 51 members to show up on the Senate floor (to get 51 Senators to appear without a roll call vote is very time consuming). When the Democrats ask unanimous consent that the quorum call be dispensed with, the Republican should immediately shout "I object."

This is great advice to be heeded by all in the GOP. Read the rest of Erick's excellent post here.

Senator Coburn (R-Okla) was going to have the entire Senate health care bill be read aloud before it was voted on but backed down because the Senator and other members of his party thought that this tactic would play poorly in the press.

Who cares what the press thinks?

The Democrats talk all the time about how necessary this bill is to fixing health care and how it needs to be passed IMMEDIATELY yet a majority of the bill is not enacted until 2013. The most recent analysis of this bill shows us that passing this bill will be worse than doing nothing, so by stopping it we're preventing further disaster. The GOPers in Congress need to grab a microphone and/or a camera and explain this to the American people.

In other words. Fight. Don't bend. Our kids are depending on you.

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Squeeze Time – Senators Need To Hear From You Now!!!

I feel like a carnival barker sometimes, or maybe one of those TV pitchmen. I dislike repetition. Hell of an endeavor for a guy that hates saying the same thing over and over. Still, it has something to be said for those of us who aren’t real quick copies. The Marine Corps has the repetition thing down to a fine art, and they have shown some VERY remarkable results.

It’s CRUNCH TIME, people. The Senate’s Dingy Harry Reid had the Anointed One (who graciously descended from Olympus) come down and harangue the Senators about the dire necessity of taking one for the team. For that is what it shall surely be as the debate on the health care bill, more aptly described as the UNHEALTHY FOR AMERICA bill, winds toward Christmas and the coming New Year, which a number of politicians in both houses have every right to be concerned about.

Aside from the millions of letters, telephone calls, emails and direct visitation to Congress members’ offices, there’s the little matter of EIGHT OR NINE MILLION PINK SLIPS sent to members’ mailboxes by individual concerned voters, telling these linguine-spined politicians that if they vote for that bill, WHICH THE AMERICAN PEOPLE CLEARLY DO NOT WANT, we will vote them out of office. We can thank Joseph Farah for that bit of inspired pressure inducement. If you wish to join the pink slip movement, Joseph can be found on World Net Daily.

The Republican minority leadership has the Demarxists ducking, dodging and weaving behind the disclosure that the BENEFICENT Liberals have whacked another FORTY BILLION DOLLARS away from in-home care for SENIORS (“just give them pain pills”, Obama). That was something they’d just as soon American seniors weren’t made aware of. Turn up the heat! Let em’ squirm. These self same politicians are the ones who continuously vote themselves out of legislation with which they saddle the American people, though in all probability HAD NEVER TAKEN THE TROUBLE TO READ!!! They wonder at the state of near rebellion in this country? They wonder that the popularity of the American Congress ranks right up there with trial lawyers?

There are a couple of Senators that need your gentle tutelage, especially this week or maybe this whole month.Virginia Democrat Senators Jim Webb and Mark Warner are sending signals that they may waffle on this thing and vote for it pretending that it it would somehow benefit the American people. These politicians can rationalize their way around just about anything. Let’s let these two guys know that we are preparing to rationalize them out of office. While you’re at it, don’t forget to let the other 98 know that we are hot on their tails too. Be they Democrat or Republican, that’s OUR house! That is OUR government and this is OUR country!!

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

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Cloture Vote Along Party Lines…Moderates Sell Out.

Harry Reid got his 60 votes to initiate cloture on the Senate version of the health care bill. Mary Landrieu, whose price for selling out the country was 100 million dollars, and Blanche Lincoln, who faces a tough re-election fight next year, were both very careful to qualify and state that they would not vote for any bill in its present form. This sentiment was echoed by a handful of other ‘moderates’.

Dingy Harry has some problems down the pike and there can be no greater indication of that than after the vote total. There was only a sparse smattering of applause, almost none. Every Senator in that room knew that it is a very far from done deal. They won’t be back to start debate on it until November 30.

Next year is an election year and many Democrats in both the House and the Senate will be facing serious challenges with a seriously peed off electorate, which much to their dismay is far better informed than in many previous years. There are some RINO Republicans that may get their tickets out of town punched also. That’s what they’ll be thinking about, as much or more than sticking their necks out for Reid, Pelosi and that Great Grandstanding Empty Suit in the White House.

Once again, YOUR efforts at derailing this beast before it reached a vote were magnificent. THANK YOU!! This is only the beginning of the fight however. Don’t feel as though we lost anything, because we have enough of these politicians looking over their shoulders and watching the calendar to make a real difference. Lawmakers will be heading home to their districts for the Thanksgiving holiday…it’s the PERFECT time to reach them in their own district and it doesn’t matter if it’s your district or your Senator or not. It’s your country, it’s OUR Senate, and as much as they like to ignore the fact they are on our payroll. Take the time to look up these Senators’ home district offices and start hammering them there. Email, write letters, tell your friends and family and tell them to tell others. Become an activist. Get mad but then GET BUSY!!

We can beat this bill and we can defeat the DeMarxists…and we can do it using their own playbook. Activism, real get-down-and-get-dirty grassroots activism, is how we are going to defeat the Marxio-Socialists at their game. Become active at the local level as you continue to make your voice heard at the national level. Start with your local PTA, City, County and Civic Organizations…continue to call, write and email. Stay angry!! You’ve every right to be. These cretins are trying to steal our GOD given birthright.

BECOME INFORMED and don’t be afraid to tell others. I live in one of the most Liberal dominated areas of the nation. I used to take a lot of heat for my Conservative views. I’m not real smart about such things and I’ve spoken my mind in places where perhaps a saner man would fear to tread.

But there’s a change going on out there. Ten thousand Conservative Patriots in the heart of San Francisco to let the Anointed One know that we think his policies and his governance stink. I don’t take as much heat any more and I’m finding that far more people are agreeing with me. Not on everything perhaps, but then we are AMERICANS and we don’t have to walk in lockstep like the DeMarxist Unionotons or Acorn Community Destabilizers. It’s enough that we agree in principle that we need to step in, step up and save our country.

Another thing…don’t fall for the crap out there about ‘dissension in the ranks of the Tea Party leadership’. The sources of these rumors are pretty easy to identify…it’s bullroar as we used to say in the Corps. Many Republican Senators will be holding town hall meetings over the holiday break, seeking to illuminate and inform constituents and the American public about what exactly is in Harry’s 2074 page monstrosity. Take advantage of the opportunity if you can and let them know we stand behind them.

Remember, they can’t stand against us when we stand together.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009


Senate Notification Continues! Keep The Heat On!!


Last night, I put out a plea for Americans like you to email and call the four ‘moderate’ Senators most likely to affect the voting on the health care bill being forced on Saturday night, 11/21, by Dingy Harry Reid. Senators EVAN BAYH, MARY LANDRIEU, BILL NELSON and BLANCHE LINCOLN.

I’d like to thank ERIC ODOM for linking us to his many readers. I’d also like to thank the editor that drives this machine, Dee, who had to sort through the two thousand or so responses that came in to our appeal. Additionally, thousands more must have gone out that did not, or could not, take time to comment. To say that we were surprised, thankful and gratified would be an understatement. AMERICA is alive and well…God bless you all and KEEP UP THE HEAT!!

At this writing, it appears that Bill Nelson may be feeling bullet proof enough to vote in favor of the unhealthy America bill. Either that, or they have promised him the world to get him to betray his constituents and his country. Likewise, Mary Landrieu has been offered a 100 MILLION dollar pork sandwich. In her typically opportunistic and weather vane fashion, she may be unable…scratch that…unwilling to forego bestowing this largesse that belongs to OTHER Americans in her state, which already had BILLIONS of Federal dollars pumped into it, apparently accomplishing very little, other than greasing skids for bureaucrats and politicians. It’s business as usual in Louisiana.

It’s just possible that these Senators have been promised some cushy  assignment in a ‘future’ Obama administration, or perhaps a lush job with a ‘K’ Street lobbying firm should an aroused electorate bounce their useless carcasses out of there. DON’T put anything past this bunch. It should be readily apparent that they no longer serve the interests of the United States of America, its Constitution or its people. They are on a purely Marxist ideological drive to fundamentally change America into something which AMERICANS don’t want, and which in point of fact is DIAMETRICALLY opposed to the will of the people.

I’ve known for a long time that Americans were outraged and getting more steamed by the minute…but after reading some of your comments…if I were one of those Senators, I’d be damned uncomfortable.

DON’T STOP NOW!! I hate to keep picking on him, but Mark Levin has asked his radio listeners to call, email and write these four and all members of the Senate as well. He has a huge audience. We shut down their phones today as their message boxes are full. Keep calling, emailing and writing those letters. Be courteous but be firm…it’s ok to tell them off but do it in a civil manner. Don’t kid yourself into thinking it’s not having an effect because it IS! A lot of these politicians are looking over their shoulders to see when the pitchfork mob will show up on the horizon…and DESERVEDLY SO.

Don’t listen to some of the supposed ‘conservative’ turncoats in the lame stream media, they are just somebody’s lapdog anyway, and chances are I’VE got a larger readership than most of those clowns. Keep the kettle boiling under these jokers…America for Americans now! This is our country and it’s damned sure worth fighting for!

Once again, the four Senators are: Evan Bayh, Indiana 202-224-5623 Mary Landrieu, Louisiana 202-224-5623 Bill Nelson, Florida 202-224-5274 Blanche Lincoln, Arkansas 202-224-4843

Just because we have shut down their Senate office phones, don’t stop there. Go online and get the phone numbers for their district offices and continue to let them know what you think. For instance, Dianne Feinstein has her Washville message center shut down…BUT you can still get through to her San Francisco offices. Let them know how you feel.

God bless you and God bless America.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009


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