What’s Next?

First and foremost has got to be the repeal of ‘Obamacare’. All over the nation there are stories of people’s insurance rates going through the roof, as insurance companies are forced to raise their premiums in the face of huge new regulatory demands in the health care legislation.

Worse still, one of the largest groups to which Obama sold his bill of goods was our seniors. After he insisted that seniors would get to keep their Medicare and their own doctors, Barry Hussein then immediately strips five billion dollars away from Medicare to offset the cost of forcing forty million people into a one-size-fits-all mandatory government health care system whether they like it or not… and most unequivocally don’t.

Then the other shoe fell and, just as predicted by conservatives all over the country, doctors began withdrawing from Medicare, telling their elderly patients that they could no longer treat them. This was never popular legislation to start with, other than with a few Marxist clones with a self-hatred complex and a need for someone to direct their lives for them.

When the nation saw the abyss into which the Obama administration and the Congressional Marxists were pushing the nation, the nation pushed back… and pushed. The end result was the Republican landslide we just experienced. There’s an immense task ahead for us, if we are to salvage the country and put it back on course.

The hard core elitist Republicans, you know them. They’re the ones who were not in the least responsible for the astounding success of the American Patriot movement, but who are constantly waiting in the wings to step in and resume business as usual. They are going to obstruct Patriots at every turn. Just as we’ve told the RINOs… your days are limited. Republicans need to remember who it is they work for and why they are there to start with.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

Of Thee We Speak, Perfidia – Obama, Reid, AARP – Seniors Betrayed.

Nothing new here. Just concrete evidence of the DeMarxists stated intention to destroy health care for senior citizens, minority African-American and Hispanic seniors in particular. FOUR HUNDRED AND SIXTY BILLION DOLLARS in Medicare cuts, just for starters. These cuts will be used to fund other programs, including medical coverage for illegal aliens and funding for abortions among others.

The Demarxitons, in lockstep, voted 58-42 to strip the funds from Medicare in order to cover some THIRTY ONE MILLION ‘uninsured Americans’, of whom up to TWENTY MILLION may be illegal aliens.

As far as the doubly treacherous AARP is concerned, Senator John McCain stated it best when he said Thursday, “Take your AARP card, cut it in half and send it back”. “They’ve betrayed you”. Seniors have every right to be ready to fire up the tar kettles right now. Politically, this could prove disastrous for Democrats, as they desperately try to gain passage of the Senate version of the bill before the end of the year and the advent of next year’s midterm elections. The duplicitous AARP has given the DeMarxists the political cover they think they need, while claiming to speak for the majority of seniors which they DO NOT.

Republicans charged that Medicare is already in trouble. It needs to be fixed, not raided to create another new program. The Medicare vote went to the heart of seniors’ concerns that cuts from the program used to finance coverage for the uninsured will undermine the quality of their care. They are right on both counts despite the DeMarxists’ canned, thin and very unconvincing protestations to the contrary.

So what can you do? What can our seniors do? First, contact your local Patriot groups and find out what you can do in your neighborhood, region or state. Contact your local Republican district offices and do the same thing. We have to act locally…speaking for my own state of California, when you have politicians who are more concerned with some mythical sea level rise, such as our Governor, rather than the 12.6% unemployment rate and lack of jobs caused by his fiscal irresponsibility, the crushing taxes and overbearing regulation that are causing jobs to exit our state wholesale…yes!…we need to start locally! Add to that the continuing pressure we have to keep up on Congress, in particular the members of the Senate with emphasis on those facing election this coming year.

Dick Morris has stated that he believes we can win back both the House and the Senate next year. From his lips to God’s ears. God may need a little help folks…lets get busy!!

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009


The taste of a previous generation


Let's face it: we've become obsessed with the youth vote.  During the last election, the media couldn't help but notice the difference between Obama rallies, with all their youthful exuberance, and McCain rallies, filled with wrinkled white faces.  Advertisers prefer young audiences, and so do political activists, who see the energy and malliable political beliefs of the 18 to 25 set and think about a gold mine that could cement a bloc voters for 50 years.  Conservatives saw Obama's success with social networking, saw an opportunity and glommed on to the next Internet trend to come down the pike: Twitter.

Nine and a half months later, we are witnessing one of the biggest outbursts of conservative sentiment in years, and it's coming mostly from people old enough to remember when people didn't have the internet on their cell phones, or cell phones at all for that matter.  I have expressed alarm over the methods and misinformation on display at these town halls, but at least they're out there, being activists.

The youth focus could pay off in the future, but survey after survey shows that political allegiances that last a lifetime are linked to who the President was when the voter turned 18.

Here's an idea that runs against the conventional wisdom: instead of trying to make a new generation of Republicans/conservatives from whole cloth using Twitter, blogs or whatever else, we should focus on winning the next two election cycles.  A Republican President, no matter how often he is trounced by members of his own party for bowing to reality and making comprimises, is a go-to leader that people can identify and follow.  Right now, we have Rush, Beck, a series of preening congressmen and a bunch of shouty seniors all vying for attention. Get a Republican president using the most reliable highest-turnout voters and the next generation will come to you.

This isn't to say that youth outreach isn't needed, just that other demographics need some outreach as well.  What would that look like?

1) Seniors do use the internet, but differently.  I have plenty of all-caps emails from elderly relatives to prove it.  While Facebook's fastest-growing demographic is older users, social networking lacks the intrinsic appeal it has to youth and probably won't play as big of a role.  Any outreach to the senior demographic has to rely on email and traditional web, not iPhone apps, Twitter and the other new tech goodies we all love.  The downside of this is that, let's face it, the vast majority of crazy email forwards from right and left, come from older emailers.  The successful campaign has to stay aware of the memes floating around in email and has to have a strategy to respond and keep supporters on message.

2) Taylor the playbook.  Defense and pork and all the rest are well and good, but the operative phrases for older outreach should be nostalgia and fear of change.  Fear of change is a good thing for people of all ages if the change is bad.  Targeted outreach should focus on what would be different, not how the same old Washington interests are running things.  However, as more than a few Tea Party signs and ill-tempered email forwards can attest, some of those fears regard racial issues.  Racial insensitivity doesn't just turn off minorities, it turns off white voters who don't want to be associated with racists.  More Mayberry, less Little Rock Central High School.

3) Treat seniors like the assets they are.  What do you call a person with tons of time on their hands, practical knowledge and a lifetime of discipline from the working world?  The ultimate activist organizing machine.  Today's sophisticated demographic targeting models require huge amounts of data to work.  Who will be a more reliable phone banker, the college student in yesterday's clothes nursing a hangover or the senior who has a predictable schedule?

4) Transition on boomer strategy. The Baby Boom generation is coming out of their peak earning years and heading into early retirement.  That means that tax arguments will become less effective and trimming government to pay for Social Security and Medicare will be top priorities.  Sadly, Social Security and Medicare are third rails, but concerns over those program's solvency can be used to argue for shrinking other programs.

What do you think?

First Rule of Political Machines: Reward Friends, Punish opponents

Powerline tonight had the latest of a multitude of blog posts all to the effect that the Barack Obama health care plan is focused on the concept of telling senior citizens to drop dead. The Powerline post cites the Wall Street Journal article authored by former NY LT. Gov Betsy McCaughey,(who is a better policy wonk than political candidate) 

McCaughey argues persuasively that the legislation currently being pushed in Congress would "reduce access to care, pressure the elderly to end their lives prematurely, and doom baby boomers to painful later years

RedState has also opined furiously on the "end of life" provisions in the various Obamacare proposals.

Hello, why is anyone surprised?  This is exactly how a bunch of Cook County political hacks operate.

The point is Barack Obama is President in spite of America's seniors. Therefore, politically, he owes them nothing.

51% of voters 60 and over voted for John McCain....the least supportive age group in America for Barack Obama....and for House Democrats

and, guess what, seniors weren't always a GOP base group---the last Democrat elected President, Bill Clinton, found they were his best voter group in 1992.  

So, guess what. Seniors demand a lot of medical services and deliver few Democratic votes---especially seniors in rural areas and Red ...hmmm...let's look to cut their stuff first.

Now  we know some other groups were more supportive of the Obama election. And how are they liable to fare?

The President tells Katie Couric his plan won't cover illegal immigrants.   Other observers beg to differ.

The plan includes some provisions aimed at "diversity." Evidently the import of the Ricci v. DeStefano decision is lost on Capitol Hill policy wonks.

And we know that taxpayer funded abortion will be the law in all 50 states if Obamacare passes.

So we know that the folks promoting various groups of color and the abortion lobby will get what they want out of the Obama bill. And why not.  The exit polls show that the black, brown and pro-choice all voted for Obama. Putting their stuff in the bill is the Chicago way.

It appears that the "Blue Dog" Democrats have figured out their constituents are going to be on the short end of this stick.  Perhaps they understand the dynamics of their districts a little better than city dweller Nate Silver does.

(Note to Nate: I actually worked for a swing district Congressman. The last thing we ever wanted was to have the President raise controversial issues that would incite the opposition base in our district. This is what you learn actually doing two-party politics)

As for the Blue Dogs, They are probably afraid to have outbursts like this following them around their districts next autumm.  See the Blue Dogs are like the Obama camp. They both want to reward their supporters at the expense of everyone else.

The problem the Obama brain trust now faces is the same people who voted for McCain keep the Blue Dogs in office.  Forgot that little detail, eh guys? 

But, once again. If you begin with the premise that Barack Obama and his allies only want to run the government for the benefit of their political supporters, it makes figuring out the details of their policies, much, much. easier. 

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