song children Obama

My song to Obama.

In responce to the children being forced to sing praises to Obama, I wrote my own song.

To the tune of “The Battle Hymn of the Republic”

Barak Hussein Obama you really are a tool
You associate with terrorists and white people hating fools
You are turning our country into a cesspool
Our liberties fade away

Barak Hussein Obama a socialist you are
You gave away our money so bubba could buy a car
Please follow our Constitution and don’t appoint another czar
Our liberties fade away

You are spending money faster then it can even go to print
We are hoping we have only to survive one Carter long stint.
The signs were there but people wouldn’t take the flipping hint
Our liberties fade away

The media is acting like you are Jesus Christ
Instead of a just another thief pulling off power heist
You have killed the economy and left us under priced
Our liberties fade away

Barak Hussein Obama even though you are half white
You sat inside the church of the white hating reverend Wright
It is clear that you are evil and in your soul there is no light
Our liberties fade away.

You appointed radical czars to tell you what to do
It is clear that the Constitution means very little to you
If we could have another vote we would all like a redo
Our liberties fade a way

Your appointment of Van Jones truly shows your heart
This black radical communist wants to tear our country apart
Please leave the white house so we can have a fresh start
Our liberties fade away

The pork inside your stimulus a Muslim it would offend
If we don’t stop you soon our country may never mend.
China is owed so much that they won’t continue to lend
Our liberties fade away

Our Constitution’s 10th amendment if you were unaware
Doesn’t give you power to provide us with healthcare
You are helping no one and this is just a snare
Our liberties fade away

You know what’s best for our kids and will have them in lockstep
Like the Nazi's did while the rest of the world slept
O Dear Leader Obama the founding fathers would have surly wept
Our liberties fade away

Your buddies over at ACORN have got their tail in a crack
From child prostitution to avoiding any tax
But I sleep tight every night knowing their former attorney has got my back
Our liberties fade away

From rationing to death panels we really don’t approve
In-fact if it were up to me I would ask you to just move.
If you leave quickly our fate may improve
Our liberties fade away

Chavez, Castro, and Kadafi will gladly take you in
Fascist, Socialists, and Communists will make you feel like kin.
With you in charge as our commander a war we may never win
Our liberties fade away.

From ACORN to the tax cheats that you chose to put in power
Our trust in your abilities is getting very sour
The time for Americans to standup is this very hour
Before our liberties fade away

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