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The Strength Of The Movement.

The strength of the so-called Tea Party groups has been that they are entirely the expression of the American people. They are a direct result of the danger that the country is in. It is a popular movement, driven by the will of a people who have been pushed to their limits by an oppressive regime dedicated to an alien way of life which imposes their doctrine of tyranny over every aspect of our lives.

The Patriot Movement has emerged as the heart of the Republican Party, with 60% of Republicans stating that they are Conservative. A not surprising additional 20% of Independents identify themselves as Tea Party members… bad news for the De Marxists who virtually had the independent vote to themselves in the 2008 election cycle.

This oft buried factoid has Democrat planners really concerned over the 2012 Presidential elections… it’s the independent voters who most often determine the course of any tight race in America. As if that wasn’t enough, they’re saddled with what looks like the least saleable second-term President in US history.

I predicted, even before Barack Hussein Obama was elected, that the burnish would soon fade off his shiny armor and his charger would turn to a jackass. Being right has little satisfaction when in the last two and a half years this neophyte emperor has overseen the loss of over two million American jobs and the deliberate assault on the American economy on a multitude of fronts. We all see it, we all feel it. The American mind is focused like a laser.

The Tea Party and the Independents have one more decidedly unpleasant missive for the DeMarxists that they’d just as soon you don’t know… and you won’t see in the slavish leftist media. There’s another block of Patriot Tea Party members comprising another 20%. These are Democrat votes, caught up in the Constitutional Patriot wave which is sweeping the nation. These are  disillusioned Patriotic Democrats who cannot abide what has become of their party and others for whom the name Obama has become anathema.

It’s the so-called Reagan coalition, born again out of the heart of America.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Don’t Let The Lies Of The Left Or Right Dilute The Patriot Message.

Whether from within or without, the Tea Party/Conservative message must not be permitted to be preempted by malcontents within the movement, or the minions of the DeMarxist press who have proven themselves to be enemies of freedom. With a scarce 100 days until the day of reckoning, we cannot be distracted from the task at hand.

Mark Williams

Recently, there have been some stories out there purported to be from ‘leadership’ elements of some of the ‘Tea Party’ groups, claiming to speak for entire regions of Tea Party/Patriot activists. I don’t know who or what David Webb is or who he claims to speak for, but as far as I know he doesn’t represent any groups that I’m aware of. Furthermore, that he ‘expelled’ Mark Williams for a post in which he frames his article as a letter to Abraham Lincoln regarding racism… What!? I’ve written articles very much along the same vein… more than once. Are you going to try and bounce me as well, you stooge?

In my experience what Mark Williams was driving at is quite true. The ones who squeal racist the loudest are in fact the racists themselves. Having experienced it in my own life I know it’s out there, and it’s every bit as ugly as the racism that it was meant to defeat. There is only one goal for Tea Party activists and that is to see that solid Conservative Constitutional candidates are supported against the radical DeMarxist elements in our State and Federal governments, whose goal is the destruction of America as we know it.

We don’t need some self-important blowhard using our movement to get face time on the lame stream DeMarxist press. I monitor most of the major Conservative Patriot Movement sites on a daily basis… I see very little contention or disagreement out there. There is spirited discussion of ways and means to accomplish our goal, which is to wrest control of the Congress from the radical Socialists. Victory in November is our goal and our entire focus.

As far as the NAACP is concerned, they have reaped what they have sown. They have proven themselves to be highly racist. We don’t have to assert this… it’s fact! We have it on tape… it’s out of their own leaderships’ mouths on more than one occasion. To claim that the lapdog press and the racist administration gave them their marching orders, to turn around and try to assert that the Tea Party groups foster racism, is simplistic to the point of being sophomoric in the extreme. But then, it is the Barack Hussein Obama government we’re talking about.

I agree that every Tea Party member is a leader. Self-appointed leaders, claiming the leadership of others, lead nothing but themselves. But their ill-considered pronouncements can cause the rest of us a lot of grief. Stay strong… stay united… stay free… be American Patriots!

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

Gingrich To Hannity: Tea Party Should Make Nice With NAACP.

Newt Gingrich is a really well-educated, bright guy when it comes to history. However, he showed that he doesn’t understand the Tea Party Patriots or the New Conservative movement very well. In an interview with Sean Hannity, Newt suggested that the Tea Party groups should ‘reach out’ to the NAACP in their local areas.

Newt Gingrich

I know I’m echoing Mark Levin when I say this but, like him, I disagree. First of all, Mark said that we, as the Conservative Patriot Movement, should be concentrating on one thing and one thing only… that is victory in November. I strongly agree.

The NAACP lost whatever thin credibility it had left when it started being the water carriers for MaoBama and his racist administration. The plantation bosses yelled and they jumped. What Newt doesn’t get is that we, the Conservative Patriots, didn’t start this little range war, but we damn sure can finish it.

Obama and his goons have been trying to pin the racist jacket on the Tea Party movements from the beginning. Most notably, when Nancy Pelosi led the Black Congressional Caucus through the tens of thousands of Patriots protesting the illegal and patently unconstitutional methods being employed by the DeMarxists to ram through a bill which the American people clearly didn’t want. Then, when they didn’t get the results they plainly planned for, they did the thing DeMarxists do best… they lied about being cursed and spat upon. With the national lame stream media ready and willing to carry the lie and amplify it, they trumpeted the racist accusations across the nation.

One slight problem… the new media was present as well. At least a score of detailed and accurate recordings were made from pretty much every angle. Not one of the supposed charges was substantiated, or even close to it. All of us new media news and editorial types closely examined every recording that emerged on the net. Not one thing was revealed. The supposed racial chants were noticeably absent from sound recordings as well. So much so, that Conservative journalist and editor Andrew Breitbart offered a one hundred thousand dollar reward for anyone who brought forth evidence substantiating the race baiters’ claims. Not one claimant has come forth to this date and that offer remains out there. Mute testimony to the bald-faced lies of the DeMarxists and their lapdog lame stream media conspirators.

Newt Gingrich’s assertions that the Patriot Movement should approach the NAACP hat-in-hand to make nice is reminiscent of the “establishment Republicans” that brought us the likes of Trent Lott and John McCain. If we are to win in November, we must focus on one thing and one thing only… victory. Sadly, Newt is wrong on this. I really hope he doesn’t run in 2012. We’d be going backwards into political mediocrity.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

Shallow, Misinformed, and Feaful: Tea Partiers or Their Critics?

The answer is, Alex -- both, of course.

From the beginning, opposition to the tea party movement has sought to portray participants as a fringe element of conservatism; radical, anti-government protestors who never met a program they could support, or a Democrat who wasn't either a communist or socialist. Racist, homophobic, rabidly partisan, and dangerously myopic, such analyses of the tea partiers was de rigueur in both liberal and major media outlets.

The State of Tea Parties in the State of Alabama

While there is a lot of talk (and in my opinion, truth in some cases) behind allegations that the Tea Party movement has been usurped by business-as-normal Republicans, I'm pleased to state that this certainly isn't the case in the state of Alabama.

Perhaps it's because Alabama has been holding Tea Parties since long before they became cool, or perhaps because the first Alabama Tea Parties were in response to a major Republican Tax increase plan, our Tea Party events in Alabama have stayed true to the mission: support of fiscal responsibility and adherence to the Constitution.

"But the rally wasn't a feel good event for the Republicans with many of the speakers on the raised platforms taking them to task for not standing up for conservative values," writes Markeshia Ricks of the Montgomery Advertiser about a rally held yesterday at the Alabama State House. "As the Alabama Patriot Coalition, members of the tea party movement hope to put pressure on state legislators to pass bills and resolutions that support state sovereignty and gun rights."

A State Sovereignty Resolution, the first of the bills being pushed by the informal network of Alabama Tea Party groups called the Alabama Patriot Coalition, passed in Alabama's lower legislative chamber shortly after yesterday's rally.  It had already been introduced by Senator Scott Beason in the state Senate where it passed on the opening day of this legislative year.

Dead fish

"Only dead fish go with the flow."  So says the most respected member of the Republican Party, Sarah Palin. 

Well, this blog's writers are drifting with the belly-ups.  They wanted to bring the Republican party reason, professionalism, and diversity of thought.  But the floe (sic) is going the other way.  Tea partiers don't care about facts or resposibilities.  They want government to cut taxes, but no cutting Medicare, or the military, or Social Security or any of the other big ticket items.  They want to ignore science, not just on global warming, but on evolution, geology, and economics. 

And diversity of thought -- forget about it.  The tiniest slip on those slimy scales and you're a RINO.  Republican Senators who used to be considered conservative, Lindsey Graham for instance, are being threatened. 

A responsible politician would dissociate herself or himself from these crazies.  But right now, these crazies are the only ones willing to vote Republican.  So our brave saviors of the Party -- the Next Right -- are holding their noses. 

Rebuking the Spirit of Ignorance

At some point, the spirit will be exorcised.


It’s not clear when this spirit possessed the body. It’s not clear when this perverse entity took control and caused so much havoc, unleashed so much hell, directed so much destruction.


However, at some point, this spirit will be forced out.


This spirit—the spirit of ignorance—has taken over too many host bodies on the right. It’s a dark, devastating spirit, a painful poltergeist that threatens to destroy the conservative movement as we know it.


The spirit of ignorance causes its hosts to believe that knowledge is not necessary…education is not necessary…enlightenment is not necessary…nothing is necessary except for having the right values.


You can be as ignorant as you want to be, according to the dictates of this spirit. It doesn’t matter, so long as you have the right views and values.


This spirit is antithetical to conservatism’s past—for historically, it was conservatives who brought the knowledge, brought the ideas, brought the sense, brought the reason.


Bill Buckley. Milton Friedman. Thomas Sowell. Irving Kristol. They were the intellectual all-stars, the Dream Team of the right.


Who are their heirs? Who did they pass the torch to? Did the torch just fall to the ground, incinerating everything in its path?


There’s too much ignorance on the right these days—not enough intellectual depth, not enough erudition, not enough study. We have become geniuses at catchphrases and putdowns, but moronic when it comes to lifting this country up.


It’s not enough in this day and age to have the right principles. One must have the intellectual and rhetorical skills to communicate those principles to those willing to listen. Are conservatives now so fond of talking to themselves that they’ve lost the ability to talk to anyone else? Have we lost this art?


Can conservatives take a collective vow to spend the 2010s actually recruiting new people to the conservative movement, instead of building rhetorical monuments to the last Titan of the Right who tried to reach beyond his base? Consider the realm of faith—who’s a better Christian, someone who talks about Jesus Christ all the time, or someone who actually tries to help others as Jesus helped? The answer is obvious, no?


I would rather conservatives never mention Ronald Reagan’s name again, while continuing his work of reaching others with a conservative message, than constantly mention Reagan’s accomplishments while never bothering to bring people around to the worldview he advocated. Too many folks on the right have become the real-life versions of Walter Becker and Donald Fagen’s proverbial showbiz kids, spending their time making movies of themselves while not giving a damn about anybody else. It’s time for that to stop. Now.


The Tea Party movement is all nice and good, but it’s nowhere near enough. Protest, in and of itself, is never enough. Remember Frederick Douglass’ words: “Power concedes nothing without a demand.” What have the Tea Partiers truly demanded?  And what will they do if they fail to get it?


Sometimes it seems that conservatives don’t realize just how much work they need to do to truly make this a center-right nation. The recent Gallup polls indicate that forty percent of the country self-identifies as conservative. That’s a pathetically low number. Why doesn’t sixty-five to seventy percent of the country self-identify as conservative? (And please don’t blame the mainstream media. Our message should be loud enough, strong enough, logical enough to be heard above the din of the mainstream media. If we haven’t made our message this loud and this clear, it’s our fault, not the Fourth Estate’s.)


There needs to be a real revolution within the right—a revolution that casts out the demon of ignorance, and elevates intelligent traditionalism—the sort that Buckley, Friedman, Sowell and Kristol, among others, represented—to its rightful place in the movement. There needs to be a real revolution that simplifies and clarifies conservative principles so that those principles can be communicated to those who aren’t already in the conservative camp.  There needs to be a real revolution that brings about a vibrant, vigorous conservatism, not the old, musty, dusty stuff that passes for conservatism today.


If that real revolution doesn’t come, then we deserve to be trashed as teabaggers—and we’ll find ourselves steeped in spitefulness.




Two Strikes Against Us

In any Presidential election, the Republican candidate starts off with two invariable liabilities.


The first liability is negative coverage from the mainstream media, a liability GOP candidates should always be prepared for. Despite all the complaints about mainstream media bias from the right, such bias never seems to go away—because it really can’t go away. Media bias is a constant based on who the journalism industry attracts—if conservatives are reluctant to go into journalism for whatever reason, progressives will naturally dominate the field, and bring their worldview into American newsrooms and studios.


Another liability for Republican Presidential candidates stems from the modern perception of the GOP’s conservative philosophy. The average, ideologically unaligned voter will naturally be suspicious of a Republican Presidential candidate promoted as a conservative: if conservatism means skepticism towards the federal government, then why would someone want to vote for a candidate to run a system that candidate is wary of?


While the liability of media bias cannot be resolved anytime soon, future Republican Presidential candidates can find a way around the liability of preconceived notions. In short, GOP candidates must always make clear that they are not, in fact, against government per se.


The Republican Party long ago lost its credibility regarding its putative opposition to big government. However, Republican Presidential candidates can still credibly oppose bad government. If future GOP White House contenders provide details about what they plan to cut from the federal budget, they will begin the process of restoring the GOP’s image as a fiscally responsible entity.


It’s not enough to prattle on about tax cuts. At the end of the day, what good is a tax cut if it’s not paired with clear cuts in federal spending? Since when have tax cuts, in and of themselves, brought fiscal responsibility to Washington?


Tax cuts are supposedly intended to “starve the beast,” but as we found in the 2000s, the beast kept right on eating. Having a tax cut without a spending cut is similar to having a car with two gas pedals and no brakes…a recipe for disaster.


The Tea Party movement is supposed to be about fiscal responsibility in Washington, right? If that’s indeed the case, then the GOP cannot capture the Tea Party spirit in toto unless the party makes clear its commitment to responsible government—which includes a clear commitment to cutting federal spending.


Are there political risks involved in proposing actual cuts in the federal budget—the effective elimination of politically popular subsidies, the real reduction in the amount of money that goes to certain entitlements? Sure…but the GOP must take those risks, or else the party will inevitably collapse.


The GOP will not and cannot last long as the “tax cut-and-spend” party. The “tax cut-and-spend” approach contributed to the party’s loss of face (and power) in the late-2000s. The only way the GOP can return to full health is by reestablishing itself as an entity that believes in government—that is to say, streamlined, fiscally sound government, free of redundancy and recklessness.


There are still many Americans who consider themselves alienated from the GOP. They have too many disagreements with Democrats to ever consider themselves members of the party of Pelosi. Yet these voters, these parents, these workers, these citizens just want the GOP to make sense again.


They want the Republican Party to stand for something—first and foremost, legitimate fiscal responsibility. They have other grievances—the apparent lack of a foreign policy based on achievable goals as opposed to abstract catchphrases, the failure to embrace a federalist approach to hot-button social issues, the fixation upon glorifying rural Americans to the exclusion of urban Americans—but their main compliant is the GOP’s lack of commitment to fiscal propriety.


They want the party to watch every dollar, and be a true steward of the people’s money. They want the party not just to say no to Democratic proposals, but to say yes to new concepts that will bring fiscal logic back to Washington. They want the party to realize that a growing deficit is but a quicksand pit. They want the party’s leaders to report for duty in the war against government waste, fraud and abuse, instead of just being phony soldiers.


These men and women want fiscal fairness—which means cutting taxes and cutting spending, not one without the other.


Why can’t the GOP just give the people what they want?




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