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Using RSS feeds to aggregate people

Everyone should know more about stuff like Yahoo Pipes. I use it to get my content out in new and innovative waysTM and also to get content out of static sites into an easily digested RSS format. Craig has been a real pioneer in showing the way. -Patrick

I’ve been thinking that if we create RSS feeds and websites that focus on specific aspects of the conservative movement, we might be able to unite and mobilize better.

For example, I’ve used Yahoo Pipes and other web services to create an RSS feed that pulls together the YouTube videos of the Cato Institute, The Club for Growth, Friends of Americans for Tax Reform, ReasonTV and the Tax Foundation. I’m hoping that supporters of one organization may find the messages of the others interesting – uniting the fiscally conservative community on the web a bit further.

For those comfortable with an RSS feed reader, you can find the feed of the videos here

I also used the feed to create a self-updating webpage which I’ve embedded in a offensively basic, crude, caveman-esque framed webpage I called the Limited Government Network

(try to just judge the content, if you can.  Not the presentation)
I have two goals in posting this: First, is the hope that fiscal conservatives will find this resource, and use it. 
Secondly, I’m soliciting ideas for similar feeds. What would you find useful? It can be composed of data, blog posts, video – almost anything you find on the web. Race-specific news feeds?  Raw data feeds?
Let me know in the comments.


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