Don’t Get Mad….

… Get even, or so the saying goes. That’s a bit of an exaggeration, actually. I don’t get mad as such… it’s more of a frustration that I feel boiling up inside. You might think that the current administration, or the looniest of the left, is the cause of this combustible condition.

Well… no. They are what they are. Crazy, misguided, dangerously blinded by their ideology… whatever. But, we know what to expect from them, as does the average Joe when he takes time to look away from reality TV long enough to realize that he too is being hit hard by their Marxist machinations. What I’m talking about is the liberal media, in its many guises… and disguises.

In yesterday’s article, I covered the Letterman-Maher conversation (CBS, Monday night). I use the word ‘conversation’ in its loosest form… it was no more than an exercise in GOP/Conservative/Tea Party bashing. Performances like this are all too common on the major networks. The host gives the liberal guest carte blanche for scathing personal attacks. In sharp contrast, when a conservative guest (a relatively rare occasion) is on the couch, they are put in a defensive posture from the get go.

Political satire has been with us as long as democracy itself. Indeed, it is an important part of that freedom. From the 19th century pencil cartoons, which gave us the elephant and donkey, to stand-up television monologues and edited YouTube videos, it is often amusing regardless of the viewer’s political leanings.

The danger arises when media outlets which pertain to be impartial become vehicles for a specific agenda, either of their own volition or that of those holding the purse strings. Before I go any further, I hear the stray liberal that wandered on to this site screaming “What about Fox News?” Well, FNC is split into news and opinion programming… it is also a cable channel, subscription only, so you don’t have to watch it.

Of course, that goes for any station or newspaper… you don’t have to watch or read it. I once teased Skip about him reading a certain well-known Bay Area newspaper. He replied, “I wouldn’t use it to line the bird cage”.

Why, then, does the left seem to have the upper hand in popular media? The answer is leverage. I can think of one or two legal terms to describe their activities, but I don’t want to push my First Amendment rights too far, which is something they do all too often with their unfounded allegations against the Tea Party.

Popular media, like the main television broadcast networks, has a large proportion of definite or possible Democrat voters. If they put out a message that conflicts with the leftist ideology, they put the screws on the advertisers… “Pull your ads or we boycott your products”. This escalates to the point where the networks, in the interest of their revenue and a quiet life with their employee unions, take the easy option.

The result is that only one point of view is heard. Unfortunately, there are millions of people who believe that everything they are told on television is solid fact. Global warming is a classic example. How many companies advertise on the networks, boasting of their contribution to carbon reduction? What would happen if an energy company aired an ad that said “Forget the carbon emission fallacy, we’re producing American gasoline to keep the country running”? There would be mass protests from the left, accompanied by the usual thug tactics courtesy of the union goons.

Naturally, it would never get that far. The station would never air the commercial to start with. It’s far easier, and safer, to take the PC approach, the one that’s been hammered into every home and school in the country… the lies that masquerade as fact. We’ll be back after these important messages…..

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The Public Sector Unions Will Lose.

You can see the build-up of the massive Marxist machinery that shepherded Barack Hussein Obama’s unlikely rise to the presidency. There’s a new urgency… almost a desperation in the left’s tone these last few days.

Mike Capuano

A Democrat representative yells to a crowd of bussed-in union goofballs… “Ya’ gotta hit the streets and get a little bloody!” Aside from being an asinine statement from an equally asinine individual, Representative Mike Capuano (D, Ma.) is a prime example of why these idiots on the left have to go. In any sane world or time (and not so very long ago either), Capuano’s bleatings would be construed as inciting to violence… a local DA could prosecute.

There was a time which must come again, if this country is to survive, where we hold responsible those who betray this country and seek to destroy her, and are tried by the citizens of this country for their crimes.

Those on the left know no constraint in speech or action, therefore we have to teach them their manners by whatever means necessary. Maybe we could arrange for their passage to the tyranny of their heart’s desire… one way.

I’m not taking credit for something as obvious as what I wrote about on February 22, when I said that Scott Walker’s magnificent stand in Wisconsin against the unions and the NEA was going to become the template for other states, many other states faced with the same problem, and that this message is igniting resistance to the goons and goonlets all over America.

Well, it has ignited that resistance and, like the Tea Party Patriot movement, will spread like wildfire. That’s why the unions are massing the ‘useful idiots’ at the orders of their Democrat handlers. The union grip on the jugular of this country has got to be broken once and for all.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

Fish Or Cut Bait.

You don’t hear that one very often any more. Seems we exist in a world where relativism reigns supreme. A place where ill-conceived schemes go awry, or go catastrophically awry, and yet the architects are lauded as heroes, and often promoted.

We see this a lot. It happens mostly in the public sector. Private companies cannot afford to keep people aboard who, for one reason or another, are just perennial non-producers, whether that takes the form of too many absences or just an inability to do the job.

Incompetence rules in most government bureaucracies. The best are often suppressed in favor of the less competent but more politically reliable. The unions aren’t out there to protect the leaders and go-getters… they are there to shelter the incompetent, thereby solidifying their hold over their membership.

The unions are a lot like the collective communist societies, in that the leaders live well on the backs of the ‘peasants’, while the ‘leaders’ redistribute funds (political influencing). Well, the result is the same… the ones at the bottom struggling to get by while the politically connected prosper. That’s the upside down world of the socialist. The many, in equal poverty, pay to support the few elites of the ruling class. They call it Marxism.

We’re seeing more of this than ever before and we’re going to be seeing much, much more in hearings that will be held by the new Congress. It’s time to tell our Republican members, both in the House and in the Senate, that we will not tolerate business their way. Never again. I’m beginning to get an uneasy feeling about some of the people we sent back to Congress, and especially the Senate.

It cannot be business as usual. The survival of the country depends on our determination to turn this country and its entire governance back to the conservative principles laid out in the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. So I guess that’s the long and short of it, Republicans… Fish or cut bait.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

Dr Doom Deals A Losing Hand.

Imagine that Obama’s latest disaster wasn’t dead on arrival. Say the nation suddenly decided en masse to completely dismantle our nuclear deterrent as a shining example to the world. How safe would you feel?

Obama and Medvedev at the APEC summit in Yokohama, November 2010.

Realistically, we’d be stuck in a conventional defensive posture without the strength to curtail the spread of nuclear weapons. With smaller dictatorships lining up to be able to access tactical or larger bombs, sooner or later someone is going to pop a cap, to use the street parlance for it. Worst case would be that one of them would decide to toss one our way just make a point… or several if they thought they could get away with it.

Yeah, ok, it is a pretty far out scenario. But not so much different than the reality of the START treaty would be to our ability to preempt or deter nuclear attacks against us and our allies.

START would be a hard sell, even if Obama was not a badly damaged president whose every move has been motivated by hatred of America and its capitalist economic system which has been, and still is, the envy of the world he absolutely detests. From his liberal mother to his Indonesian mullahs, then Frank Marshal Davis and George Soros. America haters all. All this, not to even mention the wrong-Reverend Jeremiah Wright, or his close ties to The Muslim Brotherhood and The Nation of Islam.

I’m one of those people who is constantly following the lines and connecting the dots. Best of all, the money says it all. I don’t believe for a minute that Obama hasn’t carefully planned every move he’s made, and he’s only had one aim in mind. The destruction of this country. There’s just no other way to connect those dots.

The (former) White House is leaking like a sieve. His administration has leaked more material than all of the administrations since the Revolutionary War. He and his entire government are a real-life disaster area. This is a bunch of neophyte nincompoops, not a government.

Obama has sold off so much of himself that there’s not enough left of him to make a decent sandwich. I heard today that medical coverage for the children of some of his pet union workers was going to be dropped. Not the union bosses, you understand. Not the SEIU or the AFL-CIO, not Andy Stern. Certainly not Richard Trumka or any of his union bosses. The workers… they’re the ones losing the coverage for their children.

That’s Dr Doom’s next hand… and oh, by the way… how’s that hopey-changey stuff now?

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

Public Unions – Government Glut – Public Menace.

This is a HUGE problem. Michael Barone has written an excellent in-depth article on this increasingly important issue and you can read it on Townhall.com, Mon Feb 8, 2010. I don’t wish to duplicate his work but I don’t think it can be stated strongly enough. These unions have to be brought under control before it is too late – and it is very late indeed. Public service is an exercise in searching for oxymorons. They serve not the public but themselves, and are in place only to perpetuate their own power and existence. They flourish at the expense of the private sector. Mr. Barone said very succinctly that the public sector unions are a PARASITE sucking the life out of the private sector.

Let me reprise: GOVERNMENT PRODUCES NOTHING! Fully seventy percent of all new jobs in this country come from small business. By and large, small businesses do not use private sector unions, though are not necessarily anti-union. Unions in this day and age accomplish little and obstruct much. Unions have destroyed productivity in this country. With their intransigent attitudes towards management they have forced development and manufacturing off-shore to more business friendly environments, leaving the unions to complain bitterly at the dearth of jobs. It’s akin to circling the wagons and firing inwards. They have forced prices higher, made the very companies that were feeding them unprofitable and forced many out of business.

The unholy alliance between the public service sector unions and the CROOKED and UNPRINCIPLED politicians who prop them up must be broken. Like the politicians, these unions have forgotten whom they serve and why.

Here in the ONCE magnificent state of California we have unions and union thuggery run amok. This State is a model for exactly what will happen at the federal government level. Unions have a death grip on the state. The unfunded liability for pension funds alone in the state of California is ONE HUNDRED THIRTY BILLION DOLLARS. To bring that figure into proportion, the State at present faces a budget shortfall of FORTY BILLION dollars.

In a sad parody of the Washington Democrat binge-spending, the insane and out of control California State Assembly is pushing a ridiculously unsustainable ’single payer’ health care system of their own, to the tune of TWO BILLION DOLLARS PER YEAR. Is it any wonder that the citizens of this country are up in arms? The measure of our discontent is palpable in Washington, Sacramento and rest of the country. The people are on the march they are being heard… and they will be COUNTED next November.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


Obamaconomics-500,000 More Lost Jobs.

His Mightiness the Empty Suit, in the getting-dingier-by-the-day White House, is constantly holding forth, sagely saying NOTHING in front of gaggles of “journalists”, who dutifully report NOTHING, while the would be NEO-STAZI in the Suit’s administration attack the only news and information outlets that do say SOMETHING about what the President, the administration and that zany and dysfunctional but extremely dangerous Congress, led by Nancy “Stretch” Pelosi and that ever popular Harry “I ain’t got a prayer of re-election” Reid, are up to. While the people of America continue to suffer the throes of a completely jobless “recovery”, with a recession that shows every indication of being worse despite what all the liberal pitchmen in the administration and the media lapdogs are saying. The FACTS are that there are no jobs and the REASON that there are no jobs is that small business is scared to death. The government has a plethora of more than onerous taxation, regulation and punitive laws waiting in the wings, custom designed to destroy the private sector. Job growth does not come from unionized segments of the society and hasn’t since the days of Henry Ford. Trade unionism is a cancer which can destroy. Trade unionism destroyed Great Britain’s economy and it hasn’t recovered to this day. Unions by their very nature are antithetical to GROWING anything…they produce very little other than protecting their own interests. They have a tendency toward protecting the least well qualified as opposed to the most…the government unions are a prime example. The service and automobile industry unions are others. Meanwhile, the stock market continues to show increases in value. WHAT gives? Simply, they are increasing profit margins by laying people off and consolidating operations. Job growth comes from private business…in the larger context of the economy large business does not create nearly as many jobs as the small business entrepreneur. These jobs are not being created specifically because of the anti-business, anti-American policies of the Obama White House and the Marxist Obama administration and Congress. 500,000 new jobless claims is 500,000 JOBS LOST TO THE OBAMA ECONOMY. He can’t blame the Bush administration for this and hasn’t been able to for six months or more. Suspicious minds would conclude that there are more sinister activities and purposes afoot here than our usually trusting minds can easily wrap themselves around…or want to believe…

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009


Propaganda 101: Manufacturing and Misrepresenting Sources

This week you can probably expect a big push in the media for the cynically misnamed Employee Free Choice Act (Card Check), which I've written on before. One element of that push which will be getting coverage is an article by Seth Michaels on the AFL-CIO Now blog which heralds the fact that:

"A coalition of major investors who oversee more than $750 billion in assets is joining the fight for workers’ freedom to form unions by asking major corporations what they’re doing to protect and enhance the ability of workers to form unions."

Wow, that sounds pretty serious. That's a lot of investment money. It must mean that stockholders and important players on Wall Street are really concerned about making sure that unions can bully workers into joining by taking away their right to a secret ballot.

In fact, stockholders and major investment groups have not actually taken leave of their senses and decided it would be great to further burden businesses with rapacious union interference in our current harsh economy. What you actually have here is a classic example of how propagandists can use legtimate seeming sources to support their positions and create the impression of a popular movement or widespread support where it does not actually exist.

In the article there is a link to a press release from Domini Social Investments which further heralds this letter which has been sent to various Fortune 100 companies in support of EFCA by a group of "major institutional investors" controlling $757 billion in assets.

The effort here is to create an impression of widespread support in the financial community for Card Check. The core deception in this propaganda effort is that the letter is actually signed by a very limited group dominated by investors controlled by or closely associated with the unions promoting the legislation. The major signers on the letter are actually mostly international union pension funds or organizations representing union pension fund managers. Also signing the letter are a variety of specialty investment groups which invest in "socially responsible" businesses (unionized businesses), but they control only a small fraction of that $757 billion in assets and they are on the list mainly as a smokescreen for the union-controlled investment groups who hold the vast majority of the assets referred to.

In fact, the top signer on the list and the one with the largest assets is the AFL-CIO Employees Staff Retirement Fund, so the AFL-CIO is using their blog to promote this letter from "a coalition of major investors" without bothering to point out that they themselves are the major investors in question. Everything in the article is true as written, but the appearance that the unions have found major allies in the investment community for Card Check is entirely deceptive. The progressive angels of Wall Street who have joined them in their fight turn out just to be the unions themselves in a not very clever disguise.

What's more, the letter itself is hardly the clarion cry for EFCA which the AFL-CIO would have you believe. The letter actually makes an effort to look like it originates with the UNPRI a United Nations labor practices workgroup. The letter also does not actually endorse EFCA in any way as the AFL-CIO website suggests, but actually just solicits companies for their input on various labor issues. The letter says clearly:

"Please note that, although individual investors represented in this letter may have taken a view on the legislation, the group as a whole has itself not formulated an official position."

In reality the UNPRI and perhaps even many of the signers on the letter don't actually support Card Check at all. The letter also describes what policy towards unions and workers rights ought to be:

“The freedom to form or join a union of one’s choice or not, and to bargain collectively for the terms of one’s employment, are fundamental human rights that we as global investors recognize and respect.”

Who could disagree with that statement? It's broad enough that almost anyone would sign off on it, and would apply to the position of those who oppose the EFCA as well as those who support it. In fact, the main argument against Card Check is that it limits worker freedom to join unions by taking away the secret ballot which protects their free choice. So it could very well be that many of the signatories oppose the EFCA and it's certainly true that the group as a whole has not take a position on it and the letter is not an endorsement of it.

The letter actually seems to originate with a company called Boston Common Asset Management which like many of those signing the letter is a strange amalgem of investment firm and advocacy group. They're a worker owned collective which manages "socially responsible" investments, but seems to devote more of their time to lobbying for and promoting various left-wing causes. This business model raises all sorts of questions, like where they get the money to fund their advocacy work and how much of their customer base and revenue comes from union sources. Adding to my suspicions is that what appears to be the draft version of a similar letter to selected congressmen clearly originated on the AFL-CIO site, suggesting that these letters are being written by the union and passed on to these other groups for publication. Further research may turn up more evidence, but looking at the websites of these "social investing" groups I find it hard to believe that they could attract a great deal of money from legitimate private investors. My suspicious nature makes me wonder whether any of the groups signing the letter represent anyone other than domestic and international union interests.

What this example shows us is that when you have enough money and resources you can effectively generate your own news. Your shills issue a letter, you then hail that letter in your own publicity as a newsworthy event, you misrepresent it to make it seem more significant than it is, and then with any luck the compliant media picks up on it. With the letter released on Thursday, we'll see if that happens this coming week.

Meanwhile, in contrast with the score of shills advocating Card Check in this letter, 3100 businesses have sent their own letter to Congress opposing the passage of EFCA.

Big Unions Angle to Eliminate Small Ones

We've talked about it several times here on the blog; the hostile takeover of smaller unions. It has been Andy Stern's main modus operandi (President of the Service Employees International Union or SEIU). The idea is to roll into the territory of a local, smaller union, make back room deals with the employers to get their assistance, and then lead a forced take over of that smaller union eventually to vote it out of existence. Thereby the little unions that might stand in the way of the mega unions are eliminated and the mega unions now controlling everything from the top down get more even more massive.

It's a perfectly legitimate strategy, of course... except for the fact that it makes the lie to every purported "principle" that unions claim to have. Local control becomes dashed and democracy summarily eliminate, yet local control and democratic process are the central themes of unionism. Without them they are little different than the supposedly evil corporate maters bent on domination that union claim their employers are. If a union member cannot feel that his local representatives are actually there for him then that impersonal attitude is no different than uncaring masters of industry.

Yet, this strong-arm takeovers of smaller unions is the current rage among big unions. And it is being noticed.

Last week there was a big pow wow of 12 of the nation's biggest unions. They mean to join together to work toward enlarging unionism in the American workplace. But the smaller unions are balking because they know that the larger the union group is the more chance they will be eliminated.

The 12 could not agree upon a plan to create a governing council and one of the reasons is power.

The larger unions want to create a powerful executive committee, and one divisive issue is how much power medium-size and small unions would have. The small unions oppose demands that they be forced to merge into larger unions.

And they are right, too. If this council or umbrella organization is created it will naturally tend to aggregate more and more power unto itself and that power WILL tend to eliminate smaller, weaker entities.

If unions start such an group, small unions are doomed. And, we will see that unions aren't at all interested in democracy or local control. They are only interested in amassing power, the sort of power that will corrupt unions hopelessly.

Let's hope these smaller unions are smart enough to understand that.

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Obama Stimulus Will Fall Flat; GOP Must Stand Up and Fight

President-elect Barack Obama has laid out a plan to “create or save” three million jobs during his first two years in office. His plan is to increase government spending, deficit be damned, by at least $775 billion dollars over that same period. While the projects he plans to invest in are things that we Americans can all use, the stimulus plan will be a flop. Here’s how I got here:

Let’s start with the money. Obama plans to increase government spending without any increases in taxes, so that negates his use of PAYGO budgeting. At the same time, the total amount of money per job that he creates or saves will come out to more than $258,333 per job. There are business executives who don’t even make this money for their job, yet Obama, who has never held a private sector job in his lifetime figures the cost of a job to “create or save” at more than one quarter of a million dollars.

Any reasonable businessperson, like myself, will tell you that if it cost that much money to save a job, we would rather sooner terminate the job immediately. The problem here is that Obama and the other people in government have no real concept of what it costs to run a business, generally speaking. The purpose of a business is not to make customers happy or to employ as many people as possible. The end goal of a business is maximizing their profits and making their shareholders money. Those who do not live by that mantra of making money for the company and stockholders quickly go out of business.

The two things that the average person on the street does not realize are how much one billion is and how much one trillion is.  For the concept of one billion dollars, imagine that on the day of the birth of Jesus Christ you were given one billion dollars and had to spend $1,000 each day onward while gaining no interest, you would be still be spending money for at least the next 700 years.  By comparison, one trillion dollars is one thousand times one billion.

Second, according to the CIA Factbook, the current Gross Domestic Product (GDP, or the total value of all goods and services produced inside the borders of the United States) currently sits at $14.334 trillion. In other words the stimulus is only 5.4 percent of GDP. From here, that percentage goes down fast.

In the Highway Spending Bill that Congress recently passed, less than 26 percent of that money was spent within the first fiscal year. If this holds true, it then means that a value of less than one-and-a-half percent of the nation’s GDP will be infused in to the economy within the first fiscal year of the stimulus bill’s existence. For an economy that will be going in to a deep recession throughout 2009, this does not bode well for Obama.

The end result is an increase in inflation thanks to the increase of the deficit to a level that will approach or exceed two trillion dollars this fiscal year and a slow-to-respond stimulus bill that will actually, when implemented, cause the death of many jobs.

However, that is only half the story about Obama’s economic plans for America. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants to get Obama to sign the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) which is Orwellian by name, but will cause considerable damage when implemented and enforced. Barring a miraculous filibuster by the Republicans in the Senate, America’s workforce will become unionized and small businesses will close their doors.

What’s more is that the unions will get the ultimate payback from the Democrats they helped get elected. Their membership and union dues received will increase which will give the unions considerable influence in American politics and with their membership. Also, the union bosses will be able to oversee how each of its members votes in a union election, bringing to an end the secret ballot. If the Senate Republicans cannot stop this bill, small businesses in the United States will either have to shell out more of their money to meet the demands of the unions or they will close their doors, or both.

If this comes in to play, the projections for an unemployment rate of nine percent will look good to Americans because the unemployment rate in the USA will be higher than at any time since Ronald Reagan’s first term following the horrific economic policies of Jimmy Carter. The only difference is that Reagan was able to lower the unemployment rate from its peak in December 1982 of 10.8 percent to 8.3 percent in December 1983 and ultimately to 7.2 percent the very month he won a 49-state landslide win against Walter Mondale. By contrast, Obama won his election with an inflation rate of 1.07 percent and an unemployment rate of 6.7 percent in November 2008.

Finally, research from economists at UCLA determined that the Great Depression lasted seven years longer because of the New Deal. Obama wants to implement the New New Deal almost from the moment he takes office. Considering that the double-digit unemployment rates did not end until 1943, this means that had the New Deal not been implemented by President Franklin Roosevelt, the Great Depression would have ended in 1936 leading to an easy reelection.

The reality is that Obama doesn’t have the luxuries that FDR had when he was President, yet he wants to take us back to the past with an economic policy that exacerbated and extended this long economic slump. If this plan flops (and it will), just like FDR, Obama will come back with a sequel of New New Deal II which will be used as a means to “save” his job during a time of economic distress.

If the Republicans are able to do anything, it will be to vote against the stimulus package and to attempt to block the EFCA. Should this happen, they will have the ability to say that these things are prolonging the economic crisis and that they fought it all the way. If not, they will be on the same side of the line as Obama and the Democrats in 2010 and again in 2012 which could pave the way for two terms of economic agony.

It’s almost crunch time and the Republicans need to fight the expansion of big government early and often, then turn around and use it as a means to defeat Obama and Obamaism when given the opportunities to do so in 2010 and 2012. If not, they will become a permanent minority party with previous successful Presidents like Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, and Ronald Reagan as distant memories of what was once great about America, but never will be again.

It’s time for the GOP to be ready to fight Barack Obama when he’s wrong (like on these matters) and Obamaism. 

WTH: Washington International Airport


Does everyone remember that scab Reagan? Good. Then you'll know what I'm referencing when I say that 20% of our air traffic controller workers have quit in the past eight years. It's a crazy job, keeping the planes in the air. But GOD FORBID they ask for a union.


Let's try mandatory overtime!

Let's try decreased pay!

Less Vacation!

Less Training!

(all screws tightened under our current president, I might add)

If you fly, your life is at stake. After hearing about this -- and I do know about doctors working 30 hour shifts! I might think twice before flying stateside. Yet another thing to thank Saint Reagan for, I guess.

you can thank me for this public service announcement after the next plane goes down.

And three cheers for the people who used their OWN cell phones to direct traffic since the recommended backups weren't even Installed in TN!

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