Washington – Government In A Bubble.

I’m convinced that Washington DC is, as we have long suspected, not in the same time line as the rest of us. Some, like me, would tend to say that Washington is existing in another universe altogether.

I’ve been waiting for an adult or two to show up. With the exception of twenty four Tea-Party Patriot Representatives who didn’t fold, regardless of the pressure placed on them by our own people, I haven’t seen a lot of intestinal fortitude out there.

I guess the one thing it did accomplish was to give us, out here in the trenches, a definitive ‘no fly’ list for the upcoming elections. There may be a good explanation why most of our Republican elected representatives caved in on the worst piece of legislation since TARP but, I haven’t seen one yet. At the very least there be some splainin’ to do.

Too soon we forget how much money has been thrown at and squandered by this gang of thieves. George Bush gave up his ‘conservative principles’ to ‘save the economy’ when he signed on to his own 185 billion dollar stimulus, an amount which, in view of subsequent events, seems like child’s play by comparison.

Then we were served up TARP on the half shell… 700 billion dollars to bail out financial institutions which should have been allowed to fail.

Setting aside for a moment the astronomically absurd concept of a government, any government forcing sound financial corporations into insolvency by forcing them to loan money to people who had not a prayer of fulfilling those commitments… that’s exactly what was done here.

Next came Obama’s 825 billion dollar DeMarxist slush fund, the money from which has been flowing into the coffers of the public sector unions since Obama’s ‘immaculation’ (thanks, Rush).

Short story gone sour: Trillions of dollars poured into a failed government by a failed president. A country in the grip of a depression, clearly caused by our own government’s ineptitude. The Repubic (thanks, Mark Levin) leadership, if that’s what it can be called, has sold us out time after time. Their price has been cheap, too… at least from the Marxist perspective. Stonewall, lie and prevaricate… rabble rouse and use cheap political invective and the Repubics will fold every time.

The Republicans are about to face the wrath that thus far has been reserved for ObaMao and his wannabe Trotskyite sycophants. There may have been some principled decisions among the Republicans. I hope so. And I hope there will be some defensible explanations for those decisions. The primary list is being put together as I write.

Washington has had it its own way for far, far too long. The cozy time-warp capsule that the beltway has existed in is about to burst. How ’bout a strong dose of reality, folks? The same reality you’ve been making the rest of us live in for the last four years.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

The State Of The State = The State Of The Union.

California is looking just like its business model back in Washington… which is to say not well. We are unfortunately used to seeing governments big and small underestimate just about everything. We probably should scream like crazy about every item… but we can’t, not in the real day to day world. That’s why we hire politicians to represent us, who are supposed to look out for our interests and do the will of their voters.

It isn’t working that way, certainly here in California with our State Assembly, strongly left leaning and overrun by myriad special interests and environmental activism. Our politics are almost comical in ineptitude. Fresh from an environmental disaster that came very close to destroying the State’s Central San Joaquin Valley, our State government stood largely silent, as did the Governor, when the Feds shut off the water to the farmers citing damage to a 2″ junk fish.

The Assembly, ignoring the record unemployment figures plaguing the State, actually put forth a bill for a single payer health care for California. The bill was estimated to cost a total of as much as thirty billion dollars. This bill went bye-bye. But what was in the heads of the politicians who seriously put this bill forward at a time when most Californians are struggling to get along and many aren’t… getting along that is? It’s their responsibility… all of it.

Other than scope, the way the State is being run is very much like the way the nation is being run under Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama, and that’s not very pretty either. California has ‘discovered’ that, along with the reported thirty billion dollar state budget deficit, we now have an ‘adjusted’ unfunded liability to the state’s various pension programs of three hundred and fifty billion dollars. How’s that for money management? We’re not in Obama’s class and we (no thanks to our State’s politicians) don’t have a thirteen trillion dollar black hole into which everything gets thrown, regardless of reason.

The accounting system for progressives, both in Sacramento and Washville, is measured in ‘feelgood‘ points, with which the liberal leftist salves his conscience of responsibility for virtually any act, constantly reminding all and sundry of his great good intentions, regardless of disastrous results using a model which has failed every time it has been tried.

The problem with governance is that it can’t work like that… not for long. But the other endearing quality liberals have is that of vociferously demanding money from others to fill perceived injustice, while being singularly unwilling to place their fortunes on the line… they love to spend your money. The similarities between Sacramento and Washington are striking. The remedy remains the same.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

Monomania? Obama’s Increasingly Schitzoid World.

Obama’s world view has room for few things in it other than himself. He came into office with a whole series of puzzling dichotomies orbiting around his condescending head. From “the sweetest sound I ever heard was the sound of the muezzin calling the faithful to prayers in the evening” to “my muslim faith”, (George Stephanopoulos quickly stepping in and saving Obama with “Your Christian faith?”). Obama: “My Christian faith”. Obama: “I have always been a Christian”. Obama: “The United States is not a Christian nation”.

He wants to cut taxes for households who do not pay federal taxes and increase taxes on households who provide jobs for low income families who would then be able to pay federal taxes. He says he wants a ‘vigorous and open debate‘ and then runs at breakneck speed to avoid it. Obama claimed he never prayed in a mosque. The facts proved otherwise. He claimed he was never a proponent of single payer universal health care, despite video-taped evidence to the contrary. He claims his remarks about ‘bitter’ Americans are taken out of context and then proceeds to repeat his attacks on gun owners, religious persons and an angry electorate with every reason to be angry.

He stated that his parents met at the Selma civil rights march. It happened four years after he was born. He claimed he never received money form big oil interests. He lied about that too.

Obama has a lot of mental baggage he carries around. One of the big problems with Obama is that he sees this country as some sort of overgrown third-world banana republic. He refuses to see this country for its universal exceptionalism. To do so would destroy everything he believes in. His core belief centers around an image of America and Americans that exists only in his egocentric world view, a world in which he is right and anything and anybody who dissents from that viewpoint is simply discarded. His globe-trotting apologist posturing before some of the planet’s most detestable tyrants says much about the lack of character of a man who denigrates the country which has not only nurtured him, but has improbably raised him to the highest office in the land.

His loyalties are divided… several times. His poorly denied devotion to the spirit of Islam colors everything about his dealings with world events. His philosophical sympathies follow the teachings of Alinsky, Marx and Lenin far more so than Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe or Lincoln. His commitment to this country, its constitution and its principles of freedom are problematic at best.

Divided loyalties make for really confused policy, foreign or domestic. His determination to advance a universally unpopular piece of legislation, despite the overwhelming disapproval of a virtually united electorate, without regard to the almost certain decimation of his party in the upcoming mid-term elections, is egomaniacal in the extreme. Once again, who are you working for Barack Hussein Obama?

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


Washington, D.C. Then and Now

We are now a grass roots movement which continues to grow and spread.  The People peacefully assembled to petition the government for redress of grievances on Saturday with the March on Washington and the 9/12 Tea Party.  By doing so, we changed history.  It was orderly, it was rational, far larger, more respresentative than what happened in 1968.   I was a small child in the summer of 1968 when my father took the family on a vacation to Gettysburg, Williamburg, VA and Washington, D.C..  In Washington, we ran right into the Left exercising their First Amendment rights.  We could see it all from the top of the Washington Monument.  One demonstration was going up one street and another going down another.  Both had thousands of protesters.  Neither demonstration were large enough to fill their respective street, far from it.  There were also rallies in front of the Lincoln Monument, other monuments and at certain major cross streets.  Contrary to the Media, the city was not flooded with demonstrators, only well placed knots of people helping to back up traffic.  There were only tens of thousands of scruffy protesters attending these rallies.  The Media, however, did their best to spread the misinformation.  They concentrated on covering the disjointed groups, didn't look too closely at the shantytown of Resurrection City at the foot of the Washington Monument and along the Reflecting Pool and misrepresented the demonstrators as an example of massive public support for the new Left.  By misrepresenting reality, the News Media were then able to change the world with a lie.   In contrast, one to two million people showed up in Washignton, D.C., a city of three quarters of a million people, for the 9/12 Tea Party and March.  This figure did not include all the other people who showed up at local Tea Parties.  Who knows how many will show up peacefully again to attend the three days of the Values Meetings next week?  They will be more than the scruffy malcontents who showed up in 1968.  Take your cameras and video cams and record everything you can then post on the internet from every possible vantage point.   At the same time, we need people to record the tantrums of the Left occuring in Pittsburgh during the G-20 meeting.  We are anticipating tens of thousands here, possibly 40,000 lunatics.  These are of the violent, scruffy type with the tendency to riot and throw more than a fit, so be careful.  In Pittsburgh, safe vantage points for recording the mind numbed robots might include Mt. Washington and the North Side.  Remember, no feeding the animals.  In other words, don't confront the spoiled children and feed their rage, just record their antics if you can.   The momentum is now with us, so we can't rest on our accomplishments, but continue to push for re-instatement and protection of our rights through our own efforts.  We are the New Press and the New Media and we will hold the News Media to task from now on.


Mom Said NO Porkulus!

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

John Adams


I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately what with all the brouhaha surrounding the Porkulus bill and other asinine quests of those in Washington. It of course has got me too rambling quite a bit so I thought I might as well jot some of that babbling down.

My mother, much like yours I’m sure, was famous for hurling occasionally befuddling statements at us as kids. Things like;

“Am I talking to a brick wall?” “Are you deaf or something?” “Does anyone in this house listen?” See a pattern here? And of course the typical favorites; “Shut up and Answer me when I ask you a question!” “I hope someday you have children just like you” (careful this curse actually works)

There were always the really confusing ones such as; “Enough is enough!” Huh? And “If wishes were horses...” I’ve never heard the conclusion and I’m somewhat disturbed by how many wishes I may have wasted trying to figure that one out. “I've had it up to here with you.” Now that one would’ve been easier to avoid had she only once given us some inclination as to where the hell ‘here’ was.

There was the infamous “Don’t” list. A veritable cornucopia of kids desires simply round up into a parental manifesto of “absolutely not.”

“Don’t . . . eat that, you'll get worms! . . . Go out with a wet head, you'll catch cold. . . . Make me get up! . . . Run in the house. . . . Sit too close to the television; it'll ruin your eyes. . . . Walk away when I'm talking to you! . . . And on and on and on.

At times she would question or very sense of reality with such conviction us ourselves would take pause . . . “Who do you think you're talking to?” “Who do you think you are?”

Perhaps because of her faith in the aforementioned curse she had no doubt she could simply will things into existence . . . “You WILL eat it, and you WILL like it!”

There was the occasional “This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you.” Line, that remains a subject of great debate to this very day.

Eventually all of the day’s speeches were sure to be followed by the always faithful and dreaded . . . “You just wait until your FATHER gets home!”

This always brought immediate thoughts best described by Ralphie; “It was all over - I was dead. What would it be? The guillotine? Hanging? The chair? The rack? The Chinese water torture? Hmmph. Mere child's play compared to what surely awaited me.”



Sheridan Folger, Listen to The Mad Irish Man's Conservative Consortium on internet talk radio

Force Democrats to Commit to a Particular Vision for America!!



There is any easy path back: Force Democrats to Commit to a Particular Vision for America.

To do this, consider a coalition between the Green and the Republican Parties.

Crazy you say?

Hear me out.

What is the best way to expose the basic fraud in the democrat appeal?

Force them to choose between the liberal base and the broad coalition.

What is the best way to do that?

Help the Green Party win those "safe" liberal seats tucked away in the inner cities.

Usually, the Republican Party doesn't even run a candidate in these seats. Why not contribute to Green Party victories in those Gerrymandered Liberal State Representative, State Senate, and U.S. Congressional seats?

How can you do that?

Prevent the democrats from blocking Green Party ballot access. Relax restrictions on ballot access. Contribute money to Green Party campaigns. At every opportunity, attack the hypocrisy of Democrat candidates in comparison to Green candidates.

Don't let the Democrats get away with installing another Baraka tHUSAME Obama in a nice safe State Senate seat like the one in Hyde Park, Chicago. Make the would be "liberal" democrats fight the Green Party for those seats. Make them prove their liberal credentials so that they can't run away from their commitments as soon as they see lobby money waived in their faces.

This is way better than the K-Street project. The Green Party project would actually work.

Think of the effect on the Democrat Party.

Democrats would have to choose between, on the one hand, an honest and straightforward socialist approach, or, on the other hand, a weasel-worded, flim-flam, Obama type campaign of deception in which they promise everything and deliver nothing but image.

How can Republicans continue letting the Democrats finesse all the major issues of the day, without forcing them to commit to their best solution?

Exhibit A: immigration policy.

Exhibit B: trade policy and globalism

Exhibit C: income redistribution

Force the democrat liberals to choose.

You really want "Choice not an Echo," then start by forcing the liberals to choose. It'll make your job easier.

If Green members take the liberal seats in the State Houses and Congress, the Green Party can form a coalition with the Republican Party, just as happens with third parties in Canada, Europe and Israel.

Coalitions allow the parties to unite to accomplish specific goals. It's not true that there could never be a project on which Republicans and Greens could agree. Starting with the selection of a Speaker of the House (state or federal), the opportunity to form a coalition with the Green Party could offer significant advantages to Republicans over their Democrat rivals.

The beauty of a multi-party system is that each party passionately represents it's own constituency. As the constituencies expand, the influence of the party expands. Each party negotiates on behalf of its constituency for the best government possible. There is less ideological fraud.

The Republicans have been trying to run on ideology since 1964 - as if Republicans were in a multi-party system. Instead of a straight up debate, Republicans keep using wedge issues and sleezy (Atwater type) campaigns in order to win. This must be frustrating to those who want to have a full opportunity to work out a functioning philosophy of government. How can you do this if the Democrats can't be pinned down?

Force the democrats to stick with a message. Force them to represent their constituents.

Force the democrats to face the Green Party.

Force liberal democrats to chose between the Democrat Party and the Green Party.

Liberal democrats will either disappear; or, the Democrat Party will accept a fixed ideological position. Either way, is good for Republicans. And, coincidentally, it would be good for America.



The Democrats QUICKLY jumped in front of the camera to take FULL CREDIT for any and all 'good' aspects of the new agreement.

You can view the agreement on financialservices.house.gov



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