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This website needs to be redesigned.

I appreciate the opportunity to vote on the "star" value of a post, but I am at a loss as to what is being done with those values.

Secondly, I sometime fail to even make a choice.

Thirdly,  there are a lot of very good messages that really deserve more discussion and analysis that are simply being loss due to the simple volume of the messages posted.

I suggest, simply as a way to get a good discussion started on how to better this forum, we should make voting in the "star" value function mandatory, if that is possible?

Secondly, a linear presentation would probably be more helpful in displaying all of the threads and their posts, with the "first post -- last post" option being given to the reader.

Lastly, how about putting the  "star" value function on each post of each threads as well? The post with the higher value, is placed immediately below the title thread.

Let's get some other suggestions and make this site move; how about it?

ex animo


Poll of Candidate Web Sites

Recently put together a list of Republican candidate web sites at LocalRepublicans.net.  Here's a hat tip to a few of the best...

 Chris Lien - ChrisLienforCongress.com

Chris Shays - Shays2008.com

Elizabeth Dole - ElizabethDole.org

Gordon Smith - GordonSmith.com

Tim Murphy - ElectTimMurphy.com

Do you agree? You can vote for your favorite at LocalRepublicans.


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