Obama's Human Rights and Non-Nuclear Utopia

switching American values
Changing America: human rights outweighing sovereignty and defense.

Lest Senate Democrats choose to insert the language of S. 1346 into another bill, sitting en queue is The Bill Dick Cheney and the Sundry Bad Guys who prosecuted The Engagement Formerly Known as WOT TM should be worried about.

So should anyone else who defends America on foreign soil. So should our allies.

Introduced by Democratic Senators Durbin, Cardin, Feingold, Feinstein, and Leahy in June '09 and considered by the Senate Judiciary Committee May 6th, the Crimes Against Humanity Act  would more than just "[open] the door to demands of reciprocity from other nations that seek to prosecute US military personnel and government officials for alleged criminal acts committed anywhere in the world" by establishing "universal jurisdiction," as Heritage argues.

This piece of legislation would also:

  1. domesticate all crimes against humanity as defined by the UN -- including  terrorism on American soil --  making these crimes punishable by federal prosecutors and judges 
  2. afford reciprocity in other countries, subjecting our military and elected officials to -- not just The Hague -- but to the "Crimes Against Humanity" laws of other countries
  3. tie the hands of our elected officials and military, as every plan of action to defend our country must comply "with all of the foreign nation's applicable laws"
  4. limit any foreseeable way for America to ever utilize its nuclear arsenal in retaliation to strikes against our homeland
  5. exacerbate instability in the Middle East by signaling the non-existant threat of US retaliation in defending allies (such as Great Britain or Israel)

Not only would we not retaliate, we could not. Our nuclear posture would be eliminated by institutionalizing international law.

This would be the domino effect for nuclear disarmament, absent a Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, through the pretense of protecting human rights.

Under Obama, the nuclear option is off the table for America, as would be expected for our allies. Under this scenario, a swift end to World War II would not have been possible, without subsequent prosecution for war crimes. We would have been standing right next to Hitler's men at The Hague.

And just as we've moved KSM to federal court, mirandized Abdulmutallab, and unnecessarily publicized the federal complaint against Faisal Shahzad -- calculated moves to show compliance with international norms -- the most Americans could expect if rogue nations like Iran or North Korea were to strike America might be prosecution in absentia.

S. 1346 establishes "universal jurisdiction" in America without Senate treaty ratification of ICC, effectively completing a parallel track, achieving the UN's goal of international jurisdiction to prosecute crimes against humanity.

This is worse than Obama's Treaty for Utopia, and his supposed naivete' is fast disappearing.

Obama would guarantee every terrorist the constitutional rights afforded citizens of the United States, completely neutralize our defensive arsenal by preventing America from utilizing every available resource, and would subject all US citizens to potential prosecution in other countries through reciprocity.

The highest court of appeal would no longer be the Supreme Court.

The ICC would be the supreme law of the land.

And in setting this precedence, our allies will soon be pressured by the international community to follow suit in implementing similar "Crimes Against Humanity" laws, limiting their own ability to defend themselves using any and all means necessary.

 -- with Hugo Estrada


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Judge Signs Release for Osama Bin Ladin's 9/11 Recruiter While Obama Signs America's Future to Socialism



He may not have closed Gitmo, but he is certainly adhering to his promise avoid the military tribunals and a court circus.


Silently letting our enemies free while the nation is riveted by a socialist takeover.    

This is worse than just underhanded politics, folks.     

This is evil mainifested by the power of the Executive Office.     

From the Wall Street Journal's Jess Bravin:     

"A suspected al Qaeda organizer once called "the highest value detainee" at Guantánamo Bay was ordered released by a federal judge in an order issued Monday. Mohamedou Ould Slahi was accused in the 9/11 Commission report of helping recruit Mohammed Atta and other members of the al Qaeda cell in Hamburg, Germany, that took part in the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.     

Military prosecutors suspected Mr. Slahi of links to other al Qaeda operations, and considered seeking the death penalty against him while preparing possible charges in 2003 and 2004."     

The Weekley Standard's Thomas Joscelyn adds: 

The 9/11 Commission reported that at the time he was recruiting the Hamburg cell, Slahi was “a significant al Qaeda operative,” who was “well known to U.S. and German intelligence, though neither government apparently knew he was operating in Germany in late 1999.” 


Slahi's detention at Guantanamo has been controversial because of the interrogation techniques used on him. Slahi is one of the few detainees held at Guantanamo who had a special, and harsh, interrogation plan approved for his questioning. 

Lt. Col. Stuart Crouch, the prosecutor who was charged with seeking Slahi's conviction by a military commission, decided he could not move forward with Slahi's prosecution because the evidence was tainted by these techniques. But this does not mean that Slahi is an innocent. Crouch himself told the Wall Street Journal in 2007: “Of the cases I had seen, [Slahi] was the one with the most blood on his hands.”  

That blood on Slahi's hands did nothing to keep Lt. Col Stuart Couch from adding himself to the roster of prosecutors who resigned in protest of the treatment of enemy combatants at Gitmo.  

Couch may very well be one of the 7 anonymous DOJ attorneys Attorney General Eric Holder refuses to identify.  

This would not be the first time Obama has employed his enemies and former cohorts, to keep them within arms distance .. compliant and silent.  

There's Hillary, Gates, and I include Former Campaign David Plouffe, who Obama rehired  after Plouffe came out with his campaign-tell-all  Audacity to Win: The Inside Story and Lessons of Barack Obama's Historic Victory (no, I'm not linking to that jerk's book, although I will link to Karl Rove publicly chewing Plouffe's logic for breakfast this past Sunday.)  

Continues Joscelyn: 

During his hearings at Guantanamo, Slahi denied many of the allegations levied against him. But in the context of those denials he also made some important admissions. Slahi admitted that he swore bayat (an oath of allegiance) to Osama bin Laden, and was trained in al Qaeda's notorious al Farouq camp

The Obama Administration has just released an avowed enemy of the United States back into the al Qaeda fold.  

Does this mean Khalid Sheikh Mohammed will be expected to walk, especially given that our current President has already described waterboarding as torture and it is common knowledge KSM underwent 183 sessions. And does Obama's, Holder's and Gibb's "cart before the donkey"/ "judge and sentence now, convict later" statements guarantee enough of a tainted jury pool that the entire 9/11 group will be released? 

Whatever happens from here, should American troops end up in harm's way or American civilians be killed here in the States,  Obama will be the one with blood on his hands.

Winning Through Mythology or Arabian Fractured Fairy Tales

The article below is a timely piece in light of the Israel-Hezbollah prisoner exchange where the bodies of Eldad Regev(H'Y'D) and Ehud Goldwasser (H'Y'D) were traded for living and dead terrorists. World media reports of the celebrations around arabia in honor of the release of the murderous barbarian Samir Kuntar from an Israeli prison, abound. Kuntar, by all rights should have been executed. Begging the question, the absence of a death sentence in Israeli law is a matter which will have to wait for some other time.

It would be hoped, but for only a lack of good sense, that the festivities revolving around Kuntar's release would shock good western sensitivities. But western sensitivities no longer exist, the victims of de-sensitization a by-product of liberal politically correct revisionism. This de-sensitizing toward the spilling of Jewish blood is part programed antiJewism and part the seemingly successful foisting of the "palestinian myth", a fairy tale brought to life in the same way a toddler acts out an episode of his favorite cartoon character, but changes the ending.

The myth stimulates the basic antiJewism which has been handed down through the centuries, calling to someone with normally good reasoning to question basic logic. The Jews are certainly stronger than the arabians, this person might reason, after all, it is the Jews who man the check points and who would want to have to go through a check point every day? Who flies the top fighter planes? Who has the strongest lobby? Who has the greatest intelligence agency? Who owes their country to the UN? The lack of basic knowledge of the challenge faced by Israel, influenced by the MSM, is easily manipulated by the well-crafted myth proponents.

Israel's failed diplomacy has bolstered the authenticity argument of the myth to the point that previously what was a question is now matter of fact "truth". Such acceptance of the corpses for terrorists trade as we recently observed on a world wide basis is the best evidence. The writer below takes a stab at why the myth is "believable".

for a good discussion on the pali myth listen to http://www.middleeastradioforum.org/playshowaudio.php?EditRequest=playaudio&OldName=2008-07-13 Jihad in the Holy Land: The Real Arab-Israeli Conflict on Middle East Radio Forum with guest Shai ben Tekoa

(see the youtube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cS6NyrexKlk  (Samir Kuntar - A new Hero!!)
http://www.familysecuritymatters.org/publications/id.632/pub_detail.asp  Exclusive: The World’s Most Successful Con Game - Family Security Matters - July 17, 2008 - Leslie Sacks

The rich get richer, the poor get poorer. That selective claim now underpins world politics. It seems that since the war of 1967, with its stunning victory against all odds, Israel finally lost its "underdog" identity. The guilt-ridden post-Holocaust populations in Europe were now not any more coerced into feeling sorry for their decimated Jews. Anti-Semitism could once again afford to be fashionable. Thereafter Israel's follow up victory in the Yom Kippur war of 1973, when attacked by overwhelming numbers on all sides, was a remarkable rerun of "David" effectively overcoming "Goliath." Yet politically, the war finally buried the remnants of the underdog scenario as far as Israel and the Jews were concerned. The burgeoning wealth and unsurpassed success of America's Jews, from then until now, gave further ammunition to those United Nations, NGOs, co-mingled human rights groups, incestuous leftists and Third World radicals to finally reverse common perception of Israel.

The magical sleight of hand, that perversion of truth, is now complete. Israel has become the fascist, the Nazi, the apartheid oppressing country and conversely Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia and their compatriots have transmogrified into the underdogs. The transformation of Mephistopheles is finished - Goliath is now Israel whilst the symbol of David is assumed by all the poor, undernourished, undereducated, disenfranchised Arab refugees and citizens across North Africa, the Middle East and on into South East Asia. Five million Jews are now incontestably victimizing one billion Muslims and Arabs. There are no limits to the nefarious machinations of the conspiratorial Jewish puppeteers of Tel Aviv and Washington. All the world's injustices and problems, inequalities and inequities are laid out at the foot of this latter day Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

And it will only get worse, as Israelis and Jews everywhere continue to fight adversity and do better, become more successful and refuse to be downtrodden, refuse to apologize for their normality. Their success is breeding their political ostracization, their success proves to the world that they are on the wrong side; it proves they are the oppressor - how else could it be? The logic is indisputable. And the oil rich Arab states understand this only too well - they keep their riches in Dubai and in banks, investing in Citibank, UBS and in Western stock exchanges, whilst keeping their populations and their women disenfranchised - ensuring their underdog image remains in perpetuity.

Their biggest export seems to be endless numbers of madrassas and terrorists. They continue their century-old con by ensuring the continued existence and expansion of the refugee camps, home to millions of Palestinians, a unique phenomenon in the last 100 years. The partition of India and Pakistan created millions of refugees - all resettled. The creation of Bangladesh, millions more - all resettled. Mao Tse-tung, tens of millions - all resettled. The great east-west exodus after WWII, across the iron curtain - all resettled. Only in the Middle East, with trillions of excess oil dollars to invest in anti-Israel, anti-West, pro-jihadist education and mosques, and in the NASDAQ, in hedge funds - everywhere but into the refugee camps. And these Arab potentates know only too well the propaganda game of choice: exacerbate the indignity and tragedy of the refugee camps and it will keep the world infatuated with the Arab David conflicted with the Israeli Goliath.

Everything becomes upside-down in this Alice of Wonderland. Five million Israelis on 1% of the land in the Middle East with no oil and natural minerals are holding hostage to 300 million Arabs with 75% of the world's oil reserves and an unbreakable majority in the UN councils.

These Jews must be very powerful, very sinister. But wait - is there not a major Arab investor in Fox News? Is not Arab money a partner in Citibank, the London Stock Exchange and a myriad of other western financial icons? Are not the riches of the West exchanged for Arab oil, going not for the improvement of Arab hospitals, schools and legal institutions, but to purchase the West's leading companies and properties and to buy influence in Washington, Harvard and even at the Louvre. So from whence cometh this secret power of the Jews? Perhaps it's merely their seemingly magical survival over thousands of years, in spite of Torquemada, Hitler, Stalin and al Qaeda. This has become most irritating, most annoying to those who would like to see the back of the Jews. They defy the numbers, the logic and the will of majority. They insist on success, on not being the underdog. Most perturbing, most bothersome. They were, in times past, "untermenchen," Dhiminis, second-rate non-citizens squeezed into European ghettos, powerless and dependent serfs limited to professions such as money lending. Now Israel has an unrivaled army - outrageous. Its desert is blooming amidst a sea of Middle Eastern deserts - provocative. Its women have equal rights, naked thighs, and become prime ministers - outlandish and obnoxious. Israel is the tiny pin pricking the bloated 18th Century Middle East that is still mired in its Dark Ages, desperate to retain its unchanging ways. And Israel is still only the Little Satan. Everyone knows the Jews also run the Big Satan. Why, Jews must own the New York Times and Washington Post, CBS and CNN, the State Department and the CIA, in spite of all the continual anti-Israel bias - more subterfuge.

And moreover, Bush is clearly controlled by Israel, in spite of his intimate handholding photo-ops with Saudi Arabian princes, and now more with Condi's overtures to Iran and Syria - further devious camouflage, I imagine.

All in all, these Jews must be very clever, very shrewd: to cause 9/11 and the many suicide bombings and intifadas, to pretend to be under the whip of Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas - most ingenious, to play at being the underdog when in fact, to all enlightened Jihadists and liberal Westerners, they are in fact the secret Goliath, the masters of deceit, even to the extent of six-million Holocaust deceits. Clever Jews, those people, clever magicians these Israelis.

FamilySecurityMatters.org Contributing Editor Leslie Sacks is an art dealer and gallerist in Los Angeles. Feedback: editorialdirector@familysecuritymatters.org.

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