Drill, drill, drill


Well that was the battle cry from McCain, Gingrich, Larry Kudlow, and others. According to Boone Pickens who was on C-Span yesterday, you can drill all of ANWR, the coasts, and the gulf and you would come up with 2 million barrels a day. We consume 12 million barrels a day. This statistic I did not know, and while I favor drilling, we also need alternative methods.



Dick Armey on CNBC


 Dick Armey was on CNBC today. Joe Kernan asked Dick Armey on the failure of trickle down economics and Dick Armey said the following:

"Trickle down and supply side worked very well until you got to the banking crisis."

I don't know what the banking crisis has to do with a failed policy. Reagan had deficits and Bush 41 raised taxes to fix it. Bush 43 had huge deficits and debt and we saw that 5 years ago. 

(Just keeping them honest)



Steel does not get it.


Michael Steele was on "This week with George Stephanopolus" and said "the jobs will come back." Is the guy living on Mars? Actually, I understand what he is saying that "recessionary" jobs will come back. But Steele and others still do not understand that the other jobs are lost due to globalization. And those jobs are not coming back. The GOP is still clueless. They either have no answer for this or don't know what is going on. The GOP lost the middle class, and they still do not understand why. 

My own stimulus long and short


There may not be much on the short term to fix a lot of things in our country. We have seen years of neglect on our country and its policies. Some of what I will say will sound repetitive, but at least it takes a little of the democrats and the republicans. I could have a stimulus of around 300 billion dollars.

It must be understood that Obama (or for that matter any president) is trapped in a corner. We have had 8 years of tax cuts and we are back into a recession. The tax cuts for 8 years is spent and it is borrowed money creating deficits. We have had a war that has cost us 800 billion dollars and will cost more-depriving our economy. We have a financial crisis with banks and housing. The democrats, republicans, and Alan Greenspan fictitiously targeted the housing sector. They ignored the real problem of free trade and globalization. It was Bush for years saying "free trade is good" but ignored the factories closing. It was the nerds on Wall Street and in Washington that said we are going to be an information society. Well, I don't know that that means in the Midwest. We are losing jobs and the middle class. And for some reason Republicans still do not understand why they lost the election. "It is the economy stupid." Obama has also been given deficits and debt and not a surplus inherited from Clinton and Gingrich. And add to that, little in investment for the future.

Bush did the old "guns and butter" trick. LBJ did this with the Vietnam War and his Great Society programs. LBJ had the fed print the money and you had 20 years of inflation, higher interest rates, and higher unemployment. Bush has done the same with borrowed money (deficits) for his tax cuts, his war, never cut spending, and added that donut to Medicare. The deficits and debt was ignored and in fact Cheney had said "deficits don't matter." So we know what they were up to. And you hardly heard a word from Limbaugh or Hannity. 

The other problem is that after 8 years of tax cuts and being back into a recession and with our jobs going overseas. You have to wonder what tax cuts will do with creating jobs. How much more can you cut taxes after 8 years of stimulus. Certainly spending needs to be cut, but we have to add new spending to stimulate somewhere and we are not out of war. If 8 years of tax cuts did not prevent a recession, just how is it going to get us out of recession. And what jobs can be produced here that China cannot do?

Another problem is that the fed has lowered interest rates to their lowest. They have no more to give. It may work if we can find a bottom to the financial crisis. Also you will have to worry about inflation in outlying years.

In short, the tax cuts have been overdone and are less effective. The Fed has done all it can do to stimulate.

Globalization (putting aside our financial crisis) is the single most challenging economic problem we face. We cannot compete with third world wages. And we cannot compete with 1 billion Chinese and 1 billion Indians. We see today the loss of jobs, wages, healthcare, and pensions. And cities and states are going broke as industry leaves. South Korea has a battery plant for cars. I do believe Michigan is going to build one. China is building the largest nanotechnology plant in the world with federal dollars. China is teaching english to its kids. Mexico says it will teach all students english. In Hungary, you cannot go to college unless you know english. We and our jobs are being targeted and we have done nothing. You cannot live on tax cuts alone.

1. I would not have a middle class tax cut. This is the same old idea of what we have had for 8 years. And that is to borrow money from other countries and give it to our people to stimulate the economy. It didn't work last year, and I doubt if it will do anything this time. The stores are full of Chinese goods, so spending money on them will not help us out much. It seems like the republicans like tax cuts but they do little else. I suppose they don't believe in government planning. But it doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand that we need to cut spending, and to invest in the future. And if government planning is verboten by the republicans, then you have to wonder why they had neocons trying to manipulate the Mideast with a Wolfowitz doctrine. 

On financial concerns I would not be for a middle class tax cut. On political terms, we in the middle do deserve a middle class tax cuts after the imbalance of tax cuts of the last 8 years and the loss of jobs.

2. I would cut the corporate tax rate for all businesses that stay inside the country.

3. I would have infrastructure spending, but we don't need a bridge to nowhere. Having said that though, the American Society of Engineers think the cost to our infrastructure, aviation, etc., will cost 2.2 trillion dollars.

4. I am for anything for energy independence as long as it makes sense and is cost effective. I think the projection is to have 30 nuclear plants beyond the 100 sum we have today. Sounds good to me. I am for all offshore drilling and drilling in ANWR. However, the consequence of this is to get royalties to pay for alternative energy. There also may have to be a price set at the pump to stop the highs and lows in energy prices. We cannot control the market, but the price can be set at the pump. This would prevent the whipsaw for the auto manufacturers in building small and large cars. All royalties and all monies should go to alternative fuel, research and development.

China is building a car that gets 63 miles to a charge at a reasonable price. We don't have that and we are losing in the competition area. 14 U.S. technology companies want 1 billion dollars to create a new battery. I think that is money well worth spent.

I think Boone Pickens has the right idea for natural gas for heavy duty trucks and we use 20% of imported oil for that. 

We can also find an alternative source of fuel for the airlines and make them more profitable. We can also upgrade the air traffic control system so that more airlines can fly and more directly. And this helps the tourist industry. This would make the airlines more profitable and they can buy new aircraft as the U.S. airlines have some of the oldest aircraft in the world.

5. I am for mandatory vocational training. We are losing our manufacturing and you can no longer rely on manufacturing for a job. This is talked about by the Hudson Institute. We need an educated society. If we don't we lose. By the time a student is a junior, with the help of a school counselor, that student should pick or have knowledge on 2 vocations.

6. I am for embryonic stem cell research. Singapore is pouring money into this research and they are taking away some of our scientists. Bush banned or vetoed the government funding for this research which was done previously by the NIH. We need to compete in the world. We cannot have religion dictating science. And this gets to another point for those that do not like government planning. We saw how a social conservative runs a country. And a social conservative, I do not believe, cannot make the right decisions. Because religion will make the judgement and not pragmatism. And this is just as much goes to those on the environmental side on those on the left, who are against nuclear or for drilling for oil. We need to do the best we can do make our country better, independent, and more secure.

7. I am for all innovation, research, and development. You have to make new materials to replace and create new jobs. Sitting here and watching the flowers grow with laissez-faire makes no sense. The tax cuts alone will not solve this problem. You will need alliances with government and industry. The government can provide the money and the industry the expertise. We have cooperation with NASA, the military, and the NIH. New materials and medicines are created and we have to be the best at it. We need new energies, new medicines, and new materials. 

8. All government programs need to be looked at and worked on. Medicare is the hardest area to work on as it involves individuals, insurance, doctors, and hospitals. Social Security is just a matter of tinkering with the numbers.

We will all have to feel the pain if you want to reduce the deficit. That means no F-22's. I hate saying that, because it is jobs. Eisenhower warned of the military industrial complex. Also we should fix what we have instead of building some other boondoggle. The B52's are 50 years old and will need replacement. 

If you want to cut spending, then spending has to be cut in the military as well as the social programs. 

9. We know 3 things that will happen. One is an attack on our soil, perhaps every 50 years. Another is a depression every 80 years or so. Another is pandemics every 50 years or so. We need to keep our country safe. Not only from enemies, but also from unknowns like superbugs, the loss of honeybees, and the Avian flu in which you could have one more jump from human to human contact that will be a pandemic. 

You have to be forward thinking and think outside the box. And that means dropping welfare policies by the democrats and dropping laissez-faire by the republicans.


Modernizing the Mealer 3R economic Energy Plan...

 WE MUST GET THIS RIGHT THE FIRST TIME.. In the private sector! 


The economy has not disappeared due to one problem, but several problems. The main problem is also the solution with which we will revive the economy.

Everyone must agree that with the best mortgage, the safest mortgage and the best loan possible... Not a single man or woman anywhere can purchase on credit without a job. good paying jobs at Walmart or Home Depot selling Made in China junk or scrap lumber will secure a loan... especially with the lay-offs we see today and will see tomorrow.

USA jobs, mainly in the manufacturing sector is the solution and I have the means to get there.... I won't waste breathe or your time with too many details of this solution that MUST be instituted in the private sector now. There are so many "experts" out there who come up with bad ideas... I am not an 'economic expert' who has polished seats with his/her hind-end more than having done anything else.

This plan I worked out was done so as to offer a replacement the fuel taxes that Mealer American Motors Corporation automobiles would eventually do away with. *MealerAMC autos also act as home power sources...

The government (of any country) would lose hundreds of billions in fuel tax revenue and have no decent way to re-gain it. The 3R changes that!

If you can now grasp why I have put extensive researched into this plan, you can read on....If not.. Start over and read slowly.

All communities nationwide would gain immediate revenue from these training programs and local community colleges would benefit as well.

The Mealer (aka McCain) 3R Economic Energy Plan entails utilizing the millions of vacant buildings (like old Walmart and stores that were put out of business by Walmart) as hands on training in USA MFG. America has thousands of '3R teachers' looking for jobs and many of them from old union killed businesses that are now in China and Mexico. No matter what the trainees build... It can be re-sold as Made in USA quality products. Does anyone remember the days when most products in America had that stamp?

Huge tax write offs for building owners do differ payments or donate buildings or years of lease amounts, plus fair write offs for equipment that is purchased and deferred. (I have spoken with several USA tooling companies and they are thrilled to work this way!)

Paid 3R Schooling is a great moral booster and means even more American jobs.      Paid?     Sure..      The students are paid to learn as per federal and state higher education/school programs, PLUS they earn a percentage of the products that are sold. Once again, I checked... Even 'evil' Walmart will stock these goods... If some slave labor Red China Communist or a poor child in a sweatshop can build the Chinese junk we buy today... A skilled (and learning) adult American can do better.

Another huge revenue source is packaging these small private businesses as commodities (...checked... it's legal) and selling them to the thousands of  "Speculators".. You know, like the crude oil speculators who helped destroy the economy we are now being forced to save?  "Packaged an group commodities" makes these businesses much less likely to fail, and I am certain teams or memberships will be formed to help one another when certain manufacturing is slow in demand.

These small businesses need not compete with the Walmart made In China craze that really killed the economy. They need not manufacture billions of 'widgets'... only thousands. There is no monopoly in the deal, just a great job to be had. This of course, is after the trainees are out of the schooling stages and several of them past the advanced business law schooling  -'quick classes' (they can learn as they grow the companies)... These people with the proformas would find the huge new class of investors looking for huge profits, take their packaged team of loosely collected USA MFG companies as one LLC or Corporation and put a lot of people to work.

For every USA MFG position, a new economy around that person would be created in food services, clothing, etc... including housing and local government. THIS IS HUGE.

Go ahead, find the problems with this plan (typos excluded)... I know your concerns.

I already have the answers and they are well researched and legal answers.

There is no other way to save the economy.


 NOT A SINGLE VIABLE PLAN, except the 3R...

If you can find a better plan, I will buy it!

Just like Mealer Companies products and our non-fossil fuel, non-EV automobiles are the next phase for technical growth, this economy saving plan is IT for the future of America and the world economy.

No. Don't even suggest what you are thinking...Neither Mealer Companies, nor myself make a dime from instituting this plan and saving America... I refuse to.

 HOWEVER, I do plan to sell every American one of my cars and take us off the grid when possible...

 HOPEFULLY... See me on FoxNews soon!

 John Lewis Mealer

Mealer Companies


Right wing groups in Ohio

Does anyone know of right wing (preferably online) groups in Ohio like RightMichigan.com?

A failed president and failed ideologies


Well, I don't know where to begin with this, there is so much to talk about. I could right a book.

We have seen the failed ideologies from both parties. The democrats went to far with welfare and the Great Society in the 60's and 70's. Today we have a failed president. He happens to be republican, but it could have been a democrat as well.

We have witnessed in the last 8 years some of the most ignorant and arrogant policies that we will witness in our lifetimes. It shows how far a political party will go to the right. We have seen tax cuts for the rich and the middle class lose their jobs. We have seen the attempt of religion being put in government (think embryonic stem cell research). We have seen neoconism used to brainwash people in that we had to go to Iraq.

We have witnessed real simply for the past 8 years: Our jobs going overseas, our money going to Iraq, the neglect of our infrastructure, a military stretched thin, the use of religion, deficits and debt, cities and states going broke, laissez-faire, ignorance, arrogance, lies, deceit, and blunders. And yet people like Hannity and Limbaugh will not talk about it. Total denial. The republican party does not get it.

We have seen Bush come in with his trickle down theory of tax cuts. Of course to have tax cuts you have to borrow money. So we borrow from other countries. At the same time we are fighting two wars and we have not paid for them. So that means more borrowing and creating deficits and debt. We never saw any cut back in spending by the republicans for six years as they had control of congress. Just total arrogance.

We also targeted housing from the democrats, the republicans, and from Alan Greenspan. And we see the bubble.

Well here is the problem. As I have said, all we have done is send our jobs overseas, our money to Iraq, and neglect our infrastructure. And to make everything "fine" we borrow more money from other countries to keep our country going. I don't know what kind of economic books the republicans are reading. I have never thought such idiocy existed. 

Also one other point is that Bush hid his cost of the war for two years or so in emergency funding and hid it from the American people. But today we see the deficits and debt.

So going through the whole 8 years of Bush we have had tax cuts.

>Did the tax cuts create wealth?

>Did the tax cuts sustain economic growth?

>Did the tax cuts bring in revenue? As we sit with deficits and debt.

>Did the tax cuts solve any problems? Like our jobs going overseas.

So we ran our country on tax cuts which is just borrowed money. This creating a false economy. Bush talks of free trade, but at the same time factories close. At the same time cities and states are going broke. You can create all the tax cuts all you want, but if our jobs are going overseas, then the tax cuts mean nothing.

We are back into a recession and the tax cuts are spent. Today, Bush is leaving with a 500 billion dollar yearly deficit, and has added 4 trillion dollars of debt. These are unheard of numbers. This does not count the latest financial crisis of bailouts for the bank, the auto, and the housing industry. These numbers do not reflect what Obama will spend to get us out of a recession.

Now how do you get out of this recession? The tax cuts have been done for all these years and now are all spent and anymore will be ineffective. We have had a stimulus plan, but all that does is have people buy Chinese goods. And in the meantime we keep sending our jobs and money overseas. And the federal reserve is printing the money. That means inflation perhaps 3 years down the road. All of this is a bad scenario. Obama is trapped in a corner.

There is only one way out. It is not perfect and it will require more deficit spending, but this should be at least the right kind of deficit spending.

The first thing to realize is that we have GLOBALIZATION. And no one, but maybe Obama, has picked up on this. A lot of our jobs are vulnerable to going overseas. There is good reason. Companies do not want to pay middle class wages, healthcare, pensions, social security, and OSHA. So why not have third world labor.

This is where the republicans get it wrong. Our problem is not having enough tax cuts, or housing. It is jobs. And it is GLOBALIZATION. And it is the MIDDLE CLASS.

So here is the plan, and this is not perfect. We need to take care of the infrastructure (to be limited), have energy independence, mandatory vocational training, embryonic stem cell research, and research and development. We have to do whatever it takes to create jobs, prosperity, and economic growth in this country. And all we have seen in 8 years is just games and lies.

I doubt that any republican gets this. They do not understand what they have done to the middle class. They do not understand GLOBALIZATION. They want to put people in their hierarchy like Sarah Palin or someone else. All politics as usual. The republicans are caught up with the religious vote, their failed ideologies, and laissez-faire. You have to cut spending and at the same time create revenue and create prosperity and economic growth. We have to compete with 1 billion Chinese and 1 billion Indians. And that is third world labor. We have to create jobs that will not be vulnerable to going overseas. This is a tough call. We are at war. It is the fight for our jobs. We are an older society that will rely on more government. China will grow at least 5% a year and we are sitting in a recession with 0% growth with a burdensome debt. We already know who will win. So sad to say.

I hope the republicans get this. They are in denial. They hang on to old ideologies. And all we need is management and a vision. We created the intestate system, had the Manhattan project, and put a man on the moon. Now we are leaving science, vision, and curiosity to other countries. 

I thank you for your time.


Sympathy Vote: Supporting a Terminally Stupid Man for Toledo's Mayor


Toledo's mayor isn't officially mentally challenged, of course. But he is a silly, bitter, idiot of a man... not to insult the word "man." Back on December 8, good ol' Carty "the Fink" Finkbeiner announced a grave concern that he had about the outrage by Toledo radio station WSPD. The station, caught red handed trying to inform the city of the work of a group that had formed to get the Finkster recalled, was violating the Federal Communication Commission's rules by their focus on the flay-the-fink movement, the Mayor sonorously intoned.

Of course, Fiklegroaner has been after WSPD for a while now indulging in a years-long feud. This time WSPD, 1370 on your Toledo AM dial, came in for the Fink's scolding for its supposed "vicious, one-sided diatribes" unleashed over the last three years. Now, as an aside, it is interesting that Carty would claim to know much about a "one-sided" anything seeing as how he has run as a candidate for just about every party in Toledo. Finkboner can't be counted on much to see any "one side" of anything, unless it his his side. He's at one time been a Republican, an Independent and a Democrat and rumor has it he's next going to take a stab at asking the Klingon Party if he might take their nomination next time he runs for office.

And, why not be a Klingon, anyway? After all we are told that Klingons love violence and Finkleblinker has a reputation for trying to beat up anyone that seems to disagree with him. And I am not talking about politically beating them up, either, I'm talking about physically taking swings at people that don't tell him what a swell guy he is.

Anyway, his latest beef with WSPD is proof yet again that he just isn't a very educated fella. Here's what the Toledo Blade (a paper that is no slouch in the field of being silly itself) reported of Finkie's latest laugher:

Mr. Finkbeiner accused WSPD-AM, 1370, of violating the Fairness Doctrine in not allowing him to respond to what he said were "vicious, one-sided diatribes" over the last three years, and said he would ask Congress to investigate WSPD.

The estimable Brian Wilson, on-air personality and WSPD program director, was a bit taken aback at the Finkweener's little diatribe. After all, it is a bit hard for WSPD to be violating the Fairness Doctrine. It was repealed in 1984 way back when Ronald Reagan was president. And Wilson should know. He's a trained professional, after all!

Some of you may remember Finkrimmer as the Toledo Mayor that refused to let our U.S. Marines debark from their busses when they arrived in Toledo for some exercises that had already been approved by the city. So, Finkflamer goes from hating our troops to proving he doesn't even know of the status of laws repealed decades ago. Yep, Toledo has a real winner there.

You know, after a short reflection, I have to take back one thing I wrote above. Finkwanker is probably not going to run for the Klingon Party nomination. They habitually kill the terminally stupid before puberty so he wouldn't fit their criteria.

Looks like Finkweasle is outta luck with the Star Trek fans on that one.

Besides, if you really look at him, he looks more like Dr. Smith from the old Lost in Space TV show. Bubble headed boobie, indeed.

(H/T Maggie Thurber of Thurber's Thoughts for the heads up on this hilarity.)

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We need to do something if we are to survive!!!

There needs to be a change to the Republican Party starting with the graceful exit of the current leadership. They have done their best and they need to step aside. It is clear that we need voices that are current and no longer live in the past, mind you I do not feel we should in any way forget the past we just need to learn from it and move forward.

Further changes or a better way to put it would be that we need to take a "different direction"as a party or better yet return to the direction that this party was founded on. We need to return to our roots as the party for ALL THE PEOPLE and we need to do this by governing again.

We need to keep our values strong and we need to attract a younger base. We are not the strong the party of Conservatives that we once were. We are now considered the party of the extreme that is not willing to change. I have no issue with any one group of the party, but we really need to adjust our thinking to include everyone.

The days of the Grand OLD Party need to evolve into something that all of the people can agree with. I am not suggesting folks to give up there values, I am asking the leadership (especially the leadership in states that were defeated in) to step aside and allow the party to grow with new voices and different ides. Folks if we do not than we might as well fold up our tents and close up shop.

The clock is ticking we only have 2 years to fix the current problem and it needs to start now.




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