With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility: Fred Baron and John Edwards

Politics is supposed to be about the will of the people expressed by their vote and their activism which then shapes both the political parties and the ranks of elected officials. Would that it were that simple. Reality deals with the fact that there will always be those who are more influential than others in that process. Whether via connections or cash, some folks are better positioned to push a Party or a candidate one way or the other. The question is, of course, what to do when one person carries so much weight and influence that he can, by himself, influence or actually alter the course of politics in a state or a region.

This is not a philosophical or rhetorical question. It is happening across the country. People like George Soros spend billions to influence political discussions and the political process to effectively disenfranchise "regular" voters by manipulating what is seen and heard to the point where "reality" becomes what he wants it to be. People like Tim Gill and other wealthy individuals in Colorado have poured personal millions into state and local races, fundamentally altering the makeup of the state's political delegations in ways that don't necessarily fit with the makeup of the electorate there. It seems to be happening again. This time in Texas and the man behind the money is Fred Baron.

Baron is the man with the money behind the relocation and support of Rielle Hunter, John Edwards' mistress, and her child. Texas Watchdog reports Baron says he moved both Rielle Hunter and Andrew Young, the man who says he is the father of Hunter's child, on his own dime and for his own reasons without input or contact with Edwards or the campaign.

The reason for Baron shelling out money for the relocation? Young and Hunter were being dogged by tabloid reporters chasing rumors of the affair and pregnancy, according to the initial interview.

“I made a decision on my own, without talking to Edwards or anybody, to try to help them move to a community to try to get away from those folks,” Baron told the [Dallas Morning News]. He said he used his own money –not campaign funds – but did not disclose how much he provided. Both Hunter, who now lives in Santa Barbara, Calif., and Young worked under Baron for the campaign.

Critics say this raises all kinds of questions.

“John Edwards’ affair on his cancer-stricken wife and Fred Baron’s apparent attempt to silence Edwards’ mistress by spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on her reeks of the arrogance of two multimillionaire plaintiffs attorneys trying to buy the White House,” said Anthony Holm, an Austin-based GOP political consultant and creator of GivetheMoneyBack.com.

Indeed, Baron initially described the help as a payout from his own pocket. That turned into a “loan” in a later New York Times interview. Some news reports put Hunter’s monthly maintenance fees at $15,000 per month. Baron denied the amount is that much but has not disclosed how much it is.

Interesting that such a connected and savvy political operator would choose relocation as the solution to being dogged by reporters as opposed to "Let's hold a press conference and clear this thing up once and for all!" But, hey, it's his money. Still one has to wonder why he chose this particular avenue.

Shelling out hundreds of thousands of dollars to move "people of interest" around the world isn't Baron's first move in the politcal game of "Show me the money!" Texas Watchdog also reports Baron, his wife and his law firm are behind almost $7 million dollars in donations over the last few years to candidates and causes that are decidedly on the Left side of the political spectrum. So much so, Texas Watchdog can also report

It’s difficult to overstate Baron’s importance to Democrats in Texas and to those in Washington. In addition to serving as John Edwards’ 2004 and 2008 presidential campaign finance chairman, he’s thrown jaw-dropping sums of money into other political races.

He’s credited with helping the Democrats take over the U.S. Senate two years ago, as well as transforming Dallas County government to a Democratic-controlled body, wresting it away from the GOP.

“I credit Fred and Fred’s energy with helping get the state Democratic Party back on the road to revival,” said Ken Molberg, a senior member of the state Democratic executive committee and a former Dallas County party chairman. “It’s something he did not have to do and, most certainly in my view, he did it based on his own belief system that they needed to be a viable state party.”

Texas Watchdog has even compiled a helpful listing of Baron's contributions which is posted online so you can see for yourself how much of Baron's money and other funds he controls were used to influence the political process and when it happened.

I'm all for a person being able to use what is his to influence the poltical debate. I have no problems with the reality that since some folks have more than others, they'll also have more influence. But, as has been noted in a recent blockbuster movie, with great power comes great responsibility. If Fred Baron wants to play in the deep end of the pool, then he should expect some scrutiny of both his actions and the results of those actions.

Just here is where the process breaks down. It is one thing for Baron and men like him to rebuild or to carry a political party on their shoulders in a state or nationally. It is another thing entirely for that man to use his funds to so manipulate politics that it changes the fortunes and outcomes of the electorate and the state or country. As Nashville radio talk show host Michael DelGiorno has noted, had the Edwards affair and the predictable fallout from it been a public matter earlier in the election cycle, Hillary Clinton would probably have been the Democratic nominee for President. Fred Baron, also "... based on his own belief system ...", played a key role in preventing that from happening.

In so doing, one man not only disenfranchised the work and votes of millions of his fellow Democrats who supported Clinton, he altered the landscape of the entire Presidential race for the rest of the country as well. That sort of power should only rest in the hands of a candidate since the candidate himself must live or die with the results of what he does. Baron's efforts meant John Edwards didn't have to answer to the electorate for what he did. It also meant Democratic voters didn't get a fair choice at the ballot box this year. That Baron, or anyone else, would choose to personally corrupt political events is a blight on what should be a process all voters can later say was untainted, especially when their candidate loses.

Republicans, too, must learn from this trampling of the everyday man by those who through personal hubris would be kingmakers. They must purpose now to resist the temptation. And temptation it is. The stakes are high and the issues are important. No one questions that. But what does it say about the solutions a person or a party brings to the discussion if the only way those solutions can make it into the debate is improper. The Democrats have no monopoly on the tactic of the end justifying the means. Should the Right adopt those tactics because they've shown themselves to be effective at times, they also willingly adopt the moral bankruptcy of which it is evidence.

May we be delivered and kept from the Fred Barons of the world, regardless of their affiliations.

Blue Collar Muse

Electricity More Expensive for Tennesseans Thanks to Democrats

The invaluable Michael Silence gets the hat tip this morning! He links to a Knoxville News Sentinel story reporting that, effective October 1st, TVA is increasing rates. Remember this post when you vote this November!

'20%: TVA Board Approves Largest Rate Hike in Decades' not only tells us the hike is coming, it tells us what rising TVA expense is behind it.

Customers can expect a 20 percent rate increase on their October electric bills — the largest jump in more than 30 years.

TVA President and CEO Tom Kilgore announced a fuel adjustment rate increase of 17 percent at the agency’s board of director’s meeting this morning at its Knoxville headquarters. The increase will go into effect Oct. 1. The board also approved an additional 3 percent base rate increase, also to take take effect Oct. 1.

TVA’s quarterly fuel adjustment, a provision approved by the board of directors in 2003, passes along fluctuations in the price of coal, natural gas and other fuels to its customers.

When fuels cost more, it costs more to produce electricity with them. Which political party and its allies have consistently, over decades, refused to implement Energy policies that work to keep energy prices low? Which political party and its allies have abandoned Washington, DC for a 5 week vacation instead of working to reduce the price of Energy? Which political party and its allies are on record as desiring high Energy prices? If you answered Democrats, you get the prize!

As they say on late-night commercials, "But wait, there's more!" I'd say this fell into the arena of "unintended consequences" for the Democrats and their Energy policy. However, if they are not sharp enough to have seen this sort of thing coming, then they aren't smart enough to trust with taking out the trash. Anyone opposing their strategies has been warning about exactly this sort of thing for years. What thing?

KNS reports there were people at the TVA hearing that spoke in opposition to the increase. Among them was

Bobby Glenn, general manager of a Panasonic electronics facility at Forks of the River Industrial Park in East Knox County, said a recent pattern of increases in electric rates threaten the company’s continued local presence. Three Panasonic facilities employ 300 people. Glenn manages an aluminum foil division that operates a high voltage electroplating operation that supplies process foil for use in capacitors produced in Knoxville and at other plants worldwide.

Previous base rate and fuel-related increases this year have already added $3 million per year to the company’s electricity costs, Glenn said, making the plant less competitive among the Japanese company’s international operations.

“We, as an internationally headquartered company, have to give our top management some view of the future operational costs and profitability at this location, but TVA has not put forth a plan that gives a road map for the future or that gives us any hope that the situation will ever change,” Glen said at the hearing.

The Democrats badly flawed Energy policy now threatens industry and employment in addition to hammering consumer's pocketbooks. A company acknowledges that higher energy costs may force relocation. That means lost jobs, wages, taxes and a host of other consequences that impact "the little guy"; the very people Democrats claim to be defending.

What is it that Democrats expect of the real world? Is TVA supposed to run in the red and lose money when their costs for producing energy skyrocket? They cannot continue to produce power indefinitely if they lose money. Is Business supposed to run in the red and lose money when their costs for consuming energy skyrocket? They cannot continue to produce goods and services indefinitely if they lose money. Are consumers supposed to simply smile and live with choosing between heating their homes and feeding their families as their costs for consuming energy skyrocket?

The media is filled with stories about Consumers, at every level and in every sector, dealing with the problems high energy prices produce. It's time for that same media to add the 'Why' and the "Who' of that debate to the other 3'Ws'. Why does Energy cost so much? Who is preventing common sense, sound Economic principles from being applied to the matter? It's not an effect without an easily identifiable cause. Democrats won't drill. Democrats won't debate. Democrats just shill. They won't even legislate. And you and I are left to pick up the pieces.

Lost in all of this is another question that also needs asking. When some common sense and practical Economics are finally brought to bear on the discussion and Energy prices come back down, will the TVA immediately lower their prices or will they operate under governmental practices which resemble nothing so much as the Ferengi 1st Law of Acquisition, "Once you have their money, you never give it back!"?

Blue Collar Muse

GOP Youth Convention


What are you doing to effect the upcoming election?  Are you a young member of society and you feel like you cannot do anything because you are inexperienced in the political relam or that you do not know where to start.  Well how about you get trained by some of the best grassroots political organizers in the country so that you can go out and truely make a difference in the upcoming election. 

For just $50 you will be able to get this training without missing any school all while in Minneapolis at the Republican National Convention.  That is right just e-mail info@gopyouthconvention.org and join young members of the Republican party from around America as they come together to be trained to be the future grassroots organizers for the GOP. 

I hope that you will all inquire about this wonderful opportunity to help share not just this important election but you to help our wonderful party for years to come.

Thanks, and I hope to see you in Minneapolis.

Bob Corker and Colleagues "Gang" Up on Americans

A friend emailed me about Bob Corker's involvement in the Gang of 10. He asked, "What is Corker doing?" To quote Bob Corker himself, he is doing "...exactly what I came to the Senate to do." To the host of Tennesseans who bemoaned the choice of Corker over Ed Bryant as our Senate choice in 2006, he's doing exactly what we feared. In fairness, for two years Corker has been a pleasant surprise. However, he couldn't have picked a worse time to begin living down to our expectations.

Just like GOP Senators in the Gang of 14 and judicial nominees, Republicans in Energy's Gang of 10 are undermining GOP leadership and strategy. Mitch McConnell and GOP leaders have worked this issue for months with the backing of Republicans and Democrats; legislators and voters. Pressure was mounting on Democrats to surrender their sellout of Americans. Gas and oil prices were falling. Support for Energy Independence via drilling and R&D for alternative and renewable energy sources was growing. It seemed inevitable the GOP would get their vote and sooner rather than later. Now, thanks to meddling by Corker, instead of continuing to exploit flaws in Democratic policies, Senate GOP leaders might be forced to regroup and decide if they can even continue in the face of the Gang's treachery.

Worse is Corker's betrayal of Tennesseans and Americans in general. The Gang's proposals ask for less concessions than GOP leadership would likely have been able to get from the Senate. The Gang does call for drilling. But they accept serious restrictions on drilling the GOP would likely not have needed to give up; restrictions which make the oil produced more expensive. Drilling 50 miles offshore is more expensive than drilling 15 miles offshore. Unmentioned is most oil we already know about is inside the Gang's 50 mile ban meaning more time and expense for exploration.

Then there are the taxes. $84 billion worth. That's what Corker proposes taking from oil companies who successfully find oil outside of 50 miles. It doesn't sound too bad to Americans at their kitchen tables figuring how to pay for fuel. They don't call it a tax and so taxpayers are off the hook, right? In fact it even sounds helpful.

The proposal also seeks to provide tax incentives for converting cars to non-oil fuel sources, including $20 billion for research and development, grants to help U.S. automakers develop alternative fuel vehicles and consumer tax credits for purchase of highly efficient cars.

5 Republicans signed on to this? How exactly will this help Americans pay for fuel anytime soon? What widely available, inexpensive, "non-oil fuel source" currently exists for Americans to convert to? Propane? Driven past a commercial propane station lately?

R&D grants to automakers clearly indicate any benefits are expected to be future ones. Even the current existence of increasingly fuel efficient cars to which proposed tax credits might be applied is misleading. They are brand new cars, not used ones; many sporting new technology making them even more expensive. Corker's plan is to give Americans a $2,500 tax credit, for example, to buy a $25,000 car? This is making things more affordable?

Add to this the plan's call for 85% of cars on the road by 2028 to run on non-petroleum fuel and you see how much this will cost American families already unable to afford $4 gas. Considering there are at least 100 million vehicles now on the road, Americans and American business will have to replace or modify 85 million vehicles in the next 20 years. At $2,500 to $25,000 per vehicle that's a $212.5 billion to $2.125 trillion high drag, low speed burden the Gang imposes on Americans and the American economy in the name of saving us from high prices. It sounds like the joke about buying things one doesn't need because they are on sale and justifying the purchases based on "savings"!

Worse, there won't be any real savings. Adding $84 billion to oil companies' cost of production only means the product produced will cost $84 billion more at the pump. Americans are going to pay more thanks to Corker and the Gang. R&D is fantastic. Even if it takes years to bring something to market, the wait is generally worth it. But at issue is what do Americans do in the meantime? Cheap oil now while we transition is better than expensive oil now until we transition.

The final insult is that oil produced under the Gang's plan cannot be sold outside the US. Democrats have whined for years about losing good jobs and weakening the Economy. Here is an opportunity to create jobs and fuel the Economy and Corker and the Gang won't allow it. Brazil has enjoyed record economic growth and job creation as it has changed from a net oil importer to a net exporter over the last 5 years or so. But for Corker and the Gang, oil production beyond that necessary to eliminate US oil imports cannot be sold on world markets. The jobs, economic growth and general prosperity oil exporting nations enjoy is denied to America and her citizens, corporate and individual.

Thus the next command from government beyond where we drill and where we sell will be how much we produce. Only produce here; only sell there - as if government owned the oil. Couple these restrictions with government requirements that Big Oil finance R&D which makes their product less marketable and you complete the picture of the ignorance the Gang wants foisted on the American public as beneficial. And Bob Corker says this is exactly what he wanted to accomplish in DC. Corker and the Gang would be better advised to join up with their GOP House colleagues' #Don't Go Movement. It provides all the benefits they say they want with none of the drawbacks.

To recap, the R&D the Gang proposes won't be helpful for years. They tease you with tax credits for far off R&D results you'll end up paying for later anyway via the same high prices they claim to be fighting. As beneficial as R&D is for tomorrow, today's prosperity requires inexpensive, readily available oil. The immediate burden of surviving lean R&D years falls on Big Oil. But they must work while prevented from drilling in the best places, selling for the best prices or providing the best wages and profits for Americans; all the while dealing with government imposed reductions on the value of their market and product.

Thanks, Bob! Do us a favor and don't Gang up on us anymore. We can't afford it!

Blue Collar Muse

Bright idea: Senate GOP actually gets behind a winning issue

Ed at Hot Air brought this video to my attention, which features 15 GOP Senators, including Tennessee's Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker, calling on the Democrats for a "balanced energy plan." A great addendum to the House GOP effort, actually.

Here's what I like about this video. It's fast-moving, it's solutions-based, and it's surprisingly Internet savvy for Republican Senators. It's a smart appeal to young voters (the Coldplay song would be passé, except I'll give the GOP a pass because at least it's from this century.), and it doesn't talk down to us. The call for their Democratic colleagues to do something is much more senatorial, which makes sense and bookends the revolutionary air behind the House's Guerrilla Congress.

My only hope is that the GOP in Congress uses this as an opportunity to step out of the way, not try to be too meddlesome like with Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Republicans need to know that what we do best is let the market and the people do their jobs.

 Mike Warren posts at RIght-Wing Vitriol from Vanderbilt University.

Update: Cohen Beats Racist Tinker in Tennessee 9th

Last week I wrote about the Congressional race between Steve Cohen (D, TN) and challenger Nikki Tinker for the Democratic seat in Tennessee's 9th Congressional District. I wondered why Barack Obama had not come out to denounce the racist attacks that Tinker was unleashing on a fellow Democrat.

Of course, the reason Obama didn't attack Tinker for her racist attacks was because she was a black woman and Obama refused to come out against her based on her gender and race (Congressman Cohen is a white, Jew).

The racist Tinker unleashed ads against Cohen that likened him to a KKK member and suggested that he is an apostate Jew. Other Tinker supporters claimed that Cohen couldn't represent them because he was not a black man. She used every racist trick at her disposal to defeat Steve Cohen's reelection effort.

So where was Barack Obama to denounce the racist ads Tinker promulgated on the voting public? No where to be seen until half the voters were already done casting their vote. On the day of the election, Obama belatedly issued this comment:

"These incendiary and personal attacks have no place in our politics, and will do nothing to help the good people of Tennessee. It's time to turn the page on a politics driven by negativity and division so that we can come together to lift up our communities and our country."

Regardless of Obama's tepid reactions, the racist tactics of Nikki Tinker lost... and big.

With 100% of the precincts reporting, the result is a 79% to 19% victory for Steve Cohen. This is a major rejection of Tinker's racist campaign tactics. Tinker heavily lost even the ground she had in the 2006 Primary in which she ran against Cohen, then receiving 25% of the vote. Memphis has a 61% black population.

On Thursday Cohen told the Commercial Appeal that, "The people of Memphis are more sophisticated voters that deal with issues and someone's record and not simply race."

Now, I am no Cohen supporter, to be sure. He is a typical far left Liberal. But, it is still good news that the hatemongering, racism, and sexist attacks that Tinker foisted on Memphis lost her this election. Any day that such tactics can be defeated is a good day. Obama should take notice and stop trying to inject race into his election!

(Photo credit: Memphis Commercial Appeal)

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Union Negotiates UnAmerican Holiday, Dumps Labor Day

A new 5-year contract between workers and the Tyson Foods poultry processing plant in Shelbyville, Tenn. has been negotiated in which the American holiday Labor Day has been eliminated as an official holiday to be replaced by the Muslim holy day Eid al-Fitr

According to a news release from the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union, a new 5-year contract at the plant included the change to accommodate the hundreds of Somali Muslims who work at the plant .

Eid al-Fitr falls on Oct. 1 this year and marks the end of Ramadan.

Every American should be outraged.

First of all, we must realize that this union is only doing exactly what a union does: negotiate for the desires of its members. But, this is the problem inherent in the entire idea of unions. This union has just leant its hand to destroying American culture and supplanting it with a foreign culture. Worse, it is supplanting our American culture with one looking to the destruction of our own. If this sort of thing does not illuminate how unions are not looking out for the best interests of this country, what does?

And it isn't just the holiday switch.

The newspaper also quotes the union as saying two prayer rooms have been created at the Shelbyville Tyson Foods' plant " to allow Muslim workers to pray twice a day and return to work without leaving the plant."

In a day when a culture inimical to our nation is looking for every way it can to destroy us, Tyson Foods and its union have decided to give that culture a way to worm its way into our own. And a union is leading the way to our cultural erosion once again.

In a time of normal, peace loving days, this may not seem to be such a problem. We are not in those days.

Sadly, it is no surprise that a union leads the charge to our destruction.

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The White House is Wrong

Figures - President Bush denies House GOP special session.

I doubt this will have any affect on the House GOP leaders who are continuing their efforts this week from the House floor, but it is somewhat disheartening. The White House claims that there is no point in calling Congress back into session for a bill that the Democrats won't allow an up-down vote on.

The White House is wrong.

The point would be to force televised debate on an issue and shine a light on Pelosi's roadblocking. The point would be to support conservatives in Congress when they need it most. The point would be to align this White House with conservatives and give a badly needed boost to sagging conservative confidence in the Republican Party. The point would be to gain momentum for drilling - just serious discussion about drilling has made oil prices drop slightly, putting us on the road to easing the deathgrip high gas prices have on the nation's economy.

We're fooling ourselves if we don't believe that gas prices have been one of the primary causes for economic worry. And as we enter hurricane season in full force, with tropical storms already aiming dead-on at platforms and refineries in the Gulf, we need to do everything possible to give relief before the worst befalls us once again.

Incidentally, John McCain supports bringing Congress back into session.

Obama's and Media's Silence on Racist Attacks on Tenn. Dem

Barack Obama is again unfairly throwing out the race card at an opponent. This week Obama was warning that his Republican opponents will assault him with racist attacks, but is dropping this warning even though no one has yet done so. On July 30th, Obama said at three different campaign stops in Missouri that McCain and his backers will attack him because he "doesn't look like all those other Presidents on those dollar bills." This isn't the first time that Obama has thrown out the race card at opponents that clearly did not play it first themselves.

For all his own sly use of the race card and his warnings that opponents will use his race against him, Obama claims to stand against racism in this campaign. This is a noble stance to take, naturally. Like Obama, any upstanding American should oppose using race charged attacks in political campaigns. Yet, for all his moralizing on the subject, why is it that Obama is staying silent as members of his own party -- not to mention his own race -- in Tennessee use racial slurs to attack another member of his own party? And why is it that the national media has ignored this story? Perhaps its because the candidate being attacked, Tennessee Congressman Steve Cohen, is not black but is Jewish? And perhaps its because his attackers are members of Tennessee's black religious community? And perhaps it is because the Congressional Black Caucus is funding Cohen's Democratic opponent, Nikki Tinker? And perhaps it is because Tinker is benefiting from this anti-Semitic attack against Cohen? Perhaps the media is hoping to hold out long enough for the issue to go away? And what of Obama?

These are vexing, but telling questions.

Last year, Steve Cohen ran for Tennessee's Ninth Congressional District against Nikki Tinker. During that campaign a black minister named Rev. George Brooks of Murfreesboro, Tenn., began to pass out fliers that told people that "Steve Cohen and the Jews HATE Jesus." Tinker refused to repudiate this flier in her support. At that same time, several other black preachers and ministers also attacked Cohen because he wasn't black. A Rev. Robert Poindexter is reported to have said about Cohen that, "He's not black and he can't represent me, that's just the bottom line."

Both Cohen and Tinker are supporting Barack Obama with Cohen, who came out fast and first in Obama's support, standing as an Obama super delegate. Despite this, Barack Obama has studiously ignored the race in Tennessee's Ninth District.

Neither Cohen nor Tinker expect Obama to weigh in on their particular race. As the Memphis Commercial Appeal reports, "Neither campaign expects Obama to endorse or influence in any other way the primary," and this seems to show that Obama is not willing to forcefully denounce the racist attacks that Cohen has been facing.

As Erick Erickson of RedState said on the 31st:

In Tennessee-9, Barack Obama has remained silent. He could, of course, practice what he preaches. He could transcend race and help the healing. Barack Obama could weigh in publicly for Steve Cohen. Barack Obama could denounce the anti-Semitism and racism (and blatant sexism) being hurled toward a sitting congressman.

Sadly, it looks like Obama is missing a chance, merely for political expediency, to call out real, not imagined or supposed, racist campaign tactics upon which to make a serious stand against racism in campaigns.

On the other hand, Obama himself does not seem to be above injecting race into his campaign. Obama has, of course, slyly used the race card several times in the recent past. Some may recall in January, during the Democratic Primaries, Hillary Clinton gave a clumsy response to a question about Martin Luther king, Jr. and civil rights saying that it took President Lyndon Johnson to finish King's work via legislation. Obama needlessly turned that into some sort of racist attack against himself and icon King. In April, Bill Clinton said that Obama won the South Carolina Primary like Jesse Jackson did decades earlier. Obama tried to turn this into a racist attack, too. Not to mention the March incident where Obama called his own grandmother a "typical white person" insinuating she was a racist and that, in turn, all whites are as well.

In reality, Obama's moralizing has appeared preemptive, not responsive to any attacks on him and has seemed cynical in its use. Still, the possible underhandedness aside, he clearly wants to stand against using racist attacks in this campaign and claims to want to stand up against such stuff. One would think that this example of racist attacks in Tennessee would be a perfect platform for him to make a stand against real racism happening right now. Sadly, Obama stays silent about these hateful actions against Steve Cohen.

Even worse, the national media has sparsely covered these anti-Semitic, racist and sexist attacks against Steve Cohen. Along with Obama, it appears the media is whistling through the graveyard, hoping Tinker will successfully defeat Cohen's bid for reelection and then the whole issue will just go away.

After all, any real nationwide attention on this would force the media to take sides between two Democrats and would also force Barack Obama to either stand up against anti-Semitic racism and against a black female candidate, or stand up for the black, female candidate turning a blind eye to anti-Semitic attacks on Cohen. But, if Barack Obama truly wanted to stand up against racism and if the media truly wanted to see racism attacked where it exists, both would comment on the racist attacks suffered by Democrat Steve Cohen of Tennessee.

Yet all remain mysteriously silent. This is a moral indictment on both the media and Barack Obama.

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Newt Gingrich, Bobby Jindal, Michael Steele Named Co-Chairs of GOP Youth Convention


                                                     Media Contact (202)544-7525 Info@GOPYouthConvention.org                    

WASHINGTON, July 30, 2008 - Today GOP Youth Convention.Org announced that Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, and GOPAC Chair and former Md. Lt Governor Michael Steele will serve as Honorary Co-chairs of its campaign to bring young people to the GOP National Convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

"We are very excited that these outstanding leaders of the Republican Party will co-chair our campaign to bring a new generation of young leaders and volunteers to the GOP Convention in Minneapolis," said Namrata Idnani, a student co-chairman of the group.

In a special program over Labor Day weekend, GOP Youth Convention.Org will offer opportunities for young people from around the country to meet other young leaders, hear from and interact with elected officials, and learn how to be better grassroots organizers and political communicators. Other programs will extend throughout the week of the National Convention

"The new generation of leaders who join us in Minneapolis will experience a historic event: the nomination of John McCain for President of the United States," said Soren Dayton, Director of the GOP Youth Convention.

The group's education and training program will take place at Concordia University in Minneapolis, MN starting on Labor Day weekend and continuing throughout the week of the National Convention through Friday September 5th. An opening "welcome" party will take place at the Hard Rock cafe in Minneapolis during the evening on Friday, August 29. Other social events will continue throughout the Convention week.

Affordable accommodations are available for group participants.

For more information, interested individuals may call the group's office at (202) 544-7525, or visit our website at  www.gopyouthconvention.org


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