Gallup tracking poll tied again - Here's Why


Gallup has shows that the Palin bump has lost momentum and the race is now tied.

Where has the momentum gone? What happened? It seemed like we had Obama on the ropes gasping for air.

It started last week with Lipstickgate. Instead of rising above the fight and playing it off with the humor that has worked so well for McCain thus far they played the victim with a silly web ad. Then came the Charlie Gibson interview, instead of highlighting the good parts and finding ways to help  Sarah the Hockey Mom shine through, all we seemed to be able to do was whine about how unfair the interview was.

In fact that has been our response across the board. Yes the media coverage of Palin has been horrendous. But we have let that dominate our blogging and McCain has tried to play the victim card to win votes.

So all the average voter sees is a bunch of mini scandals about Palin based on half truths and lies.While at the same time all they hear and see from conservatives is complaining about the journalism and blogging about how unfairly we are treated. This does not win votes.

So how do we fix it? I say we first have to ignore Obama. He's going to say what he's going to say. But, as all of us have said, he is an empty suit with lots of baggage. So running against him is just going to go around in circles and get everyone muddy. Yes we can attack him, but we should keep the sarcastic humorous tone that worked so well for McCain before the convention.

Meanwhile Palin and McCain come out hard against the establishment in DC. McCain needs to show his maverick cred and take on the do-nothing congress, the bork barrel spenders and of course now the corrupt CEO's. Palin meanwhile needs to show her stripes, her toughness on corruption and more than anything else she needs to connect as a human and as a mother. The Palin wave was possible because people saw her as a human, someone they could relate too, someone they liked and empathized with.

We need to do three things. Fist have McCain target the DC status quo in a practical and easy to understand manner(financial crisis is a good place to start). Second Palin needs to rise above petty scandals and bad media coverage and connect with people the same way that got her such a high approval rating in Alaska. Third we, as bloggers, need to get back to being positive and having fun, especially when it comes to Palin. She is now the highest profile conservative in the country we have to support her. We do that by balancing our posts in defense of her with ones that explain why she is so great. We have to treat her as more than an excuse to condemn the media.


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Nice post! I thoroughly

Nice post! I thoroughly agree!

The reason the polls are tied

The reason the polls are tied is that McCain's convention bounce is over. McCain will have a hard time selling his "maverick" cred to undecideds because he has been part of the DC status quo and he has supported Bush's agenda WAY too much. This is a liability he can't hide behind. The Republican brand name is trashed right now. It's amazing McCain is even close to Obama.

Palin is a novelty that will wear off. Even conservatives are starting to turn on her lack of qualifications. As more and more stuff comes out about her and her far right agenda, her popularity will wane even more than it has over the past week or so. There has been a -10 point swing in her favorability already.


The genie for McCain is already out of the bottle. He is running a dishonest, sleazy campaign and he is getting backlash for it. Even Karl Rove has had something to say about it. This makes McCains's "Straight Talk" brand name look like another in a long string of lies.