Record number flunks press coverage

According to a new Pew survey, that is. Of course, they don't put that in their actual report, instead you have to go to the complete report and scroll down to page 35 to find out that fully 24% gave press coverage an "F" grade. The previous high was 20% in 2000 after the Florida fiasco. Another 15% gave a "D" grade and 26% said "C".

But there's more. Fully 44% believe that the press did not fairly cover the McCain campaign. This compares with 40% who said the same thing about Bush in 2004 and 35% who said it about Bush in 1992. Even these numbers don't tell the full story though. Just 22% of Republicans thought the press was fair to McCain compared to 40% who thought it was fair to Bush in 2004 (and 67% of Democrats who thought the press was fair to Kerry).

In 1992 73% of Republicans thought Clinton was covered fairly, in 2008 only 48% of them thought Obama was covered fairly.  41% of Republicans thought the press was fair to Bush in 1992.

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Very interesting.  Looking at

Very interesting.  Looking at the numbers on page 24, network tv is the main source of news for only 18% (down from 29% in 2004), cable news for 44% (with Fox and CNN about tied at 20% each), and newspapers for 33% (down from 46% in 2004) behind the internet at 36%.  How the mighty are falling.  Thanks for this information and the link!