Dude, Where's My Health Care Bill?

The Los Angeles Times reports today:

The fate of healthcare legislation turns on the endgame skills of two Democrats who bring vastly different assets to the task: President Obama and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi....Under the Democrats' strategy, the House would pass the Senate's version of the bill. Then both chambers would approve changes under the budget reconciliation process, which could pass the Senate with a simple 51-vote majority. Democrats hope to finish by the end of the month.

 This is a complete delusion. In the immortal words of Jesse Montgomery III, "No and then."

There will never be any reconciliation process. The White House is desperate for any bill to pass so that they can then immediately pivot to anything else (probably jobs). No intelligent person believes, that after the House passes the Senate bill, that there will be any serious push to pass a reconciliation bill. It would be the exact same as completely starting over on health care. And the White House has been very adamant that that is the last thing they plan to do.

The White House is trying to frame this "last" push for health care reform as an up-or-down vote on health care. But we already have an up-or-down vote set up in the House. The Senate is irrelevant. Conservatives shouldn't even entertain the possibility of the Senate passing a reconciliation bill until that bill exists. And right now, it doesn't. Not in the House. Not in the Senate. Nowhere.

So when the President campaign for "his plan" across the country this week, be sure to ask him, "Dude, where's my health care bill?"

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The miracle of the pork spending and the rescue of GM, combined

That's the promise of Government Healthcare laws.

How much has the deficit gone up since Obama was elected? How much has home ownership gone down since Obama has been president? And now he's going to use that same Government knowhow on health care ? I sure hope NOT !
The only Bill scheduled to be voted upon is the 2000 page Senate monster.
So if its so Great a Bill, read it to us, put up a page number on the TOTUS and read the good parts, and quit predicting the future with lies and BS.

And now an AP POLL says ......68 percent say the president and congressional Democrats should keep trying to cut a deal with Republicans rather than pass a bill with no GOP support.
Wow, the president must have sold Bipartisanship to Americans such that they NOW insist upon it in big numbers.
Is anyone in DC listening to the 68 % ?