Super Tuesday - a Mixed Bag for Progressives



I must say I am very dissappointed that Blanche Lincloln survived her primary challenge by Bill Halter in Arkansas.  Labor unions and national progressives like myself wanted to send a message to corporatist Democrats that we are not going to support Republican-lite candidates like Lincoln.  That being said, neither candidate had much of a chance to beat the Republican challenger John Boozman because of the slow economic recovery and right wing leaning trend of the state of Arkansas.

Frankly, I'm not sure yet where I come down on the Arkansas general election.  I definitely won't be sending any money to Lincoln the way I did for Halter.  And I'm not even sure I would bother showing up to vote for her in November if I were a resident?  Is it better for progressives and labor supporters to just stay home and let the Republican have the seat for six years or do we hold our noses and vote for someone who will stab us in the back every time one of her corporate donors says jump?

Also, I'd like to know if Halter is going to challenge the sleazy election rigging that happened at the last minute.  Apparently, in one of Halter's strongholds, Garland county, only 2 of 40 polling places were opened for this runoff.  Keeping most of the polling places closed forced Halter supporters to have to drive much much further and wait for hours in 90+ degree heat.  Basically Halter got "Bubba'd".  It'll be interesting to see what happens there.


I'm kind of sorry that the Sue the-chicken-lady Lowden lost.  That "chickens for checkups" healthcare plan of hers was absolutely hilarious!  The wingnuts in the Nevada state legislature even had to pass a law that people in chicken costumes where not allowed near the polling areas.  Anyway, the teabagger candidate - Sharron Angle, seems to be even nuttier and probably easier to beat for Harry Reid.

Supposedly Angle is either a Scientologist or at least guilty of helping to pass legislation that introduced Scientology programs into Nevada prisons at the taxpayers expense.  Personally I think all religion is absurd, but Scientology is especially bizarre.  Although Mormonism isn't too far behind.

If Angle's Scientology kookiness isn't enough for you Angle has also spoken out strongly against fluoride, the substance known alternately for improving dental health and as a Communist plot to undermine Western democracy.  Seriously, where do the teabaggers get these people?  Some of the other bizarre positions Angle holds are that she supports bringing back prohibition and that doctors need to inform patients that abortion causes breast cancer.  Anyway, it should be fun to watch the Reid campaign eviscerate this wackaloon.

Lastly, the incumbent governor Jim Gibbons lost his primary bid.  This is too bad for the Dems because he would've been fairly easy to defeat.   He had a tabloid personal life, an endless stream of gaffes and questionable appointments, and a lack of engagement even as the economic crisis worsened.


Overall, I think progressives did the best in California.  Meg Whitman had to spend $80 million of her own money to win her primary and says she is willing to spend another $125 million for the priveledge of losing to Jerry Brown in the general for governor.  And the disastrous former CEO of HP, Carly "Carlyfornia" Fiorina, also dipped into her personal fortune (i.e. golden parachute) for the right to square off against Barbara Boxer in the Senate race.  Apparently, Republicans think whoever has the most money, is also the most qualified.

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Spot on.

I'm also a bit disappointed that "birther queen" Orly Taitz (a truer wingnut there may never be) didn't get the Republican nod for CA AG.  That would have provided great Michele Bachmann-like fodder for Democratic campaign ads.  Can't "win" 'em all!

Orly wasn't even close, neither was Olberman or Maddow

All that MSM lame Media assault trying to tie "Orly the Birther" to support a "Republican wingnut profile" was wasted.   Dunn won by 75% of the vote over Orly, wasn't even close.

So take your Tea Party / Republican "Birther" commentary and shuv it.  

By the way, have you seen Obama's birth certificate ?   I hear its an issue and remains hidden, like his College records, grades, etc......Has he got something to hide ?


The Gift

Tea Baggers are the gift that just keeps on giving for the democrats---lol.  I saw something the other day that among independents, the tea baggers are stating to pull some serious negative numbers.  BTW 4skin you might want to get some more tin foil for your hat!!!

How's that "Palin is a Quitter" routine working for you guys ?

Slammin ladies with insults didn't do anything fer ya.

Accusing the Tea Parties as being Racist didn't help ya.

You dems are outta Ammo, and soon you'll be outta office.


Disappointment with Tea Party at all time high...

...according to the most recent poll on the topic.  Can't wait for more:

Figures you're a birther, 4speed.  :rolls eyes:

Desperate propaganda from the State run Media, I like it

WaPo ABC poll, eh.   LOL....They must have called telephone numbers in DC, only.

Shows those guys are trying to Dilute the Tea Party Candidate wins in the Primary, at a time where "its obvious to the most casual observer" of the Primaries, the Tea Party is kicking some Political ass.

Once again, How did that "Palin is a Quitter" propaganda work out for you guys last year ?   Are we seeing the results of that "Media Campaign" ?

Here, Tell Reid about the Tea Party Disappointment

A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Voters in Nevada, taken Wednesday night, shows Angle earning 50% support while Reid picks up 39% of the vote. Five percent (5%) like some other candidate, and six percent (6%) are undecided.

Here, Tell Olympia Snowe about the Tea Part Disappointment

From PPP polling and the Great State of Maine, Oympia Snowe just got a Tea Party Message about her possible future.

That's odd...

...funny that WaPo/ABC polling ranks far higher in pollster rankings than does Rassmussen (the Republican's house polling agency, at this point) or PPP:

I know, you probably think this is propaganda, too.  But those of us who exist in the parallel  rational universe next to your fact-and-data free universe, 4speed, recognize Silver as the Gold Standard (no pun intended, actually) when it comes to polling.

Glad to see you're still completely nuts, though!

What exactly is a "Progressive" anyhow ?

Things are getting progressively worse nationally speaking, and California, the home state of progressives, is going Bankrupt, what kind of progress is that ?

Conservatives go with what has worked before, Progressives are just the latest crop of Experimental Economists that have graduated from Harvard.
I'd rather be called a Red Neck than a Progressive.
Dean2 calls me a birther (I baited him) and that even sounds better than a "Progressive failure".

OK then, Red Neck, if that's what you prefer...

... you said it yourself, so...

In any event, if you want to blatantly ignore the history of the incredibly ill effects that conservative policy has had for this country (and others) and our economy (and others), feel free.  It's laid out in black and white (which is clearly your preference) and plainly disproves your sentiments, but feel free to stand by them.