Clear Out the Deadwood

[Promoted - I think the Right would do well to fix its own house first.  Internicine warfare is unfortunate....and unfortunately necessary.   The GOP needs to clean its own house before it can ever be trusted with the people's House.   That doesn't just mean primarying Republicans, though; it also means Republican Senators and Representatives need to start encouraging and supporting primary challengers.   Until they put their personal political capital behind reform, they're just status quo Republicans - Jon Henke]


The process of truly remaking the GOP into a party that the grassroots can be proud of again requires a step that was more complicated in 2006 when there was still a majority to worry about:  cheering the electoral confrontation of Republican Members of Congress currently doing more harm than good to the conservative cause.

That inevitably becomes a debatable filter and people can disagree about  the primary cause of the party's 2006 losses, ranging from over-spending, the Iraq War, and the stench of assorted scandals.  Regardless of the ultimate ranking of those problems, however, zeal among some significant Republicans in Congress to continue obnoxious spending practices is not only bad policy, it was - and is - a significant annoyance to the conservative grassroots.

As such, it is difficult to do anything but applaud the increasing critical mass in a primary challenge to uber-purveyor of pork, Don Young.  The Club for Growth has its critics on the right at  times given their aggressive efforts in some Republican primary contests.  Yet, their vigorous opposition to Young is a welcome sign in the bigger picture of the spring-cleaning the still needs to occur in the Capitol Hill Republican Caucuses.

Sarah Palin's meteoric rise in national GOP eyes has much to do with her willingness and success in taking on the status quo of the Alaska Republican Party, whose descent in to corruption and pork-barrel dependency is a poster child for much of the recent decline of the Republican brand-name.  Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell's run against Young is but another step in the important process of reversing that trend.

In the long-term, we need more Palins across the country.  And in the short-term we need more Republicans like Young challenged with skill and vigor.  Only once such deeds are accomplished will Republicans on the Hill be able to remake themselves into something truly worth supporting in the aggregate in election cycles to come, long-past this year when John McCain over-performing the GOP brand looks like one of the party's few hopes.

For now, the message is clear regarding Congressman Young and others like him:  Take.  Them.  Out.

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Right ON, Eric.

OMG, I was an IT consultant at Boeing in Tukwila and Bellevue, and yours was like...the only conservative blog I found and regularly enjoyed in the beautiful, gorgeous, much-missed Seattle area.  There was only one other conservative on our entire project, and when the project ended she cried because I was leaving and she wouldn't have anyone to talk to again who didn't hate Bush...ever.  It was so sad!! 

I could not stomach the Seattle P-I and the Seattle Times wasn't much better, but  I'm a huge fan of yours!!  I also loved listening to Life of the Party on the weekends on talk radio.  Wow, I really, really miss Seattle.

I'm thinking positive thoughts daily for Dino Rossi.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this won't be another Sixth Sense election ("I see dead"). 

It's so cool to see you out here, and I hope you will contribute early and often.

Rock on,


Been there. Done that.

Here we go again, the revolving door. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Okay, so you want to change the Republican Party. " In the long-term, we need more Palins across the country.  And in the short-term we need more Republicans like Young challenged with skill and vigor.  Only once such deeds are accomplished will Republicans on the Hill be able to remake themselves into something truly worth supporting in the aggregate in election cycles to come, long-past this year when John McCain over-performing the GOP brand looks like one of the party's few hopes."

Let me save you some time, about three to four decades won't mean a thing if we don't stop supporting Young-type presidential candidates such as John McCain now. It will mean nothing if conservatives simply vote for the candidate with the "R" in front of his name. They need to simply refuse to vote for the non-conservative. As long as the political establishment believes they can get conservatives to support the Republican no matter what they stand for, our values will never ascend. It's as simple as that.

If Club for Growth was really serious about change, it would mount a campaign to consolidate conservatives to pass over voting for John McCain on election day and explain to them why this will be good for the Party's restructuring.

Unless we do this restructuring now, three to four decades from now you will see us right back in the same position as we are today.

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I'm curious.  Who have you voted for in the last several presidential elections....going back to say....Nixon?

Do you support Republicans in congress?  Is your home congressman/senator a Republican?  Do you support them?

Because this is a good question

Republican Congressman: Yes, and I support him. However the Republican who came before him (Katherine Harris) I didn't support. (And no, not because of the election 2000 thing... that was one of the few times in her political Career she ever did something legit and above board)

Republican Senator: No. I didn't vote for Mel Martinez. If you drive around the city of Orlando and Orange county and wonder why the roads are designed like some person having a grand mal seizure drew them on a map it has a very large part to do with the leadership of Mel Martinez. He won because he was a Bush crony and the Spanish Language media talked every Mexican, Puerto Rican, Colombian, Venezualan, and of course cuban in the area to vote for him. Even ones who were against gop issues 9/10 voted for him because he was hispanic and the spanish language media told them to.


During the whole Amnesty Nonsense Mel Martinez's staff was rude, disrespectful and outright nasty to me. I was hung up on several times (before I even got to make my statement.) Mel Martinez voted to support the Cap and trade scam. And he was a terrible RNC chairman. He got where he is because he's a bush crony and I hope he leaves in 2010.

Republican Governor: No, and funny thing is that Charlie Crist had a tough no nonsense Republican Crime fighter rep (think like Eliot Spitzer in New York... but Republican) ran as a moderate Swishy republican (and no thats not a refrence to the fact he is gay... though he may be marrying his beard here soon) and I only voted for some one else because a good friend of mine was running as a Libertarian Canidate for governor. And as a general rule I vote for people who are my friends when running for office unless their politics are insane. Now since Crist has been governor I'm more and more glad I didn't vote for him

McCain is not Don Young

Look, McCain wasn't my first (or second or third) choice for Prez, but he's no Don Young. 

For all his faults, McCain is essentially a clean government guy.  Young isn't.  Ted Stevens isn't.  McCain is actually clean to a fault considering the campaign finance restrictions he has championed.

Having a "clean" party is a necessary (though not sufficient) condition for having anything resembling a reputable conservative party.

How about this election?

If you could convince us all to vote for one candidate, who would it be?

McCain, Obama, Someone else or Not vote at all?

I think everyone here deserves an answer to this question, since we are being forced to listen to your erudite impressions ad nauseam.

seriously, if you can't answer this question, you are just taking up space.

Better to build up than to tear down

We need to build up the base of the party, not tear down the presidential nominee. You know it's a free country, you want to write in Britney Spears for President go right ahead. But time spent whacking McCain is time not spent cleaning out the massive cords of dead wood in DC. Our party is not some "cult of personality" ; if it were we would not all be bemoaning Bush's failures to the extent we have.

The DCCC has a bead on all our bad actors and we can no longer paper over their deficiencies and hope they charm their way back to DC.  Even if we hold the seat, do we want them back all that badly. 

The next GOP congressional caucus will need to play the role of an effective opposition. If Obama wins and the House GOP is still run by likes of Don Young my advise will be to go long on the yen and the yuan, as we will go full bore into a reprise of the economic disaster of the late 1970's.

The puritans in the party ranks ought to consider what a collaborationist DC GOP will do with Obama in office. Which they haven't. Only way to prevent THAT is to remove collaborationists. And the Alaska primary is still game on.  

McCain will bring the party to the left

Apart from the most sophomoric dissertation on how to building a political foundation, allow me to point out that John McCain is, himself, some of the deadwood to which we seek to remove from the conservative wing of the Republican Party. Should he obtain the presidency he will legitimize his brand of neo-republicanism, which when you boil it  down, is nothing but John McCain's own brand of Republicanism, forcing all other fellow Congressional  Republicans in Congress to support his ideology, on the surface anyway,  if for no other reason than brand recognition back home.  Under this scenario,  Club Growth's efforts will be largely minimized in a McCain administration.

However, under an Obama administration, Club Growth's efforts will be seen as establishing a conservative foundation for the Party's eventually return to power.

As I have said before, as conservatives, we have just presided over a span of political history by any measure should have ushered in a fundamental sea-change in American political thought towards the obvious benefits of adopting traditional conservative values to guide this Republic in this democracy. It hasn't.  The question confronting conservatives now is what must we do to bring about real conservative reform in government?

My answer to this question is quite simple...looking back over the past thirty years we conservatives should not have simply voted for the Republican who didn't share our values  but was better than the Democratic opponent. We should have held on to our values and simply not voted for that particular Republican candidate. I know to many in the short run, this sounds counter-productive, but looking back, and taking stock of the longer, wider view, we would have moved our core values ahead in the public consciousness, which is the real key to victory and saving this Republic.

In conclusion, I say to anybody whose real interest is in furthering the conservative agenda, and is interested in enlightening the general voting public to its benefits, please don't support John McCain at the polls on November 4, 2008, but instead, do what Club Growth is doing, support your local conservative members for Congress and where ever else they may ask for your support.

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And the answer is?

According to you, to Not vote in the Presidential election this year. WOW, That sounds just Crazy enough to Work!




It all depends on your goal.

Do you want the guy with the "R" beside his name to win the next election or do you want your Republic guided by strong, fiscally conservative values?.

As I have stated before, our mistake in the past is that we fiscal conservatives have always followed the "R" instead of the values we hold important. In essence, we got what we deserved. It's time to stop this blind support of the political elite and bring true, fiscal conservatism back into its rightful ascendancy.

ex animo


dead wood

time spent whacking McCain is time not spent cleaning out the massive cords of dead wood in DC.


McCain is a fine example of the dead wood which needs to be cleaned out of DC.  And you offer no reason to think otherwise. You might as well have said "time spent whacking Young is time not spent cleaning out the massive cords of dead wood in DC". It would have made as much sense.


puritans in the party ranks

I'm curious to know why opposition to McCain is an example of puitanism, while opposition to Young is not.


It'a also dowright laughable that you describe the Young's of the GOP as "collaborationist". No Republican in DC has collaborated more with the Democrats than has John McCain, and to enact frankly left wing policy goals, from open borders to global warming to speech restrictions to gun control. If we want to purge the "collaborationists" from the party, target number one should be McCain.


Don't bother to even attempt to respond, just insert your usual witless insults about my "medication".

Your message has been received

You hate John McCain more than Barack Obama. And the deceased equine is pummeled yet again 

And John McCain hates us

Because he thinks Democrats and not Republicans will win him this election

Agree 100%.

There actually have been a few bright spots this year for grassroots conservatives.  Tom McClintock defeated Doug Ose for GOP primary in CA-4.  Andy Harris (a CfG backed candidate) unseated liberal Wayne Gilchrest in MD-01, and Steve Pearce defeated moderate Republican Heather Wilson for the GOP nomination for New Mexico senate.  Pearce faces an uphill battle, but Harris and McClintock are expected to win in heavily GOP, conservative districts.

Ethics, Institutions and Party Self-Interest

The problem lies in the fact that nearly every form of effective discipline (and thus getting rid of corrupt members) ends up painting the governing party as corrupt. Congress has no reason to police itself because it only serves to make itself look bad.  What practical steps (that take self-interest into account) can people take to design institutions which avoid this conundrum?

Deeds Not Words

Everybody is in agreement, to one degree or another that the Republican party on the national level needs to return to it's conservative base. What is not occurring is any action or even a coherent plan to facilitate such a move. We also lack a concensus of who we would have lead this movement or if even such a leader is to be found.

We want to start a grassroots movement, one that won't be easily dismissed, to return conservative values to the Republican brand, but so far all we have done is a lot of brainstorming about what we see as the problems with no movement to addressing those issues and therefore no unified message to present to the RNC.

We need to start developing a short list of what we consider to be conservative values. It can be 5 -10 items, think Newt Gingrichs' Contract With America. Then we need a champion. As long as our voices continue to be all across the spectrum with no solutions offered we also will be a part of the problem rather then the solution.


This is a great plan...

....if Obama wins the presidency. It will never see the light of day if McCain wins. So let me put the question in terms many of you may understand: If you had a better than 50/50 chance of fundamentally reforming the Republican Party from the ground up, or having John McCain win the presidential election, which one would you choose?

You can't have both. It's either one or the other one, which one would you choose?

ex animo


We need a plan to gain a voice, to get a candidate

As I have just address this issue, I thought I would re-post here in large measure as it pertains to the issue raised in this thread.

In this regard, the question before us is: Why are conservative Republicans still fighting for our political lives against the ideological left two decades after Reagan vanquished it?

Truth be told, no Republican after Reagen has even remotely remained true to conservative political ideals of limited government as an aspect of personal liberty, not one. Indeed, as we progressed out from Reagen, we find less and less adherence to the conservative ideal, until we are now asked to elect John McCain as our standard bearer. The plain simple truth is, sir; we are fighting for our political lives today because we conservatives have failed to elect conservatives to the presidency. 

Now I don't for one moment think this is due to conservatives simply failing to support conservative candidates at the ballot box. I think, dear Mercutio,  the fault lies squarely at the doorstep of the Republican Party.

My truth is that we should fundamentally reform the Republican Party using the Internet to network all registered Republicans into one single party structure. This would empower "The People" within their own party, which is after all the true raison d' être of the Republican Party, and from whence we have allowed the party to stray so far since Reagen.

There is, of course, one serious drawback to this plan, as a few posters here have pointed out...we can't reform the Republican Party while it successfully elects our presidents, regardless of their left-leaning ideologies. We have to wait until our party is defeated before we can act.

For a more practical approach as to how this can be carried out, you my go to my website at The National Online Party

ex animo


I heartily agree with Grunt ("Just"? "JAG"?).  We've seen a lot of grumbling here, and a lot of "we need to get back to real conservatism!" posts, but not a lot as to what exactly that should mean, and moreover not much as to how to make it happen.  It's not just some random aberration that there's guys like Young -- or, for that matter, McCain -- at the top of the GOP.  There are very strong structural elements to reward politicians of any political stripe for getting cozy with big-time contributors, lobbyists, and so on.  Without a plan to address those structures, all this site can be is a place for collective, and ineffective, venting.

First step

you need to convice people there is a problem. A number of commenters on this site seem to think that the only problem with the party is that it has been too conservative these last several years. In that case, sure, McCain is the answer.



You DARE ax us to answer your question?

HAH!  Listen Davidfarrar, You have not proven yourself worthy of an answer to your question. a Question that just backs YOU further into the corner. 

You need to reach down and grab a pair and tell us about your 'strategery' pertaining to this election. Is it to convince as many of us to Not vote at all? or to vote for Obama? or to write-in someone else? You don't seem to have thought far enough past your broken record thinly veiled support for Ron Paul to give us an answer that you think will fit neatly into what it is you 'Think' you are telling us.

As far as John McCain goes, well fella, if you read his account of his imprisonment in 'Nam and realize what the man managed to pull himself through,
and the time he spent alone with only the burning love of God,Country and Family in his gut to keep himself alive, you may come to the conclusion that the guy Just Might have a grand plan that will serve us all as well as anyone could conceive of.....I would wager that is the case moreso than trusting in any of your 'erudite' impressions of him, the GOP and the people that will exercise their right to VOTE this Novembre.

Whether you agree with davidfarrar or not,

(which I don't on some things because I am voting for McCain), I think he deserves a great deal of credit for taking action toward actually doing something to create a network that will try and move the reform process forward. 

Many of us were attracted to this site because its original mission was supposed to be one of grassroots activism and "changing the GOP".  The Washington Post felt that the GOP Relationship diagram (Tribes of the GOP) was one of the most significant early posts on The Next Right, yet now that I've updated the diagram, alas - it's been pushed into the dustbin of blogging history.  Heh.  Fortunately I did it for my own enlightenment, and it's helping me discover many things about this Grand Old Party that I'd never have guessed - like the fact that Rod Dreher and his Crunchy Cons think they're following Russell Kirk (which may be flawed logic on their part), and that they are completely at odds with free marketers because most of them are Distributists who loathe consumerism.   Check it out and you'll find that there are tons of Idealists, several of whom have roots in Liberalism, and not a whole lot of Realists.  There are so many different flavors of "conservatives" that the word has no distinct meaning any more.  People want to go back to the past, progress into the future, live for today, make plans for the Rapture, live and let live, you-name-it.  It's controlled chaos. 

The thing about that diagram is that if you study it and really get a handle on how diverse this party is, you immediately understand why we are going to continue having all of these disagreements and arguments.  We are not yet ready, willing or able to put principles before personalities.  We don't really know who "we" are any more.  Maybe the key is to stop trying to persuade people to do it our way, and to try listening to them to see what they have to offer.  Maybe there really is a role for people of each tribe, even if it's "loyal opposition".  And in david's case and Sandor's case and Lisa's case and Karasoth's case and so forth and so on, their loyalty is not to McCain, it's to what they define as their core values.  I've written post after post trying to engage people to define their core values, and that effort has been met with practically zero response (present company excepted) and certainly has never been promoted by the moderators.  Why?  It's certainly nothing personal, it's probably because this summer, crafting values, a mission and a message for the Party is an extremely low priority to the moderators compared to beating back the looming threat of Barack Obama who will now be characterized as Sauron from the land of Mordor.

I imagine that the GOP operatives are so frantic to get out the largest possible number of votes for all our candidates in November that reform has dropped by the wayside.  I think everyone is simply overwhelmed by the threat and by the shock of how far we've fallen.  I think the loyal opposition fears that the reform topic won't be revisited at some later date, either - which is why they're adamantly demanding it now

Czar, you seem to be a good person, and perhaps you're even a Navy vet like me.  We can't expect everyone out here to think the way we do about McCain - and even I have my problems with some of his policy positions, but overall I think he's so much better for the country at this stage in our history.  But go look at the Tribes of the GOP and you'll start to understand the scope of what we're dealing with here.  It's HUGE.  It's not going away, and it's not going to be resolved by beating people over the head with our personal tribal ideas.  "Big Tent" doesn't even begin to describe the scope of how diverse this party is, and if some people have to play the role of the party's conscience, I think there is a place in the party for people who disagree with us, and hats off to them for actually acting on their principles.  Personally, I wish we had their votes but I find their stubborn adherence to their conservative idealism to be the squeaky wheel that might just save the party - assuming it can be saved and doesn't end up outflanking the Liberals like the Tories have done to Labour in Great Britain. 

Re: Whether you agree with davidfarrar or not,

The problem here is much bigger than David or David's opposite, whomever that might be.

Many of us were attracted to this site because its original mission was supposed to be one of grassroots activism and "changing the GOP".

So, what happend to that? When I saw your diagram Rebel, I got really excited about this blog. I thought it was going to be something new and different. As you say the diagram is now buried in the site and instead those posting here are fighting the same wars you can see fought and refought on any conservative forum or blog that allows participation. I don't need to come here for that. I already admin a forum where I get all the Republican infighting I can use.

IF the founders of the site really want something different why not try something like forming groups or taskforces, based on the diagram, that could work on solving individual GOP problems.

We don't really know who "we" are any more.

I know who I am and what I want from the Republican Party. The problem is that it's not what the guy in the next group wants.

I've written post after post trying to engage people to define their core values, and that effort has been met with practically zero response (present company excepted) and certainly has never been promoted by the moderators.  Why?

Maybe the original idea of this website could work if each member joined the group that most closely represented his values and worked with other members to figure out how to accomplish the goals of his group and how to bring the groups together.

That's just a little bit of what I think could be done here. Let's see if it interests anyone else.


Have you seen the latest version?

Thanks Lynn and Czar - have you seen the latest version?  Click on it to get a better view in Flickr (you can enlarge it or download it there).  Use it to play with some of those great ideas of yours, Lynn. 

The thing that struck me the most about the tribes is how many current and former capital "L" "Liberals" are potential GOP tribe members.  No wonder so many conservatives freaking out.  It's like the Democratic Party has become the Titanic and the GOP has become the Carpathia, and people are jumping into the lifeboats before the radical Left sink the Dems like a dead weight.  Will youth, black and elite professional voters be able to keep the lights on the Democratic Titanic indefinitely?  Will too many Liberals capsize the GOP lifeboats, drowning out conservative values with moderate/liberal ones?  Will McCain pick Sarah Palin because "The landscape is littered with the bodies of those who have crossed Sarah"?  Those are the great, burning issues of our times. 

Oh, and Czar - Condi looks great in leather and spikes, but "Barracuda Sarah" would be Mike-Huckabee-meets-Chuck-Norris-meets-Sandra-Bullock-in-"Miss-Congeniality".  IMHO, let Condi get back to Stanford and be prepared for Sarah to knock one out of the ballpark. She's the glue that will hold our dysfunctional little family together.  Together, I seriously think that Palin and McCain will square the circles.

Tribes of the GOP


Is all I have to say about this Graphic

Crap, does that mean it doesn't load when you click on it?

Since I'm logged into Flickr, I can click on it when I hover over.  Do me a favor and let me know exactly what it does (or doesn't do) when you click - does it say "image not found" for example?  Maybe I need to look at permissions?


On the other hand,

it's possible that's simply your opinion of my highly professional, interactive graphic!  Heh.  I won't be quitting my day job any time soon.  :-p

Seriously though, if it's broken and invisible, do tell.  :o)

Should have been more clear

I can see the graphic fine (though its readability could be improved) the problem is it buys into a lot of "stinkin thinkin" and creating groups without looking at how the republican party and how these groups have formed. FOR EXAMPLE under political Sciency terms Bush, Reagan, and Goldwater could all be classified as types of Neo-Conservatives (they keep redefining the term which is why I think its dumb and shouldn't be used.) the So called Crunchy Cons represent the same kind of folks who go so consevative into Traditionalism they vote for Pat Buchanon or the Constitution party. Most of Ron Paul's voters were third party people who got roped into the Republican primaries because of ron paul. the "Progressive" Republicans of the TR days don't exist because American politics have undergone two quantum leaps since then


its got a lot of terms in it which are bogus. may be right

in your critique - since history and politics are my hobbies and not my avocations, I must depend on the input of those who are more knowledgeable, and whatever I can glean from my own memory and generally superficial Internet research. 

But I do question lumping Goldwater in with the Neocons, although I believe you are absolutely correct that they influenced both Reagan and Bush.  It's true that Irving Kristol and Norman Podhoretz were propagating neocon ideas as in the mid-20th century, but I don't have any evidence that Goldwater was influenced by Encounter magazine et al.  The fact that he rejected The New Deal and was a long time member of the Conservative Coalition adds to my skepticism.  So let me take it under advisement, and file it for the next iteration, pending additional input.  

I think the original point that was made by Jon about Progressive Republicans is that while American politics have undergone quantum leaps since TR's time, it's possible that John McCain's ideology has not.  Several bloggers on QandO recently discussed their trepidation for "great men" who are inevitably driven to "do great things" and I think that fits the old TR mold. 

As far as your Ron Paul analysis, wouldn't the 3rd party people who voted for Ron Paul be members of the Libertarian Party and Reason Magazine crowd, i.e. paleolibertarians?  I'm not disputing, just verifying.  Keep in mind that my goal is not to represent groups who always register as Republicans, but rather to represent groups who may actually vote Republican in 2008. 

What I was thinking of doing downstream as we learn more is to color-code the groups who are inclining toward McCain vs. those who are less inclined.  So thanks much for the input, I appreciate it.  I'm also glad you can view the graphic - I can't believe how dysfunctional the graphic becomes when it's uploaded into PhotoBucket, Flickr, etc.  I'll have to work on that also.

Re: Have you seen the latest version?

I think so but I've copied it to take a closer look.  The link works for me and I don't have a Flickr account but it's no bigger there. No problem. Being a resourceful conservative I just swiped it and am looking at it in a bigger form now.  I won't do anything to it but look at it. Honest.

Will too many Liberals capsize the GOP lifeboats, drowning out conservative values with moderate/liberal ones?

If they stay they will dilute conservative values unless....we do a much better job of explaining what we believe and why we believe it. I don't know how conservative you are Rebel, so that may or may not seem like a problem to you. At any rate, I think we need to accept and teach, not exclude. Maybe we could even teach a few members of Congress.

IMHO, let Condi get back to Stanford and be prepared for Sarah to knock one out of the ballpark. She's the glue that will hold our dysfunctional little family together.  Together, I seriously think that Palin and McCain will square the circles.

I like what little I've heard about Palin but after reading your comments I see that I definitely need to read more. I would love a female president, or VP, in the mold of Thatcher or Meir.  A take no prisoners, tough and righteous woman. Heck, I'd love a male president in that mold too, if only there was one.








So glad the R&D (Rob & Duplicate) Worked!

Lynn, yer a woman after me own heart - except that I'm a woman and I'm heterosexual, but other than that, well whatever.  There's a nice little piece on RCP today about Sarah by Jack Kelly.

But I think just a plain ole Google search will be sufficient. She's a pro-life Christian reformer who's drop-dead gorgeous and tough as nails while taking on the corrupt GOP in Alaska and winning. She also has a lot more common sense about ANWR than McCain currently does.

I'm a fiscal and defense conservative but I love South Park and Family Guy, and I don't consider myself a social conservative except that I really have a problem with people who abort little tiny babies, especially when they can breathe on their own.  I struggle mightily with whether the government should be in the business of legislating morality, yet I realize that a society without a moral center is effectively doomed to really bad taste and self-gratifying mediocrity, so I'm all for people obtaining some form of ethical and moral education.  I'm not talking about teaching "religion", I'm talking about teaching personal responsibility. 

Speaking of which, there was a really fun story about two little obnoxious teenage thugs who threw a drink back into the drive-through on a young lady who was only trying to serve them ("Fire in the Hole!" it's called) and videotaped it and posted it on YouTube.  The judge didn't sentence them to Juvenile Hall.  Instead, he forced them to make a public apology to the young lady, videotape it, and post it on YouTube.  Now that's the guy I want to be one of the judges McCain appoints to the Supreme Court. 

Fine and well thought out post,GOP

But back to DFarrar,the guy can spend hours lambasting John McCain on this site, and he does, but when it comes to offering an alternative to vote for he simply has no idea except to not vote.

The simple fact is if people took Dfarrar seriously they would simply not vote. What kind of Strategy is that? Not voting does ONE THING. It helps the Other guy get elected.If Electing Obama serves Dfarrars purposes then I just want him to say so. Maybe he wants people to write in Ron Paul as a candidate? Wouldn't actually help Ron P. get elected BUT at least it would lead to a logical conclusion of whatever Dfarrar is attempting to sell to people here.

I'm not telling anyone to vote for McCain, as I am,but I sure as hell am not going to try to convince people to vote for Freakin OBAMA!!! That's a Moonbats Gambit.

GOP and Generosity

The Republican Party is currently the second largest party in United States. With regards to economic policies, they support the idea of individuals being economically responsible for their own actions and decisions. On the other hand, President Obama had singled out Leonard Abbess Jr. because of selling his bank for $60 million and he divided the purchase price among his employees.  It was considered as good deeds. Good deeds are said to be their own reward.  Other people say that good deeds don’t go unpunished.  Regardless, there have been some high profile, and doubtless many that have gone unsung, acts of charity and kindness during this recession. Charity and generosity have been considered among the most desirable virtues since ancient times. The tradition of good deeds is one tradition that should be kept around.