After 2 years of residing with each other, a royal wedding announced

In a comment that has been expected since June, Prince William and Kate Middeton are formally engaged. The royal couple made the announcement though Charles, the Prince of Wales at Clarence House. Spring or summer 2011 is the prepared date for the wedding. The location has already been generally named -- London. Article source - Prince William and Kate Middleton officially announce engagement by Personal Money Store.Prince William and Kate Middleton engaged nowIt has been about eight years since Prince William and Kate Middleton have started their relationship. The couple has been expected to get engaged for a while now even though there was a separation in 2007 for a few months. Permission of Kate Middleton’s father was asked for. Prince William found this necessary. The two were on vacation in Kenya last month where he officially proposed.Royal wedding getting individuals chattingThe second in line to the British throne currently has a royal engagement. Controversy and speculation have come up over this. Kate Middleton is a commoner just like Prince William’s mother Diana was. We wouldn’t say Kate Middleton is middle class either. She is far from it. At the exclusive University of St. Andrews she met Prince William since her parents made millions following founding a mail-order company. There is no steady job that Kate Middleton has been able to keep. This is not like most British women causing her to be criticized.Prince William and Kate Middleton preparing the wedding ceremonyWhile announcing their engagement, Kate Middleton and Prince William said that they plan to wed "next spring or summer.". The couple has been residing with each other for the last few years, and the wedding has been long-discussed. The royal house is fighting over the wedding details supposedly. When and how the engagement would be declared was one of those. For June, Bookies in Britain said the engagement statement would occur. Someone out there is likely making cash off of that one. The newly-wed couple will live in Wales once married. 

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