Foreign Policy Drives Decision to Tap Biden

So Sen. Joe Biden has been tapped as Sen. Barack Obama’s running mate.  Biden is a smart guy but a rather loquacious fellow, which has gotten him in trouble several times.  Clearly, the Obama campaign felt the need to offset Sen. Obama's gross lack of experience on national security and believed that Sen. Biden would do just that.  Sen. Biden is currently the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.  Obama is out of his league on matters of national security, as Sen. Clinton's outstanding 3AM ad highlighted.

The American people want a commander-in-chief they can trust and Sen. McCain is that man.  Sen. Obama's decision was certainly driven by his newfound understanding that he will have to talk about foreign policy over the next two months.     

Hope is Not A Foreign Policy

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SAT Question: Biden to Obama is like.....

Cheney to GW Bush

I'm not sure who is more dangerous: Cheney with a shotgun or Biden with a microphone