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Congressman Don Young (R-Alaska) is facing a challenge and deservedly so. He was a co-sponsor of the Bridge to Nowhere. He also illegally inserted an earmark that benefited a campaign contributor after the bill passed Congress. He became legislator in chief, unconstitutionally adding the Florida-based project to legislation after it was passed by Congress.

Now, we get this. Don Young actually has what he calls an "A-Team" of 8 lobbyists who have Carte Blanche access to anyone in his office. On that list, Rick Alcade, the lobbyist for the illegal earmark Young inserted.

Now, I've got to admit, I was surprised that Young had an A-Team. I actually tend to associate Young more with another TV Character from the same era:




Young is facing a federal investigation and a tough re-election campaign and has spent nearly $900,000 on legal fees from campaign funds. 35 years in power has made Young dangerously arrogant. He is a disgrace to the GOP and Alaska voters have had enough. A recent poll shows Young losing by a 58-38 margin, meaning another Republican Seat would go to the Democrats.

If we want people to trust Republicans again, we need to take action, but what can we do?


Lt. Governor Sean Parnell (R-Alaska), a strong pro-life conservative who is anti-pork against Don Young's proposed gas tax hike is running for Congress. But he needs some help. He doesn't need Don Young's cronies but he does need a Conservative A-Team.


Conservatives across this country who are tired of unethical people like Don Young tarnishing the Republican brand need to stand up and fight for new leadership that's ethical and truly Conservative. Under federal law, you don't have to live in Alaska to pay taxes for the outrageous pork of Don Young nor do you have to live in Alaska to suffer the impact of Young and others like him on the GOP, and you don't have to live in Alaska to give money to Sean Parnell, and I'd encourage you to do so on my Slatecard. You can give as little as $10 to help elect a true conservative.


Then those of you who live in Alaska need to show up on August 26th to vote in the GOP Primary on August 26th.


If we succeed, we'll depose the corrupt incumbent and while Democrats will easily nominate William Jefferson, we'll send a message that we're serious about ethics in Congress, hold the seat in Alaska and be able to get back voters who were trending towards Obama (latest Rasmussen Poll showed McCain only by 4.) We'll be one step closer to building a real conservative majority.



How about you?

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