You can argue with me on this point, but the question remains.

Why has no one asked for Steele's resignation?  Upon reading this story regarding his spending as leader of the GOP establishment, I seriously want to know how this man is still employed. 

With no exceptional leadership qualities, and continual string of Steele-specific faux wonder the GOP is having problems.

I call for new leadership.


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Steele is a token diversity RINO.....

Steele is the answer to the Olbermaniac accusation that the Tea party is all White, so the Republican leadership can deflect any "similar" accusation.
Its all about "Diversity" and deflecting any "Racist" accusations from the Left.
To that end, compared to Howard Dean and the DNC, Steele is a useful Idiot on the RNC side.
The RNC has to plan ahead, who knows, Blue state Maryland could swing to the Republicans with Baltimore homeboy Steele hanging around the halls of the RNC. ?
Its the RNC playing the Race card, before the Democrats can cry Racist.
Think of it this way, what would happen on the alphabet TV networks if Steele was fired ?
As a DC Tea Party sign read during the Million Tea person march on DC in 2009 "It doesn't matter what this sign says, you will call me a Racist".
If Steele is fired, the Dems play the Race card, ad nauseum. Steele has his finger in the Dike.