A visual aid on the Obama jobs record

I considey myself sorta a "shot and a beer" Republican so when I see charts like this from Redstate


I feel compelled to try and provide a better visual idea of the futility to date of Obamanomics

Since February the Obama camp claims to have "saved or created" 100,000 to 150,000 jobs

On the other hand, unemployment is up by over 1.5 million. I suspect that when adds in "discouraged workers" no longer seeking work we are well above that number.

So I think there's about a 1 to 12 ratio of new or saved jobs to lost jobs right about now.

So here's the graphic

Jobs Obama saved Go to fullsize image


Jobs Obama didn't saveGo to fullsize image

Any questions?



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Hey, but now we own

GM, Chrysler, AIG, GMAC . . . we may not have jobs, but we all have stock!

Maybe Obama will nationalize the beer companies. Free Beer=More Votes!


your humor, it hurts...

because it's so true!

I wish we had just nationalized the banks. it would have been cheaper and more efficient.

plus, then we wouldn't have a runaway stock market.

Normal 0 Obama’s


Obama’s constituent are expecting much from him, they believe that he could be the one that could make a big change toward the recovery of America from the catastrophic effect of the global recession. We are aware the recession brought a lot of anxiety and confusion. Unemployment rate was still on the rise. Action must be done before the economy get even worse. Here’s another issue that create anxiety among people, the K Street project. It sounds kind of almost disturbing.  The K Street Project, named for K Street in Washington D.C., is a foundation of Republicans that seek to get most, if not all, lobbying firms to hire mostly registered Republicans to work as lobbyists.  A lot of special interest groups have been put under pressure to hire Republicans over Democrats, in their quest for majority power and instant cash – mostly enormous tax breaks to the richest 1% of Americans and nothing for people who really need it.  The K Street Project has several high profile neo-conservatives tied to it, such as the disgraced former Representative Tom DeLay.  Some would give faxless payday loans to make the K Street Project go away.







Ha ha

Very funny. There is a huge percentage of people that get sick of applying for jobs and decid not to bother any more. They sell the car and buy a motorcycle to save costs and hope like hell that the so called "Job growth" increases some time in the near future.