Chutzpah's reward

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from yesterday's Hartford Courant web site... the Senator expressed anger that Nevada Senator John Ensign would delay the mortgage bailout bill to get his renewable energy bill voted on

On the Senate floor this morning, Dodd again reminded the body that more than 8,000 homeowners are filing foreclosure papers each day. "One United States senator said 'No, I'm sorry, but my bill is more important than the 8,000 of you and the 8,000 yesterday and the 8,000 tomorrow.' ",0,1073019.xmlfeed

o.k. Senator Delay

The 2008 presidential campaign of Christopher Dodd was launched on January 11, 2007 and ended on January 3, 2008 after a sixth place finish in the Iowa caucuses.[1]

How about : One United States senator said 'No, I'm sorry, but my presidential campaign is more important than the 1,300,000 of you last year that expected the Senate Banking Committee to do something about the mortgage mess



Of course, the fact he was in the process of trying to filibuster the FISA spy bill at the same time went unnoticed.....and he had filibustered this bill for the better part of a whole year,,, Evidently Dodd's position on FISA was more important to him than anything his Senate colleagues wanted to accomplish.....narcissism?????....naw....
And why was Dodd putting 300 million Americans in danger by delaying the reauthorization of the FISA spy program....because it would help his failing Presidential

Chris Dodd may have missed crucial stump time in Iowa in order to stage his filibuster of the telcom immunity provision in the FISA bill. But it paid off. Harry Reid pulled the bill on Monday, which counts as a big victory for Dodd. And the netroots rewarded Dodd's efforts with an outpouring of support and activism. According to the Dodd campaign, more than 615,000 emails from more than 11,400 people were sent to other Senators lobbying them to back Dodd on the FISA filibuster. And more than 20,000 comments were posted on supporting his cause. The filibuster also benefitted Dodd's long-shot presidential campaign. According to the campaign, it generated 20,000 new sign-ups and nearly $200,000 in contributions.

(there's another reason that Dodd wanted to screw the telecoms and give the store away to the bankers....the phone guys only anted up $22K for his last campaign
Well, the Senate finally voted on Dodd's filibuster. He got a whopping 15 votes for his position.  I guess 80 of his colleagues want to shred the Constitution
The picture at the top of the post with the geek sticking the ice cream cone into his head...well, that's about as smart as Dodd looks this morning.


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