Did Evan Bayh Brad Ellsworth's HCR vote?

IN Democrat Brad Ellsworth, an ostensibly "conservative" Blue Dog Democrat, opposed the health care bill in November.

Sunday, he was one of the handful of Democrats who switched their vote to yes, providing the decisive margin for passage.


Money talks

Sen. Evan Bayh (D) announced today that he has contributed $1M of his campaign cash to help Rep. Brad Ellsworth (D-IN) succeed him in the Senate. The reward comes just a couple of days after Ellsworth suddenly and unexpectedly announced that he was voting "yes" on the Senate bill.  

I've seen Ellsworth running web ads suggesting we need to elect a "sheriff to the senate" (he had been Sheriff in Evansville before going Washington). Maybe it's time the IN AG, or hmmm. some sheriff, convene a grand jury and depose some witnesses to find out if the old Sheriff is now on the take? It's been atributed to a NH waitress that if the health care bill was any good, people didn;t need to be bribed to vote for it. We've found this bribe. I'm sure there's more where this came from.  And Evan, that's your reputationfor rectititude you smell burning about now 


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Cognitive dissonance much?

Huh?  Bayh is retiring.  I read somewhere he still has something like $15 mil in his reelection account.  Under current law, he can pretty much do whatever he wants with it (except keep the $ for himself).  In what universe is donating to another like minded politician considered bribery?  And a few weeks ago you and the other nutters were celebrating the Supreme Court for ruling that campaign contributions equaled free speech.

Cognitive dissonance much?

Ellsworth wasn't that like minded until $$$ changed hands

 Blago IN style

Firstly, the money is going to the Indiania Democratic Party.

Got a problem with that?

Think he should give it to the Indiana Republican Party instead?

Secondly, I guess your stance is that IOKIYAR?

Politico: Lott contributed unused campaign funds to NRSC amid retirement. Politico reported on February 15 that "as he was leaving office in late 2007, former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott (R-Miss.) had $1.24 million in cash in the bank. He gave $100,000 to the National Republican Senatorial Committee just before exiting the Senate." The Politico article noted that Lott "used the rest of his money to create the New Republican Majority Fund, a leadership PAC, in early '08," which "has since dished out tens of thousands of dollars to GOP candidates, including $30,000 to the National Republican Congressional Committee and another $15,000 to the NRSC."

Did anyone flip their votes based on a Lott donation?

Come back with some evidence Lott bought off someone and you'll have something useful to discuss

Really, Indiana can replace Senator Bayh with Congressman Bought.


I don't know, but I do know that Ellsworth did not "flip"

given that he voted yes on the bill in November.

Something which you and Freddoso somehow fail to mention.