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HAMDEN - A new Quinnipiac University poll shows Connecticut U.S. Sen. Christopher Dodd now trailing former Republican Congressman Rob Simmons and two other possible GOP challengers for the 2010 election.The survey of nearly 2,000 registered voters also shows that Dodd is experiencing his lowest job approval numbers, with only 33 percent approving of the job that he's doing and 58 percent disapproving.Pollster Douglas Schwartz says a 33 percent job approval rating is unheard of for a 30-year incumbent.The poll shows Simmons defeating Dodd by a 50 percent to 34 percent margin. Dodd trails state Sen. Sam Caligiuri (kahl-uh-JER'-ee) 41 percent to 37 percent, and former ambassador Tom Foley 43 percent to 35 percent. 

Poll crosstabs are available here

Dodd is now running at plus 60% unafavorable among independents and in his old congressional district

67% of CT voters do not approve of the job Dodd is doing as chairman of the Banking Committee

He is losing the re-elect question 35% to 59%; with 40% saying they "definitely" will not vote for Dodd. The "definite will not vote" number is now higher than Dodd's re-elect percentage.

Perhaps the most devastating number in the Q poll is this one.

54% of CT voters do not think Dodd is "honest and trustworthy". Only 32% think he is.

 As CT political maven Dean Pagani said in his blog you don;t readily recover from that problem

This may end up not helping the overall cause, as these sorts of poll numbers may cause a "Barry Goldwater" moment in the Democrat caucus directing Dodd to stand down for a less damaged candidate.

Then again, maybe some itchy young Democrats primaries Dodd. We've had THAT in CT, now haven't we.

I think this sign was a very low MoE

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