Joe Lieberman's long goodbye

Tomorrow, a man true to himself calls it a day in elective politics. Joe Lieberman will announce his retirement at the end of this term.

Lieberman is an interesting case for many reasons. In 2006, when the Democratic Party adopted advocacy of military defeat as a campaign platform, Lieberman stood athwart history and said NO.  After his rejection by his party's voters Lieberman took his case to the entire electorate, and won a fairly convincing victory.

We don;t know what the corruptive effect on the Democratic Senate caucus the election of Ned Lamont would have caused. I do know that at a point when the George W. Bush adminstration seemed to have the communication skills of a stump and the fighting skills of Punch Out's Glass Joe. Lieberman carried the cause of seeing Iraq through loudly and proudly.

Now the ride is over. Supposedly Lieberman wanted to run again but found no path. The problem here is the voters may reward a candidate for breaking with one party for one reason, but will not reward zig zagging across the political landscape.   Lieberman's position on health care reform and "climate change" made him unsalable to a Republican primary electorate.

Now the successors are on the way. The persistant and fumbling Susan Bysiewicz has already announced, and the Eddie Haskell of the House, Chris Murphy, is almost sure to follow.  On the Republican side Linda McMahon may have never stopped running. Whether she can run a more focused campaign than one that veered into Vietnam during an economic crisis, and used Hermes clad muffies as spokespeople--well, remain to be seen. Tom Foley, who emerged well liked from the gubernatorial run, and old reliable Rob Simmons are giving the race some thought it is said.

Connecticut 2012 may be a wild ride. But when we're done we will probably miss the adult in the room leaving the stage tomorrow.



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Because banning video games is so adult!

Mr. Morality sure showed us who his friends were.

I'd think a smart business chap like Lamont woulda been just what the Senate really needed.

The reaction, in Connecticut,

The reaction, in Connecticut, to Lieberman's exit is likely to mirror the universal reaction of the sane: good riddance to bad rubbish (polls, for over a year, have had him losing any reelection bid in a massive landslide, which is, of course, why he's leaving).

Gee, now Democrats know how we feel about RINO's

Bottom line is, there's an Independent seat availiable in 2012, or maybe its a Half Democrat seat ?

If the Liberals don't like him, and Lieberman was successful in telling the Democrats to "shuv it" and he got elected anyhow, then he can't be that bad a Senator.   Lets see how he votes in the next 2 years, on his way out the middle door.

Its just a reminder of how "out of sync" the Democrats are with the American People.   Tom Foley should win handily, especially with 2 more years of Obama's record accomplishments on display by 2012.