Mac's Veepstakes: Pawlenty does Stamford

Last night the CT Republicans did their annual big fundraising dinner, the Prescott Bush dinner (named after the President's grandad) down in Stamford

I attended last year's dinner featuring Fred Thompson but family obligations kept me at home last night.  This year's speaker was MN Governor Tim Pawlenty. I've attached accounts of his performance.

"Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty last night encouraged the Republican Party to make itself accessible to working people, once known as Reagan Democrats, and highlighted the differences between John McCain and Barack Obama.

"We have great choice before us as country," Pawlenty said at the annual Prescott Bush Awards Dinner at the Sheraton Hotel on Summer Street. "We are going to pick someone who is the commander of the Free World, if you just looked at the resumes of these two individuals it is not even close."

I havent spoken yet to anyone who saw Pawlenty speak, so I have no idea how well this went over. I thought Fred did well last year, alas his presidential bid failed to capitalize on this.

Whatever Pawlenty's drawbacks, at least he recognizes that the Republican party has largely evolved into a blue collar suburban party, which is more than I can say about most of the Beltway brain trust.  

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