So, how hot is the pot now?

I was forwarded this from a friend on Wall Street. It is from the in-house newsletter his firm's senior analyst circulates.


There can be no explanation other than that the US taxpayer is suffering from boiling frog syndrome. As the old story goes (which is totally fantastic, btw), if you throw a frog into a pot of boiling water, he will immediately leap out. However, if you put a frog into a pot of cool water and gradually turn up the heat, you can cook him alive right before your very eyes. Of course, what this visual suggests is that we are being lulled into a cozy state. (I guess any rebate checks or decreased withholding tax, coupled with the regular excoriation of the rich, backed up with promises to raise taxes on those rotten, earning dirt bags … and on those rotten, earning dirt bags alone … will get an Administration a lotta’ brownie points towards this goal of lulling.) By degrees, we are becoming accustomed to the changes that are being made. And as the water in which we are stewing heats up, I fear some kind of desensitizing is taking hold as well. Unfortunately, we won’t realize until it’s too late, that the continuous installments of increasingly hotter water eventually will cause our demise. What’s particularly galling about our situation is that the changes that are being rammed thru are not even being done all that stealthily. The problem as I see it, though, is that the subject matter is a bit too sophisticated or complex for the average, lazy American to want to lift a finger to either educate himself, or better, put a stop to the madness. 

I presume we want to turn down the thermostat--so what's the plan to cause that to happen, folks?


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I call BS unless you name the "firm".

You want this little rant to have some authority behind it, so you claim that it is the work of a "senior analyst" from a "Wall street firm" writing in the firm's "in-house newsletter". Those phrases generate quite a specific picture - a professional market watcher; a powerful, influential firm; their official, but private worldview.

Well, I'm saying bullshit. This is not the work of such a person, at such a firm, published in such a venue. Not only is analysis crap but the tone is completely wrong. Even for an in-house newsletter you don't call your fellow Americans lazy and imply they are stupid. Not to mention the use of "btw" and "thru"

Prove me wrong - name the firm. If it is what you imply it is (a proper financial institution), I'll go away and never post on this site again.

Until then - this is the work of just another right wing crank who thinks that returning to Clinton-era taxation is the end of the world. I hope the two of you enjoy your next tea party.

The water is getting uncomfortably warm

We are being taken down the path to socialism one step at a time.