Team Obama's new gameplan

Senator Obama has gone to Hawaii to be with his ill grandmother (We wish her well)

Senator Biden has disappeared off the campaign trail. Rumor has it a noted surgeon is busy trying to remove a Florsheim stuck between the Senator's teeth.

Given what's transpired the last few days, perhaps they think silence is golden. In football terms, they are now running the prevent defense

Sitting back in a deep zone usually avoids sudden scoring passes or damaging penalties. But take it from someone who has cringed every time the NY Giants adopt this ploy when they hold a late lead, it's also a great way to lose in the last minute of the game. 

As noted philosopher John Madden once said:. All a prevent defense does is prevent you from winning.

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I'm not watching the game you're watching

I don't see the Obama campaign playing not to lose. They're playing to win. Extending the field, supporting down ticket candidates, driving GOTV, hitting back at McCain/Palin's ever weaker attacks.

There's way too much focus on the principles here at the Next Right and on the campaign for President. The campaign is much bigger than Obama/Biden and McCain/Palin and continues even if Obama has to miss a few events. They're spending $100 million a month on ads and organizing GOTV for pete's sake.

There's a lot at stake below the POTUS level in this election as well. We're going to lose 20+ more seats in the House maybe close to 30. We're going to lose 5+ Senate seats and possibly face a 60 member Democratic caucus in the Senate (that last seems unlikely).

You may find comfort today making a comparison to dumb football tactics, but that comfort is only going to deepen the pain you may feel on November 5th.

Not sure it's inconsistent

The most dangerous part of an automobile is the driver. The Obama campaign has decided to let the car drive itself with their $40 million/week blitz. Can't risk the driver swerving the car.

I am perfectly well prepared for the worst. But we ought to count our blessings whatever Obama and the Dems win will be opaque.


I don't follow...

 What do you mean by this?

...whatever Obama and the Dems win will be opaque.