The Defeat Dodd Derby

This is one of the more intriguing opportunities of 2010. -Patrick

For the first time in a generation, a Republican U.S. Senate nomination in CT might be worth something, as the state GOP has noted there is "blood in the water"  concerning the re-election chances of Senator Chris Dodd (D- Countrywide). 

Indeed the worst thing for CT Republicans would be if Dodd were to pull a "Mark Dayton" and stand down due to abysmal poll numbers  since Dick Blumenthal, the state's extremely popular Attorney General, would probably replace Dodd in the race.

Cahnman evidently caught wind while I was earning a living this afternoon that Larry Kudlow might be interested in running. Well, the field is looking a bit crowded already with Rob Simmons , Sam Caligiuri and Peter Schiff all showing various levels of interest.

I'm not sure Kudlow is a game changer given the credentials of the present possible aspirants. Here's the tale of the tape.

Simmons:  Vietnam War vet and retired CIA officer; turned three term Congressman for Dodd's old House District, the 2nd District. Simmons was a stalwart in bringing home defense dollars and saving the New London sub base. He also did a great job appealing to blue collar voters in rural eastern CT. It is a testament to the 2006 political tsunami that a candidate like Simmons could be beat; but it was by only 83 votes.

Simmons is clearly a strong campaigner. To the extent I can identify downsides they are less than optimal age (67 next year) and having to defend some votes during the GOP control era of the House. 

Caligiuri:  One of the few outspoken CT Republicans on conservative issues, Caligiuri voted against the failed state budget in opposition to Governor Rell. He also is a vocal advocate for long prison terms for repeat violent offenders.  A generation younger than Dodd, he would offer a clear contrast stylistically to Dodd. He also won major kudos early in the decade for assuming the Mayor's office in Waterbury under duress (the incumbent was arrested on child sex charges) and leading the city out of the disaster. That enabled Caligiuri to win a Democrat leaning state senate seat in the absymal environment of 2006.   Caligiuri's one drawback is he is an old ally of ousted CT Governor Rowland; but given that Dodd has his own vacation home scandal.       Dodd may be hestitant to press that line of attack.

Schiff:  Pete Schiff was very prescient as to the dimensions and causes of todays financial meltdown back when other TV financial talking heads were still blowing bubbles. And he is beloved by the Ron Paul fans out there. The problem is that Ron Paul, is , let me be polite, not a mainstream figure in CT political culture.  Schiff's dad is a convicted tax protester; the son seems not to challenge authority in that fashion.  Schiff would easily serve Dodd up as fillets in a TV debate; the problem is Schiff's recent economic outlook might be so gloomy as to turn voters off from both candidates. A good renegade pick, not a safe one. And he's not revved about running yet anyway. 

Where does Kudlow fit in? He is more media savvy that the guys herein; but on economic issues he wasn't as negative as Schiff and won't look as good pointing out Dodd's flaws. On the other hand, Kudlow can attract a broader voting audience and will dominate what little is left of CT's free media.      

Then again, if Dodd's utter financial incompetence is already a known quantity to CT voters maybe a politician with a proven record of getting Democrats and independent voters to support him is the better direction.

Usually the CT Republicans have to beat the bushes to find candidates; now they are coming out of the woodwork. Times have changed.  


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"Times have changed"

Obama laid his cards on the table this week, and we're all in.  However, that "little speech he gave in 2009" has caused times to change so much that for the first time in my entire life, I've seen the one thing I never thought I'd witness:  Conservatives hit the streets en masse today to protest this government's economic policies. 

This unlikely possibility was launched on Kudlow's network thanks to his colleague Santelli, and it's been gathering momentum ever since Santelli's rant.  It seems that mainstream media is not really covering the news of today's momentous protests, except for Greta Van Susteren on Fox News, but you can get a feel for the strength and numbers involved at Michelle Malkin's post The Tea Party Photo Album: Fiscal Responsibility is the New Counterculture

Kudlow has the bully pulpit on CNBC, which is the network of choice on all the trading floors, and it's also the network of choice of mid-level to high-echelon corporate executives (ours has it going all day long on the big-ass HP widescreen monitors behind their Administrative Assistants' desks).  Whether Kudlow does or does not win, this is going to be a battle of liberal, social democratic, Keynesian philosophy versus fiscally conservative free market economics and I'm gonna love it. 

Do Republicans hate America and it's democracy?


It sure seems like extreme republicans are frothing at the mouth like mad dogs because democracy has not turned out to be in their favor. What is emerging from the republican party is a hate filled group of nut bags like; Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Larry Kudlow and the list goes on. If republicans can’t control the world they will use a “Scorched Earth” tactic  to destroy America because they are not in power. How sad that a month into a new presidency after 8 years of abject failure the republicans are running around yelling socialism and deficits as if somehow Bush’s larger government and 4 trillion of additional national debt did not really happen. LOL---those crafty democrats made us do those bad things—it’s not us they tricked us again!!!!! 

But let us no dwell on the easy stuff. 
1.     How about giving Obama two years to try to fix the mess of the last 8 years. He inherited this mess he did not create it!  Give him the opportunity to succeed! Try to be a good American not a good republican!   
2.     Adding 4 trillion to the debt under good economic times is different then adding to the debt to keep us out of a full blown depression.
3.      It is interesting that everyone is yelling about Obama’s budget but where were the crazy republicans  when Bush put out his 2009 budget of 3.1 trillion. If you add in the off budget cost of the wars and emergency spending the 2009 budget would be 3.4 trillion. Now compare that to Obama’s  2010 budget of 3.6 trillion that includes the wars and emergency spending. Hmmm----an increase of  just under 6%.  Really the way the republicans are going on you would think that this is a lot differ from the bush years—but noooooo infact the bush years good and bad averaged over 6% increases and that is with keeping  a lot of spending off budget. What a bunch of hypocrites---again honesty is not the republican’s strong suit.
Please---Kudlow is a political hack, and if anyone follows him they know that he has been wrong on almost all economic indicator that he has been prognosticating about. In a recent article that was discussing the economy they made a funny reference to Kudlow; he knows everything except economics and financial markets.  I sure hope he goes for political office and is replaced on CNBC by someone who has a real understanding of finance and economics.  



You think the Chris Dodd deserves to be re-elected after what he did to this economy during the Bush adminstration?

Frankly, even if he and Obama did everything right from this point forward Dodd's previous record of astonishing incompetence and self-dealing ought to cause voters of all ideological stripes to seek any plausible alternative available.  Maybe Obama would get better results with a  hmmm...competent chairman of the Senate Banking Committee?. As an American, we all should hope for that at least. 

GTS, democracy in this country doesn't mean "we won an election: dissent is over".   I thought dissent was the highest form of patriotism, and dammit, I'm very , very patriotic about my right to criticise Chris Dodd.

By which ruler do you measure Kudlow with the likes of Coulter?

For all your concerns about his economic prognostication errors, Larry Kudlow does not trade in the outrageousness that characterizes Coulter and Limbaugh.  I think Hannity tries to be more politic and civil in his discourse, but what you think any of them have to do with Kudlow is beyond me except that they all vote Republican.

I'll not defend Republican outrageousness, but with some of the folks on the Left who are competing in the outrageous arena, it's a rather ironic attack premise.  Bottom line, regardless of whether I'd want to have a brew and watch football with any of these characters, I'd trust all of them with spending my tax dollars more than I would Chris "Friend of Angelo" Dodd. 

Hey, I like Larry Kudlow

I'm just not sold he's a better candidate than Rob Simmons or Sam Caligiuri

Heh...neither am I

I only know how much fun it would be to see him run - and not because he's an outrageous personality who's offensive to liberals like Coulter (seriously, I do not like that at all), but because he's a smart free marketer and the times call for someone to provide a good defense of ethical capitalism. 

To be honest, I'd really miss him if he left CNBC. I might have to become a virtual Connectican.