The Palin demographic: "Winchester Women"

In thinking about the Palin pick, I was thinking that there is a demographic group out there which has been often overlooked by political strategists, but which she is pretty much a "bulls eye" for.

I've seen women voters categorized as feminists, soccer moms, et al. But much of this description seems frankly, too "pink" for a large segment of today's women voters.

I'm thinking about woman entrepeneurs, woman blue collar tradespeople, female hard rock fans, woman bikers, and sportswomen. Girls who listen to country artists like Gretchen Wilson or Carrie Underwood who certainly don't "stand by their man" in their songs.

For some reason, I've seen a lot of pickups with door signs identifying a woman proprietor, and I'm not sure Wellesley grad Hillary Clinton is really her role model. These folks are post-feminist in that regard and distant from yuppie society.

I think there is a great opportunity for the Republicans to lock in a new demographic group "Winchester Women"---self-reliant rural/exurban women under 50---due to the Sarah Palin pick.  

Think the spouses of last cycle's "Nascar Dads". I suspect that this group had heavy voter falloff from '04 to '06, but has the possibility to exceed the Bush percentage this year if properly motivated.

The Obama camp may have already started on helping us out, as attacks on Palin's experience and zip code are going to come off haughty and elitist to these voters. 

I imagine the RNC has already focus grouped and polled this demographic. If not . they should, since I think reliance on sisterly solidarity with a wronged Senator Clinton might miss the mark for these voters. 


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Don Surber "gets it"

Though I think we might want to be a little less direct on the "redneck" label since we can't get smoked in  more yuppie places like Oakland Co. MI  or Montgomery Co. PA

I might suggest this woman might work a little bit better as a "role model"


She is a devout Christian while obviously being a rather successful working mother.