This guy wants to tell CT 5 who to vote for

This is not an extra from The Sopranos

This is Chris Murphy's campaign manager Kenny Curran.

Who is Kenny Curran? Well he was the highly paid campaign manager for corrupt Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez

Perez, for those unfamiliar with CT politics, was a supposedly reformed street gang leader who climbed the rungs of Hartford Democratic politics and attained the Mayor's office. Along the way he decided white collar crime was more his style and got free home improvements from city contractors; as well as orchestrating shakedown schemes to enrich political allies.

Ken Curran knew those political allies. He managed Perez's re-election campaign. He ran an expensive race ( well over $515,000 in a city of barely over 100,000 residents)  funded by special interests that successfully got a plurality of Hartford residents to decide Perez was honest and effective enough to warrant re-election as Mayor. Perhaps part of this success was due to the massive use of "street money" on election day? Hmmm... But why did the street money work?

Because Kenny Curran set out to smear Perez's opponent with false charges; alleging he was responsible for actions that occurred long after former city official I. Charles Matthews left office.

Here's what Matthews said, pointing out Perez had originally promised to run a clean campaign,   "But these attack ads are not just misleading," he said. "They are outright lies."

So let's see. Chris Murphy hires a guy to run his campaign who re-elected a corrupt politician by specialized in sleazy tactics and lying. Surely Murphy is above that?

Yeah, then why did he accept the nomination of the ACORN front Working Families Party, the alter ego of the SEIU?  One goon likes the others? 

And why is Curran already trashing Republican Sam Caligiuri?

The point is Kenny Curran only knows sleazy goon politics. It's how he got Eddie Perez re-elected. It's how he plans to keep Chris Murphy in office. And Chris Murphy has embraced this by hiring Curran to run his own campaign.

Hey if Kenny Curran could convince Hartford voters Eddie Perez was honest maybe the idea is he can convince 5th District voters Chris Murphy is fiscally responsible.  

Kenny Curran's old mentor gets sentenced this morning on his corruption conviction. Wonder if Kenny has the cojones to be in the courtroom this morning to see if his old boss gets the 55 years he could receive?

Probably not. It's not the way bullies operate.

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