well, the GOP nomination for NY 29 just got a lot more valuable

Not sure if I were holding a "right wing, Republican district" if I'd go outside my district and tell a bunch of left wing activists I'd "vote against my district" on single payer health care; especially if I were a freshman Democrat like Eric Massa.  

Apart from admitting the Town Halls are killing the move towards socialized medicine, this is nasty toxic  Hey, telling the truth on that point might get you support in the Southern Tier.

Hopefully, we will do better than running another Randy Kuhl, a careerist underachiever  with personal issues who couldn't exceed 51.5% in three tries in a district drawn to favor Republicans.


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Rep Massa, future dKos guest blogger

Rep Massa  is free to vote against his district ... and his district is free to vote against him.

If his real desire is to represent leftwing bloggers instead of constituents, I'm sure that after he is fired by the voters in Nov 2010 he can get a gig as a guest dKos blogger.