Why must Charles Grassley play Colonel Nicholson in this "compromise" movie?

I suppose it's my turn to once again play the same part as William Holden.

Sadly, our own Republican Senators are trying to save the bacon of the Democrats who have cobbled together a blindingly incoherent, unaffordable and unpopular excuse for a health care reform bill.

It makes as much sense as the British Colonel in Bridge on the River Kwai making sure the Japanese army had the best bridge possible. All doing a good job for the Democrats and saving their bill  is to give them something to show for their extravagant campaign promises.

And folks, weren;t we told rather unequivocally "I won ". Good. It's all yours then. You got your 60 votes. Do something with them.

OK, I know about "bipartisanship" and "good government", but folks, we will really get neither until we finally cause the Obama agenda to hit one big pothole that causes them to stop, look and listen.  Grease the skids on this one and theyll be on to the next extravaganza.

And frankly, right now the Republicans who cooperate are like caddies.  Sure they can recommend what club to use and where to aim; but if the shot works the Democrats get all the credit. If it doesn't, our side will be blamed for suggesting "the wrong club". "We would've had a great public option but for those clueless Republicans who stopped us."   All pain, no gain.

And after all, we are trusting the health of our families to the exact same people who ruined our financial system.

We've done a great job of putting the fear of political oblivion into the Blue Dogs and the Cap & Tr8ers. What do we do to get the same results with Senator Grassley?  


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