Right Wing Terrorist Act Condemned By Sarah Palin And Other Conservatives

While it might aggravate some readers on the left, I do try to quote conservatives when they are making sense. Perhaps I have a fantasy that such positive reinforcement will contribute to improving the sanity of the right wing. In that vein I quoted from Dick Cheney in my previous post. It is often the case that I can find material to quote from most politicians that I both agree with and disagree with, I’m not sure that I ever posted anything from Sarah Palin which I agreed with. Finally I found something worthwhile:

“I feel sorrow for the Tiller family. I respect the sanctity of life and the tragedy that took place today in Kansas clearly violates respect for life. This murder also damages the positive message of life, for the unborn, and for those living. Ask yourself, ‘What will those who have not yet decided personally where they stand on this issue take away from today’s event in Kansas?’ Regardless of my strong objection to Dr. Tiller’s abortion practices, violence is never an answer in advancing the pro-life message.”

Along similar lines, TeamSarah.org founder and Susan B. Anthony List President Marjorie Dannenfelser released the following statement about the killing yesterday:

“The Susan B. Anthony List condemns this anti-life act in the strongest of terms. The heart of the pro-life movement is one founded in love. Without this driving powerful center no justice can possibly be achieved.  Authentic progress in women’s rights has always encompassed the protection of human rights of every person across the board. The rights of one human being can never be honored by diminishing or ignoring the rights of another. This week as we gather for our annual June Tea event, themed Love Lets Live, we will lift up George Tiller’s loved ones in prayer.”

As I noted previously, there has been both unfortunate support from some on the right as well as opposition from others for this act of right wing terrorism. The blogosphere, especially in the comments, can easily amplify the views of a noisy minority and hopefully the comments supporting this type of terrorism do represent a tiny minority on the right.

Some additional sane views from the right on this issue, with Allahpundit followed by Ed Morrissey at Hot Air:

I could say there are no Bill Ayers types on our side, but I can’t; I wish I could say there are no right-wing nutroots degenerates online cheering them on, but I can’t say that either. As for those who condemn the murder while merrily hoping that he’s burning in hell, let a poor confused atheist ask you this: Isn’t the proper Christian response to any death to pray that God will have mercy on a flawed, fallible sinner, who’s now at last seen the error of his ways? Tiller might have changed his mind about abortion and repented in years to come but his killer’s deprived him of the chance. No prayers that God will take that into consideration?–Allahpundit

The murder of George Tiller at his church is a heinous crime, without any sense or justice. Regardless of how one feels about George Tiller’s profession, his murderer is nothing more than a domestic terrorist — someone attempting to impose by force a policy that one cannot get in place through democratic means. Tiller’s killer is no better than William Ayers, Kathleen Soliah, and Eric Rudolph, people who attempted to use violence for their extremist ends. Those who value life know that murder is the antithesis of the pro-life movement.–Ed Morrissey

The far right wing ties of the accused killer have been revealed today. While many conservatives are condemning this, there continues to be signs of support from some on the right.  Right Wing Watch has video and text on Randall Terry’s  press conference at the National Press Club “to discuss how the pro-life movement should deal with Dr. [George] Tiller’s death” and defend his statement that Tiller essentially deserved to die because he was a “mass-murder.”

While there have been far more vile responses from some on the right who have condoned this act of terrorism (which I won’t bother to give any publicity to) one of the more absurd arguments has been that this coverage given to right wing terrorism somehow justifies the bizzare reaction on the right to the report from the Department of Homeland Security on right wing terrorism. This act actually verifies the fact that right wing terrorism is a real problem, with this being only one example. This demonstrates that the Department of Homeland Security had reason to prepare a report on right wing terrorism. Of course conservatives who are bringing up the report ignore the facts that DHS prepared reports on both far left and far right wing terrorism, and that the recently declassified reports were prepared by a Bush appointee.


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thanks, sort of

First, thank you for actually pointing out that there is more than just token condemnation from the right for these terrorist acts.  Although, to be honest, I still think you frame the issue with equivocation, implying that there's "some" support but "some" condemnation as well.  There is about 99.9% condemnation from the right of this act of terrorism.  You cannot ask for better than that.

But my real question concerns this statement of yours:

While it might aggravate some readers on the left, I do try to quote conservatives when they are making sense. Perhaps I have a fantasy that such positive reinforcement will contribute to improving the sanity of the right wing.

Do you realize how insulting and condescending you sound when you type this?  Why do you think we need your "help" to "improve" our sanity?  What exactly do you think the response would be if I went to Daily Kos and stated "I will quote liberals when they make sense, in the hopes that I can improve the sanity of the left-wing"?  Really now.

And of course we have an act of left wing terrorism

in the shooting of two military recruiters in Arkansas, resulting in one death.

I'm sure our commander -in -chief will be condeming this act soon . . .so I'm giving him credit now . . .

The left's war on recruiters has been ongoing:


Lonestar Bill = Michelle Malkin

Wonder how malkin is going to spin this?

It doesn't sound like that guy is very liberal and that's who she was blaming earlier today in her rage filled rant. She can always fall back on her hatred of jihadists, but it doesn't fit into her current rage fueled by yesterday's event and the emmmesssemmm reaction to it.

Teh Muslins are coming! Teh Muslins are coming!Yadayadayada, same old same old, 9/11, bloody borders, etc. But we never see good ole' fashioned Jeebus people doing such things. Oh lordy!

She, like Lonestar Bill, has got to be relieved that it wasn't one of  her wingnuts.   Two in row and her head may have exploded.

She,after posting dozens of links to "supected leftist terrorist attacks":

President Obama issued a statement yesterday after Tiller’s murder: "However profound our differences as Americans over difficult issues such as abortion, they cannot be resolved by heinous acts of violence."

I hope he will be just as vociferous in condemning heinous acts of violence against our military recruiters. Too early to say anything about suspect, motives, etc. But these facts are worth bearing in mind:

Flashback: Special report: Tracing the Left’s escalating war on military recruiters

Flashback: The continuing war on recruiters that the Left doesn’t want to talk about

Flashback: Document drop: Unclassified memo warns military personnel of anti-war threats to recruiters, Army installations/facilities

Flashback: Bastards: Vandals strike at Berkeley Marine recruiting center again

Flashback: Explosion at Times Square recruiting station; Update: Bloomberg blasts the blast; Update: Security video released; Update: House Dems received letters, photo of recruitment center; Fox reports maybe more than 8 received letters; AP says manifesto was anti-Iraq war screed, "Happy New Year, We did it;" Newsday: At least 10 got the package


Only had this to say:

***11pm Eastern update: No condemnation from the White House yet.  

Wow, that Malkin is one intrepid investigative reporter! Jimmy Olsen better watch out!


Teh Muslins are coming! Teh

Teh Muslins are coming! Teh Muslins are coming!Yadayadayada, same old same old, 9/11, bloody borders, etc. But we never see good ole' fashioned Jeebus people doing such things. Oh lordy!

Thanks for the insight.

What "War?"

The left's war on recruiters has been ongoing:

I think you need to clarify that the Little Rock shooter was not a "liberal" in any accepted sense of the word.  As a Muslim, doesn't he fit the profile of a religious fanatic upset about US conflict with Muslim nations rather than that of a  tree-hugger?  Perhaps you remember that bin Laden's terror campaign began with his displeasure over "infidel" US troops being stationed in his country, so this response may be an extension of that.

As the owner of an assault weapon, he is DEFINITELY outside the liberal gun-grabbing camp.

I would guess that the shooter was more incensed over reports of torture of fellow Muslims at Gitmo than he was about a liberal cause such as Global Warming or Rush Limbaugh's most recent embarrassment..

Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't most liberal protest against recruiters consist of protected speech and non-lethal crimes of vandalism?  Has there been a prominent liberal TV pundit suggesting to his/her viewers that recruiters are mass-murderers and the pundit "...would like to get his hands on them, whoops, just a figure of speech, folks, I'm a blowhard coward and I wouldn't do anything like that?"  Are there multiple incidents of physical threats, injuries and murder against recruiters by self-identified liberals?  Are there multiple national liberal organizations whose only goal is to prevent recruiting?  Do their spokespeople get lots of airtime to denounce recruiting and recruiters, even though recruiting is a fully legal act?

Gosh, no.

Your comment about liberals and a "war on recruiters" does not have anything to do wth the Little Rock incident.  Why did you bring it up?

To recap: Liberal terrorists are primarily vandals who destroy property and lose battles with riot police.  Right-wing terrorists kill and hurt targeted people.  It's not equivalent.

Only a sophist

Only a sophist would claim this is "right-wing terror." This scum bag was a lone actor and a single issue nut, not a member of "the right" that wanted the right's ideas put in place. He is no more a universal member of "the right" than Lee Harvey Oswlad was of "the left" or Charles Manson was of "the Hippies," or any number of lone  psychos are representative of the "side" that some claimed they represented.

It's too bad that this site, one that was supposed to be a place for the right to discuss its issues amongst itself, has been inundated with half-wit ,lefty trolls. Any promise this site ever had has evaporated as a result.

It's too bad that this site,

It's too bad that this site, one that was supposed to be a place for the right to discuss its issues amongst itself, has been inundated with half-wit ,lefty trolls. Any promise this site ever had has evaporated as a result.

True, true, true. The comment sections here are awful. So are many of the blog posts (outside of those by Henke, Dayton, and Ruffini, among with some of the other bloggers).


Re: It's too bad this site,

The trolls, the spammers, and possibly the mobys are fully exploiting the leniency of this site.  I'm sure the purpose is to drive conservatives away from here... and stunt the purpose of the NR entirely.

I can see how the site owners would be torn because clicks may equal ad revenue.

Good for them, annoying for us.

Too bad indeed

It wouldn't be so bad if our leftist interlopers would actually stop to read what we write and think about it for a moment or two.  Instead they seem intent to "teach us conservatives a lesson".  If I wanted a lesson in liberalism, I would read New Republic or visit Daily Kos for lessons.  I don't because I'm confident in my conservatism and I don't need anyone lecturing me on how my belief system is somehow "wrong".  I don't mind having a spirited argument with anyone.  But it's impossible to have any sort of argument with anyone when their only response is "you're wrong you're wrong you're wrong".

I think that most liberals

I think that most liberals differentiate between right wing extremists who use violence and the vast majority of conservatives who do not engage in such action.

It didn’t help the right to see some conservative blogs get flooded with comments in support of such violence, but as I noted in the post, blog comments can easily amplify the views of a small minority. I also note that some of the conservative bloggers are quite frustrated with receiving comments in support of violence.