Demand Question Time

 As a signatory to the Demand Question Time petition, I urge you all to sign up and spread the message.  It is being heard by the White House and Congress. Our politics would be healthier if politicians got to ask, and answer, questions with less mediation, less theatrics, less stagecraft and less sloganeering.  Sign the petition and ask them to do it.

Demand Question Time

Mindy Finn and David Corn discussing Demand Question Time on Hardball last night. 

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UPDATE: Note which party is willing to have a more candid, public, unmediated debate.  And which is not.

Democrats were thrilled with President Barack Obama's performance at last week's question-and-answer session with the House GOP, but it's the Republicans — not the White House — who are embracing a call to make question time a regular part of American political life.


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Based upon history, performance, Why ?

"less theatrics, less stagecraft and less sloganeering"............."demand questioning"

The constant Promise of C-Span Transparency was false.  Why would you want to start a conversation with a known Liar ?  Obama does not have an Input buffer.

Give and take stopped with Obama's answer in Baltimore at the GOP retreat....Obama has reviewed and "Rejected" all the Republican proposals on healthcare.

Hoax and Chains ?   After 13 months, we're sorta beyond a casual conversation, we the People are still counting the lies and deceit.  Fact check would also have to participate in any exchange.   Not for the GOP, but for Obama and his baseline lies and all the insurmountable problems  poor ole Obama inherited from Gearge Bush.  

Obama has blamed Bush, hasn't he ?  Yeah, I thought I heard that once.  Who wants to sit down with Obama  ?  

Hell, we should start an Exchange with George Bush and tell George to STOP !

Now why do you suppose R's want to do this again?

Note which party is willing to have a more candid, public, unmediated debate.  And which is not.


Hey Jon, you forgot the first line from the article in your blockquote.


"House Republicans want a rematch."


I noted which party got its asses handed to them.  Btw, i signed it.  I'd love to see that every other month.




I thought both Obama and House Republicans came out of it well.

Mass. and Brown made Baltimore happen with RNC and "O"

Scott Brown is the ONLY reason any Obama reaching out/discussion to republicans would be happening, or even being considered.   Its probably a cover up for the C-Span be referenced by Bagdad Bob Gibbs when he is questioned about "Transparency and openess" again in a press conference.

By the way, How long has it been since a Presidential Press Conference ?

I think Congress should make it law, that Obama has to Campaign in person for every Democrat running for office this year. 

Which party is willing to have a more candid, public...

The proper answer to that question is: the party not in power. It always has been.

The problem with these things is that the "questions" become political stump speeches full of straw-man arguments that ask some type of "gotcha" question through framing that makes only black or white answers acceptable, when the answer is a shade of gray. Even in the very example used in this post, there was an abuse of the question asking privilege by someone who would rather make a stump speech followed by a loaded question at the end. To put it not-so-subtly, how long would it take for this to become a political feces flinging competition? I'd give it until the second question. Any congress that doesn't have enough restraint to keep from yelling "you lie" during a speech clearly doesn't have enough respect to carry on an informative question and answer session. Until we have a congress that acts like adults who want to come to a consensus and are genuinely curious about their oppositions' viewpoints and how to address all sides' concerns, it's nice in theory, but will never work in practice.

Note which party is willing

Note which party is willing to have a more candid, public, unmediated debate.  And which is not.

Which party, indeed. Obama just invited the Republicans to a long, publicly broadcast health-care forum Q&A; the Republican response, so far, has been to pooh-pooh it as pointless, on the one hand, and make, as a condition for participating, a lot of demands Obama can't meet--a pretext for simply refusing the participate, and nothing more. To be honest, I thought they'd jump at the chance after all their very loud mouthing, but I suppose their reluctance is well-advised (from their point of view) after the brutal drubbing he handed out to them at the retreat.

Drubbing eh ? here is an excerpt

here is an example of "Dodgeball" and Stuttering ......

CONGRESSMAN PRICE: And so, rest assured the summary document you received is backed up by precisely the kind of detailed legislation that Speaker Pelosi and your administration have been busy ignoring for 12 months.
THE PRESIDENT: Well, Mike -- well, hold on, hold on a second. No, no, no, no. Hold on a second, guys. (Applause.)
You know, Mike, I've read your legislation. I mean, I take a look at this stuff -- and the good ideas we take. But here's -- here's the thing -- here's the thing that I guess all of us have to be mindful of, it can't be all or nothing, one way or the other. And what I mean by that is this: If we put together a stimulus package in which a third of it are tax cuts that normally you guys would support, and support for states and the unemployed, and helping people stay on COBRA that your governors certainly would support -- Democrat or a Republican; and then you've got some infrastructure, and maybe there's some things in there that you don't like in terms of infrastructure..........BLAH..BLAH...BLAH....

geez, what a Dufus....acknowledge the Truth of Ignoring Republicans or shutup BHOle.