Fight for the Right: WorldNetDaily Update

The RNC still has not responded to my questions about whether they will continue associating with the conspiracy peddlers at WorldNetDaily.  That's disappointing, but there is better news.

In addition to CPAC declining to have WorldNetDaily speak on the "birther movement" at CPAC 2010, a variety of other very prominent conservative & libertarian organizations have privately told me they would not be working with WorldNetDaily, either.  One said they would ensure their staff put WND on the "blacklist".  Understandably perhaps, they prefer not to go on the record. However, they represent some of the largest, most prominent conservative & libertarian organizations.  I consider these encouraging victories for the ethics and integrity of the Right.

If your organization will commit to not associating itself with these irresponsible fringes on the Right, please email me.  I'd be happy to report it.  In the meantime, you might consider asking Walter Williams, Nat Hentoff and Thomas Sowell why they continue to associate with the disreputable WorldNetDaily.

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Fortunately, just as you lobby

to get organizations to discontinue relationships with Worldnetdaily, there are those of us in opposition to that effort who are doing the same in reverse, of course. Some of us believe in a free press, even if we might not always like what it reports or how it reports it.



 Rejecting poor journalism and urging others to do the same is no more an assault on the freedom of the press than identifying a wine as swill in a product review is a restraint of trade. WorldNetDaily mongers in half-truths, unsubstantiated rumors and pejorative slurs. It is a certainty they employ no fact checker at their mill. Photos of the Bat Boy and tales of alien abduction cannot be far behind.


Your first sentence is great.

I'd like to add that actions have consequences. I'm sure markamerica would be happy to defend Joe Wilson on First Amendment grounds; meanwhile, back on the ground, his opponent for 2010 has raised nearly three-quarters of a million dollars   without lifting a finger.

Associating with WND is another item in a long list of things that seem designed to repel swing voters.

And yet...

They were the first outlet of which I am aware that reported on the radicalism of Van Jones, and the other 'Czars'.

No legitimate story there, right?


No legitimate story there, right?

 Not that I can discern, no. To date the tiny tempest has barely caused a ripple in most teapots.

I believe Michael Savage was first on Van Jones

From March 12, 2009"

I believe WND first reported on Van Jones in April. Never-the-less, WND was earlier than the rest of the media. 

Here's the problem, as I see it

Thomas Sowell associates with WorldNutDaily because he is, himself, of the nutcase fringe right. We're talking about a fellow who wrote a column on patriotism trashing the left for lack of it, and approvingly quoted, as his source on the debilitating effects of a lack of patriotism, Philippe Petain, the Nazi leader of Vichy France--perhaps the most notorious traitor of the 20th century. Only one of his greatest hits.

Walter Williams is a fellow who once wrote a column blaming rape victims who dressed sexily and put themselves in a compromising position for being raped, and suggesting we should have no sympathy for them. Only one of his greatest hits.

This is the problem with the conservative movement today--you just don't find a lot of prominent conservatives who aren't completely nuts.

Yeah, some of us are not WND

Yeah, some of us are not WND readers or supporters in any meaningful way, but are untroubled by their exercising their free speech rights.  This whole enterprise feels like something of the left. The whole thing leaves me cold.

Free speech

What I don't get is why some people can't understand how it is possible to believe in a person's first amendment right to express themselves and another person's right to criticize the content of what they say and urge others to shun them.  It's just more free speech.


I'm sympathetic to anyone on the right who wants to clean their own house--it desperately needs cleaning. I'm a lefty, though, and so suspect, and probably not the sort of person whose sympathies those behind such efforts would seek. My view seems to be somewhat unusual in that, while I don't want the conservatives to rule, I do want it to be credible and effective, so as to force the liberals to be credible and effective, too. Without a strong foil, the liberals will become lazy, insufficiently self-reflective, careless, fat, and secure. Intellectual decadence sets in, and that's no good for anyone. If the conservative movement remains lost in a fever swamp, it can't present an effective counterbalance, and what it does provide in lieu of that effective counterbalance is extremely destructive.

WND is a symbol of what has happened to conservatism. I suppose it's as good a place to start as any. It isn't just their conspiracy-mongering and crackpotism that's troublesome. It's the much more fundamental matter of intellectual dishonesty at the heart of so much of what it, and contemporary conservatism, does.

In my brief time here, I've seen many examples of it. You can demonstrate a proposition, even quote chapter-and-verse from the relevant sources, and far too many of the conservatives just continue to pretend as though what you've said isn't real, and to cling to the opposite. Just yesterday, one of the dimmer conservatives here asserted, in effect, that his power of telepathy and keen understanding of liberals trumped the plain wording of the health care reform bills with regard to illegal immigrants, even when the latter is coupled with the complete lack of any stated or implied desire by anyone in the White House to include such illegal immigrants in the bill. Reality itself is ignored in favor of a beloved fantasy, and, as that matter demonstrates, these fantasies extend far beyond such obvious crackpotism as the Obama-is-a-Muslim and Obama-isn't-an-American and Obama-wants-to-kill-the-elderly nonsense. The late D.P. Moynihan, in a comment that is quoted a lot more than it's heeded, said everyone is entitled to his own opinion; we are not, however, entitled to our own facts. Too many of those on the right, today, thinks they are, indeed, entitled to their own "facts," and WND is only a symptom of this.


My greatest problem with the Republican party right now is they aren't providing an effective check or balance against the Democrats. My support of Obama's health care proposal is based mainly upon the belief that something needs to be done and Democrats are finally in a position to force the conversation in a very real way. To my mind, it is all about current leverage. But... the Republicans seemed to have jammed their fingers in their ears while singing "Michael, Row Your Boat Ashore". We aren't getting the debate and the conversation that, I think, we need to have about the state of health care, insurance and medication in this country.

I'm irritated. This isn't the Plan I want. Far from it. But I think we have to get the Republicans to the table to hammer out some alternatives. C'mon, the next election is going to be dangerous to having this conversation. I dislike that we cannot even have a bi-partisan conversation about our choices and alternatives. I think it is very clear that a huge chunk of this country wants some change in the issues of health care, insurance, and medication. It is also clear, a large chunk doesn't want Obama's plan. So... what do the Republicans want? Is it something I could be happy with? A lot of voters aren't looking for the world to change dramatically but they are looking for some change.

re: Cheers!

This isn't the plan I want, either, and honestly, I wish there was some rational opposition that could shut it down. That's one of the reasons I've come to devote so much time to writing in venues like this. It's a perfect example of why I actually fear the decline of the right into a gaggle of ranting, frothing fruit-loops for whom reality itself is treated as just another matter of opinion. It creates an environment wherein bad policies can be formulated and there's no effective opposition.

Free Speech but....

So what if they told about the czars?  What does that really gain?  Nothing except the shouting is about czars and not the real problems that are facing the nation and world.  They are nothing more than a foot note that gives the right wing talkers something to whip up the base with.  I've heard some of my neighbors say all those czars show he is a Nazi.  Conspiracy theories do nothing but make interesting reads.

 Perpetuating the birther tale does not further the true conservative stance.   Free speech allows all kinds of manipulations not just the truth and I agree that it is long over due to call out WND.   Both sides need to work on these issues.    We need more work and truth and fewer sound bites for the extreme factions of our populus. 

Plus, with the upset about the White House sending unwanted emails, why would anyone think that it is okay for Republicans to do the same thing?

Watch the other hand!

While Obama and the Democrats are losing the debate on Health Care Reform, we should be watching what the other hand is doing. If we take Rahm Emmanuel's motto to heart, even a crisis for the left can be used to forward their agenda... 

The undermining of America and American sovereignty continues...

Observe, Orient, Decide, & Act 

As long as the Dems are a half-step or several steps ahead in the OODA loop we will be power-less to stop their agenda. Action is faster than reaction and the left knows this far better than the right. Time & energy spent trying to impeach WND from the right is an entirely self-defeating effort. It is just as much a waste of time and effort as the birthers are spending hoping to impeach Obama.

Meanwhile, the left is moving ahead with their agenda on several fronts and we're caught behind in the OODA loop. The essence of strategy is to seize the initiative so that the opponent must react to your moves.  


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