Gov. Sarah Palin, Vice Presidential Nominee

Assorted thoughts on Repuyblican Vice Presidential nominee, Governor Sarah Palin...

  • Lefty bloggers are busy trying to figure out why they dislike Gov. Palin.  They know they do.  They just need to find some reasons.   Anything will do.
  • The New Republic has some good background on Alaska politics and what Gov. Palin has done.
  • McCain was very lucky in one respect.  Had Obama picked a female for his VP, McCain's selection of Gov. Palin would have looked like a "me, too!" gesture.   With Biden, though, Gov. Palin provides much better optics - a contrast that, in many respects, favors McCain.
  • Libertarians seem reasonably happy with a VP Sarah Palin.  The Republican Liberty Caucus says this "shows effort to court libertarian vote."  Reason's Hit and Run has a number of relatively positive (or, at least, neutral) posts that seem at least open to the idea of a VP Sarah Palin. David Harsanyi calls her "as libertarian as you can hope for on a major ticket."
  • I don't know if I've ever seen a single story that captured so much of the front page of Memeorandum.
  • I don't think it was an accident that Gov. Palin emphasized in her speech today that she is "the commander of Alaska's National Guard..."
  • I've never thought much of the experience argument.  I just don't think experience is much of a predictor for the competence, agenda or priorities of a President.   A VP Palin creates some interesting message problems for both McCain and Obama, though.  
    • Republicans will have difficulty advancing an "inexperienced, unqualified, not ready" argument against Obama.  
    • Meanwhile, Democrats are already claiming that Gov. Palin is unqualified.   But Gov. Palin has been a Governor (executive experience) for only a bit less time than Obama has been a back-bench Senator, and she's already cleaned out a hell of a lot more corruption than Obama has.   I'm not sure that's an argument that the Left really wants to win.  They may be able to damage the bottom of McCain's ticket, but the collateral damage would be the top of their ticket.


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Disagree that Sarah Palin counters our "inexperienced" criticism

Obama is at the top of the ticket. If he's not ready, that's the fate of the country in his hands.  The bigger liability here is for the Obama team to make the "she's unqualified" case back at us.

Because quite frankly, if they want to say 2 years as an active governor isn't enough to be VICE President, but 4 years doing nothing in the Senate is enough to be PRESIDENT?  That's tough for anyone to swallow.

We can still continue to drive home the point that Obama is not ready to lead, regardless of the Palin pick.  The fact of the matter is that she's not on the top of the ticket.  McCain didn't need to pick an experienced, ready-to-lead VP...he's got enough experience leading on his own.  (though I'd argue in a way he did pick someone with experience, given her time as a gov)

Governor beats Senator

Governor beats Senator as preparation for President.

That is why we pick Presidents more from the Governors than from the Senators.

For every JFK, you have a Reagan, Clinton, and GW Bush.

Sarah Palin has had more preparation for the Presidency than Barack Obama. Maybe thats daming by faint praise but its a path that is perilous for the Obama campaign.

And she's just our *VP* pick not the top of the ticket.



McCain's age is an issue

McCain didn't need to pick an experienced, ready-to-lead VP

I disagree. McCain turned 72 today. Palin's "inexperience" can become factor.

what Kristen said

Palin and Obama have roughly equal credentials in terms of overall experience, but I'd give the slight edge to Palin since she has executive experience.  Either way, I have to laugh at the Democrats who argue "We can't have a woefully underqualified person one heartbeat away from the Presidency!  We need a woefully underqualified person to be President right away!!"

Dems in partisan pickle over Palin pick

"We can't have a woefully underqualified person one heartbeat away from the Presidency!  We need a woefully underqualified person to be President right away!!"


The Dems ability to believe their own lies is their greatest weakness. If they could realize how stupid they sound to normal people when they apply their double standards, they wouldnt 'step in it'.







McCain was very lucky in one respect.  Had Obama picked a female for his VP, McCain's selection of Gov. Palin would have looked like a "me, too!" gesture.   With Biden, though, Gov. Palin provides much better optics - a contrast that, in many respects, favors McCain.

You think he would have choosen Palin if Obama chose Clinton? I think he would have gone with Cantor or Steele.


This was one suprising pick, that's for sure.  But i retrospect the best move given the fact that Obama was nit ever going to pick Hillary.


Very Excited!!!!!

I am so excited about the Republican Nominee Sarah Palin!!!  She truly is a breath of fresh air and I think it's ridiculous how the Dem. are trying so hard to find something wrong with her.  McCain was very wise to pick her and I feel confident that the both of them can actually do something about the problems that we face in our country.  They complement eachother with their strengths. 

the thrill has worn off already

Yikes.   It seemed brilliant this morning, and already I'm having doubts about Palin. How is she ever going to get up to speed on the issues? She doesn't even know what McCain's positions are. 


I love her, but this one is going to end badly.

Republicans are lovably carmudgeonly and realistic

but can we please get a grip on reality here?  Sarah Palin is going to out-fox, out-debate, out-govern and out-smart both Biden and Obama with her ponytail tied behind her back.  Are there so many conservative atheists out there (including at my own house) that we have simply lost touch with that elemental thing we used to call Faith?  It does move mountains, and it's going to move this electorate, so buck up and have a little. 

This is nothing personal to you chris, but honestly - I've never seen such an unhappy, grumbling, discouraged, disgruntled group of people in my life as the ones who live in this great country of ours.  You'd think we were all being oppressed daily by evils beyond our control on both Right and Left.  It's just appalling.  Sarah Palin's optimism, spirit and dedication to her country and the thankless job of dealing with all the opposition is an incredible inspiration.  She's a real American hero to put herself out there for the Republican ticket like this.  The Left has already started spraypainting a bullseye on her back.   I'll be supporting her with every thought, every prayer, every fiber of my being.  And the old dude, too.

A woman after my own heart

 I didn't support Hillary Clinton "simply because she's a woman" because I don't think it's right to vote for a person (or to NOT vote for a person, for that matter!!) just because they're male, female, black, white, or whatever. One should vote on the issues and if they are in alignment with the way you believe. I am thrilled to bits at the nomination of Gov. Palin as the Republican VP for these very reasons. She is a successful governor and in a short time has had a lot of impact in her state. I would be dishonest if I didn't admit that I'm tickled that we'll have a woman as our next VP, but it's more the things she stands for and against which make me so pleased at McCain's choice. I am a conservative Republican and I am on board with her 100%.

I think a strong point in this pick is that they don't see eye to eye on every single issue. What this shows is that McCain was willing to pick someone who wasn't a carbon copy of his exact political viewpoints but will bring some different ideas to his Presidency. Where he is a more moderate Republican, she appears to be more conservative. This should appeal for all Republicans to some degree and add an element of the diversity that the Left so earnestly cries for. I think it was a very smart, and rather humble, move on his part and will make for a good partnership.

I was going to vote for McCain anyhow, but this completely seals the deal for me. 

Well, well, well

Let the parlor tricks begin----lol------A 72 year old President picking someone that has less experience and leadership skills then most mid--level supervisors in any big corporation in the US.  John McCain's age and judgment that should be examined closely.

Palin beats mid-level manager which beats Obama

I'm a midlevel manager and I've never been the Governor of the geographically largest state in the union.

Now I *am* more qualified than Obama to be a chief executive based on prior experience, since he's only been in charge of his mouth, but ...

Palin's got me beat. Way beat.

Which means Palin beats Obama.

When did the Governor of the largest land-mass in the U.S.

suddenly become equal to a mid-level manager (no offense of course, FT)?  When the Democrats started having Obamanxiety attacks, that's when.  When the Google stats showed that Sarah Palin news completely buried the Invesco yawn before the graffiti was even swept up and the garbage "recycled" (it's so hard to be green at a political convention). 

Gunthestops, these are pathetic arguments from your side, but I guess you have to try to go somewhere with something because it would be so impossibly difficult to admit that you really can't go anywhere because you have nothing. 

Your time and energy might be better spent asking Obama how he plans on locating the address of Bin Laden's cave, or whether he'll plan on embezzling our $150 Billion in the same way that he and Ayers squandered the $100 Million of the Annenberg Challenge and the taxpayers of Illinois on political cronies and special interest groups without one dime being actually applied to the poor schoolchildren of Chicago.  Your man has no plan, and he may be staring down the barrel of Stanley Kurtz's Annenberg investigation results in mere days.  Since Kurtz has the reputation of "the real life Indiana Jones", this may be cause for concern.  Look into it, won't you?  Along with all the free speech violations that Obama's thugs have rained down on ABC News, Kurtz, WGN Chicago and anyone who stands in the way of any story leaking out to the public which he wants to squash.  Life is about to get very, very interesting for the Obama campaign.  Trust me.  Trust every conservative blogger in the alternative media, trust Talk Radio, and trust Professor Kurtz.  We are all united in one goal:  to shine the harsh light of truth directly into the eyes of your candidate. 

Meanwhile, please continue to enjoy trying to find silly and meaningless arguments against ours. 

my humble views

Truth be told, I'm not enamored of the choice. I would have perferred someone like Mitt Romney, who exudes competence and who even democrats agree is ready to be president, even as they call him a scumbag. Palin really, at least at this point, does not pass that test. Yet I think she could stillbe a  election winning choice, if McCain changes some campaign themes.

1. On a positive note, he really has to reclaim his 2000 mavrick reformer image. He already seems to be doing this. I expect we will see a flood of ads touting his and Palins mavrick ppostions and reform work, particullarly their clashes with the republican party. This can be a winning theme.

2. I think McCain will really have to abandon his IS HE READY TO LEAD celebrity tagline. Democrats will tear it to shreds. I think  a "who is the real Obama" negative campain can be effective. Where Obama's grandiose claims  and mild demenar are couplesd with his shady connections ( ayers, Rezko, Wright). As well him making moderate issue statements couple with his votes against outlawing infanticide or supportering handgun ban etc... "which is the real Obama"

Mitt Romney for Treasury Secty

Romney has given generously to serve it different ways. He's a class act who I am sure is at peace with Palin as VP, as he pursues other achievements.

I also was thinking Romney would be great for VP, but now that I see how Palin pick has played out already, I know this was the right pick.

Palin as VP is better than Romney  electorally - this is a 'real woman' a union member and a 'hockey Mom' rather than a rich white guy the Dems will stereotype ... She's got NRA and prolife supporters locked up instantly (more so than Romney would do) and substantively, as a more genuine and popular conservative reformer, she fits the McCain 'brand' better. Romney was Establishment GOP and Palin is Reformer GOP. Reformers will win, establishment will not. And McCain and Palin wont have to defend earlier statements in primaries or the VP's houses owned, etc.

Romney was tagged a flipflopper in the primary and he was not the conservative base's real hearts desire. We wanted 'reagan'. Romney tried out for it but he never convinced all (not to mention the anti-mormon factor that held him back).

Palin has very genuine conservative views and background. I think in time she will grow in her role as VP and be a unifying leader for the conservative base of the GOP. Both libertarians *and* Christian Right are ecstatic, which tells me that the 'magic person' that was missing in the 2008 primary has been found ... in Palin.

that's why you see the headlines here "Great for America" "Unites the Right" "A Perfect Pick" "very smart"...

I think McCain will really have to abandon his IS HE READY TO LEAD celebrity tagline. Democrats will tear it to shreds

Let the Dems try. Palin has more executive experience than Obama and Biden combined.  mayor and state agency board member and Governor. The more I think about the pick the more I like it. Palin will help give the GOP their MOJO back.

A rejoinder to the experience quips

McCain could say this:

Frankly I would not have even considered someone with Senator Obama's resume to serve as Vice President . My final list was between Governor Palin, Governor Pawlenty and Governor Romney. All of whom actually managed something recently.



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