New Battlefield, Old Guard

Leslie Graves emailed me earlier today with an interesting point: The institutional Right is finally spending money online, but there's still a mis-alignment between the organizations and the Rightroots.

[L]egacy orgs are starting to be active righty e-activists have always wanted them to do ... but for the most part, they are not doing the things online that we wish they were doing. ... Thus, there is no love lost between the conservative e-activism community and the orgs.  [A]ll this money being spent ... finally ... online but generally not doing the things that e-activists probably would prefer be done.

The institutional Right has realized there's a new battlefield and they have finally moved into it.  But I'm reminded a bit of the British troops versus the Colonists in the American Revolution (the analogy is tactical, not political).  The Left built new institutions and adapted their tactics to the new battlefield - guerilla warfare, as it were - while the Right is trying to port over the institutional cultures and tactics that they have built up over generations, regardless of the new battlefield.

Andrew Breitbart's Big Government and Michelle Malkin's Hot Air are excellent examples of good, innovative projects on the Right.  We need more guerilla media, like Breitbart is doing.  And Malkin had the right idea with Hot Air - take successful, iconoclastic bloggers (Ed Morrissey and AllahPundit), give them free rein (rather than pandering and red meat) and build around them.

The continuing cultural divide between the Left and Right approach to online media is best illustrated by this: While organizations on the Right tend to hire a single blogger (generally from internal or junior political staff, rather than the blogosphere), organizations on the Left very often (a) hire successful bloggers and give them freedom, and/or (b) have very large staffs focused on muckraking, research and blogging.  Huffington Post has something close to 50.  Talking Points Memo has a staff of close to 20...and they're expanding.  Think Progress has something like 14-17 people working on their 3 blogs and daily email.  Media Matters has a staff of many dozens, most aimed directly at the web.

The Right cannot invest in simply pushing an institutional message; the Right has to invest in adding value.  That means research, muckraking, fact-checking, policy wonkery, information organization and information activism. That's what it takes.

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The fringe right

Andrew Breitbart's Big Government and Michelle Malkin's Hot Air are excellent examples of good, innovative projects on the Right.

I disagree.  Democrats under Clinton and Obama were able to capture the center partly because they had the courage to challenge the far left of their party.  Even Bush in 2000 talked about being "kinder and gentler".  If a main stream Republican party wants to capture the center again, it will have to disavow the far right -- Malkin, Limbaugh, Beck, and the rest.  In the best of all worlds, one would not win elections by associating with truth challenged hate mongers (quite literally, making a living promoting hatred) like Malkin.

Andrew Breitbart's Big

Andrew Breitbart's Big Government and Michelle Malkin's Hot Air are excellent examples of good, innovative projects on the Right.

Yes, bu Breitbart's a jerk and Malkin is a loon. So they're only as effective as the level of meds Michelle is on any given day.


re: the fringe right and aren't really the "fringe right" in any meaningful sense. 

What's a fringe?

What would it take to put you on the fringe?  Whom would you classify as "fringe right"?  Whom would you you say is "fringe left".  If "Obama = Hitler = Stalin = Darwin" isn't fringe, the country is in deep trouble, not just the Republican party.

Left wing blogs have real staffs because they have real ad revenue.  They were not started by agents of the Republican party, but by people with strong opinions.  If there are no such conservative blogs it's for one of the following reasons:

  • They don't generate enough traffic to attract much ad revenue -- a message less popular than left wing sights.
  • The blog owners are keeping more of the revenue and investing less in the site -- going Galt and all that.


Considering the state of the Republican party

I'd find it tough to blame any of them that "go Galt" and invest in themselves. But maybe they're all making less, too. Times are tough, and the political-fatcat class needs to learn to get by with less just like the rest of us. And Democrat blogs are started by Democrats with strong opinions. Nothing wrong with that, but don't pretend they're not partisan in their motives just like the rest.

Calling Jon Henke

You seem silent on this.  Is there a winger too far right for you?  Is there a blog you would not like associated with the Republican party?  Where's your boundary?  Do you have one?  Or does that big tent extent to infinity on the right?

Can't speak to

Can't speak to (though Breitbart has been exposed as a bit of a fraud), but Michelle "Bring Back The Concentration Camps" Malkin is certainly the very definition of "fringe right."

New Battlefield

"...the Right has to invest in adding value."

astute as ever, John!

Ralph Benko

Where to go...


Jon, very astute observations.

You have to consider just exactly how many of the media projects that the Left has engaged in actually changed people's minds about them? More or less they are pandering to a base and are backed up by huge media outlets. It shouldn't come as too much of a surprise that outifts like TPM and the Huffie are successful with that kind of backing while right sided media outlets like PJM and Breitbart have done quite well on there own. It was only recently with the ACORN stings did BigGovernment start getting the same kind of airtime from Fox News and look how they are doing now.

Now that Fox News has gone unabashedly right the same avenue is presenting itself to serious conservative bloggers. Malkin, Reynolds, and a few others have made appearances on Hannity, Beck, and  if memory serves me correctly, O'Reilly. Unfortuantely though this has only filled the populist thirst for blood and has not been sucessfully intertiwined with the thoughts of serious conservative policy analysts and thinkers. The fervor is needed to fuel the movement and keep it kinetic, the intellectual side is needed to sharpen it and give it direction.

If someone could close the gap between organizations like Heritage, the Manhattan Institute, Claremont, ISI, Acton, AEI and even the Libertarians over at CATO, right sided populist bloggers, and Fox News the net effect would be devestating. 

It would be a serious undertaking and I am not sure who has the personal capital to pull it off .

 One other thing. While I have read your blog for awhile I have never paid attention to the comments before. Are you infested with your own trolling guerilla posers? While I dont consider Malkin to be the paragon of intellectualism I have never seen her as a whacked out hate monger who wants concentration camps or was even aware that Breitbart had been exposed as a "bit of a fraud" like some here have proposed. Maybe I am not as informed as I once thought, lol.








the trolls

One other thing. While I have read your blog for awhile I have never paid attention to the comments before. Are you infested with your own trolling guerilla posers?

Yes, except they're not poseurs.  It is true of the entire blog.  It drives away thoughtful conservatives (it drove away this one as a regular visitor, now I only come here maybe once a month) when they are subjected to name-calling and abusive treatment.  Why take the time to craft a thoughtful argument defending your position when your opponent is simply going to discard it anyway and call you names?  Of course this is the Internet and all so I understand there is going to be a bit of partisan posturing, but this site was touted as something that was supposed to be qualitatively different from the other shout-fests.  Sadly it hasn't lived up to the hype.  For the life of me I cannot understand the mindset of a liberal who would come to a conservative blog and berate the posters.  The only thing I can come up with is that they have absolutely zero respect for conservative philosophy or positions, otherwise they would not treat the good people of this blog so shabbily.  It takes an exceptional amount of arrogant hubris to engage in this sort of behavior.

 Maybe people think I am

 Maybe people think I am liberal. I hope I am somewhere in between. I am very much aware that we cannot have big government. But on the other hand if one party messes up, then the country defaults to the other party. What is interesting going to different blogging sites is that you get a real perspective of peoples thinking. There was a day (looking from the outside-as we all have) that we looked at one party as an evil party. Or the other party is the better party. Unfortunately, neither party is the perfect party. Each one has its faults. And the question is, how do you fix your party and or run the country. 

It is astonishing to see some democrats that go too far to the left. Doing that will destroy their party. And likewise with the republicans going to far right. But going on to this site, I get the feeling that it is the same o, same o. Especially on ideology. And I have mentioned this before. You cannot run a country on ism's. That is neoconism, militarism, corporate fascism, laissez-faire, and religionism. And yet you get the same people on these forums preaching the same failed ideologies.

You add up years of tax cuts and we are back into a recession, deficits and debt, our jobs going overseas, our money going to Iraq, the wars not paid for, still did not get Osama Bin Laden, corporations going broke, globalization and the loss of the middle class, cities and states going broke, government programs going broke, money taken out of social security, a low dollar, a fed that will be ineffective and we will face years of a jobless recovery, inflation, stagflation, and low growth.

We are reduced today of bailing out corporations and banks, bailouts of cities and states, of cash for clunkers, of extension of unemployment benefits, and casinos in every state.

I am on here pleading for some answers and especially from republicans, in which I have believed that they are the better party. That they understood economics. And yet it is just rhetoric and failed ideologies. I have seen nothing that has changed. Some people have come on here (themselves republican) saying that the republican party has to change, but like the democrats I doubt if that will happen. 

I hate to see my hometown in the midwest (as many towns in the midwest) suffer. A town of 16,000 people who have lost 3 factories of 2000 people and that is not counting the small businesses that went with it. It is a tragedy. And as a grown man-I could cry. We have seen this years ago. And the idiots in Washington don't understand what is going on. And most certainly the Limbaughs and Hannitys have no idea what is going on. What a shame and it is disgusting.

InBetween is it? How about far Left Democrat and honesty.

The comment was about how this site is often hijacked by leftist Democrat trolls, not liberals intent on a full, fair public debate on the issues.  You, of all commenters here, InBetween seem content to irritate and agitate, not intent on honest, vigorous public policy debate.

The point is about Democrat trolls --not liberals, as you try to spin it. 

Hell, inside the GOP, I'd be considered a liberal or progressive because I am pro-choice and in favor of extending SSM benefits to gays in spite of being Catholic, I think all govt social programs like MediCare and SocSec should be means tested, I think the decayed urban areas need massive infrastructure investment supported by the govt, I think we should do more, not less, on NPTs and the like and I'd like to see Congress term limited to no more than 3 terms in the House and 2 in the Senate... and judges out at 65 (no senior status), federal AGs out in 8 yrs and no Congressional member being able to lobby the govt after leaving office for 10 yrs.

Your litany of the ills of America read more like the DNC's last convention platform than anything close to a balanced perspective even though you claim to visit "different" blogs and "get a real perspective of peoples thinking".  Globalization and "religionism" are dead give-aways of your perspective.  Discounting Hannity and Limbaugh as people who don't understand the hurt and pain that exists from economic displacement gives you away, as well.  It's the Left Democrat bash fest meeting up in your comments... and having a party while they do it.

You contend, I think disingenuously, "I am on here pleading for some answers and especially from republicans, in which I have believed that they are the better party".  I very much doubt you do believe that because you go on to excoriate them because "nothing has changed".  The War in Iraq is paid for, InBetween.  The very last act of former Coalition Provisional Authority leader Paul Bremer was to ink a treaty with the new Iraqi govt to repay all US incurred debts from the military action with 30% of Iraq's oil revenues until repaid.  Granted, a final figure hasn't been agreed to by both parties because a final figure isn't possible until US combat troops are withdrawn.

Of course, like most liberals Democrats, you've passed over the hard work that former SOS Jim Baker did in 2003-4 to reduce pre-war Iraqi debt to non-US entitites so that we could move forward in the line.  Big time. All but China ultimately jumped on that deal-making moment brought to us by a seasoned, real diplomat and staunch GOPer.

But the Iraqi War debt myth spun by Democrat trolls is just one of the litany of lies you offer in your seeming "support" of the GOP and Republicans. You're a fake, sir.  Like Mead50 in another thread trying to include himself inside the GOP claiming he's part of the "we" that's standing in the tent with other GOPers.

You aren't.  He isn't, either.  The first step to a meaningful discussion would be for the Democrat trolls here to start being honest and forthright --not deceptive and disruptive.

 Interesting. I agree with


I agree with the one paragraph on means testing government social programs.

I don't know what you are implying on globalization and religionism as I brought it up. These are serious issues. Globalization is effecting the middle class of our country. We are losing jobs and cities and states are going broke. I have not heard of an answer on this and we just sit back and keep losing. All we heard from a president for 8 years is that "free trade is good" as people lost their jobs. And it is this ignorance that bugs me. The whole Midwest has lost jobs and it has been ignored and this is exactly why every state in the Midwest voted for Obama. And on religion, you cannot run a country on religion. It has its place and does a good job. And this is where republicans get it wrong. If you want to run the country, then run the country. Show me the economics and not ideology. Get this country working again and stop playing games with issues that do not run the country.

Hannity, Limbaugh, and Levin are a joke. They preach God and country. They showed their ignorance when Bush ran up the deficits and debt. All they do is criticize and have no answers. They are good at what they do. In fact, I enjoyed the TV show that Limbaugh had and he had damaging video tape of Clinton. Now, why he couldn't do that with Bush? Or does everything have to be one sided. Maybe it is all about winning and not running the country. I don't know. We saw for over three years when Bush said "we were winning the war on terror" and the war was getting worse. We saw the deficits and debt or "guns and butter" economics. And yet not a word. It is just a game.  Let's bash and win, that's all it is. 

I don't care about peoples personal lives in public life, but republicans talk of one thing and they do another. 

The Iraq war is not paid for. I don't know all the legal ramifications of the Coalition Provisional Authority. I see that was a used for the transition of Iraq. This has nothing to do with Bush borrowing or creating deficits and debt to fund the war. There is also a fatwa on the oil, and we may never see any paybacks. What Bremer did and what Bush did are two different things. Both wars are not paid for. And Bush never had enough troops. What you cannot do is borrow for a war and borrow for another project like tax cuts. This is called "guns and butter" and we saw it with LBJ. It is that simple. And I predict 20 years of trouble over total mismanagement of everything from Bush. 

James Baker, Bob Gates, Brent Scrowcroft, and Bush 41 stopped Schwartzkopt from going to Baghdad as that would have caused a quagmire and a quagmire is what we saw under Bush 43. Bush did not confer with Baker, Gates, Scrowcroft, or his father. I have praised these people in the past. It was Bush 43 that ignored them and said he "believed in a higher authority." So now we see a born again Christian, in how he runs the country and world affairs. And what we see is a total mess.

Bush 41 (through is diplomatic years) kept friends around the world and hence the gulf war was paid for by our allies. 

And whatever myth your are talking about, the fact remains we saw the deficits and debt five years ago. 

I would like to see the best for our country, but having seen the past 8 years and to see our country destroyed by useless ideology hurts us all. You talk about fake and the republicans cannot come up with good answers. It shows that the republicans have no answers. It is just rhetoric. 



Go ahead and do that whole "dodge" thing, InBetween.

There's nothing "interesting", our little Democrat troll, in you avoiding the main point of my reply to your silly comments --you weren't called out for being a liberal or a Democrat... you were called out for being a troll.  Like Mead50.

Both of you have now tried to employ the ruse of appearing and claiming to be "republicans" --in order, I think, to falsely lure readers into accepting your barbed and poisoned perspective.

You may find it interesting that you agree with my position on means testing govt-run social programs, but that isn't the point.

You may disagree with the work of the Coalition Provisional Authority leadership to secure repayment of the war debt from Iraq, once that country is stablized... but that isn't the point.

You may think you know what a quagmire is and you're wrong to think that Iraq is one, but that isn't the point.  It's the only Arab democracy in the world, you twit.

You may dismiss the hard work by former SOS Baker in the period after the mission was accomplished, but that isn't the point.

The point is, my falsely appearing sympathetic republican, you are a Democrat troll.

In fact, you're so deep into troll-dom, you missed that globalization and economic displacement of union jobs is a Democrat issue.  You are so deep into troll-dom, you missed that your religion-bashing atheism is so old Democrat that you toss the non-issue into your comments about as frequently as a staff member of the DNC's Office of Secular Affairs.

You say "I don't know what your implying..." by my highlighting those two buzz-words fresh in the Democrat troll-doms, but you do know.  Mead50 does the exact same thing here --along with lots of other Democrat trolls-- who play the "I"m confused about what you mean" card... you know you got caught using phrases more at home inside the Democrat Underground than at even a moderate GOP function.

The point is, InBetween, you're a fake.  Try honesty for a change; that's why I wrote you should have started your earlier comments like this:

I am on here pleading for some answers and especially from republicans, in which I have believed that they are the better party my own Democrat Party because I think if we get you guys to start fighting amongst yourselves, we'll skate into 2012 even with Obama/Biden at the top of the ticket.

If you had begun your comments that way, most here would not have read your comment.  Instead you wrote: "I am on here pleading for some answers and especially from republicans, in which I have believed that they are the better party".

You're not here to do anything of the sort nor do you believe that is the case.  You're here to undercut the GOP, right-minded conservatives, neo and paleo-cons, religion, Bush and anything else your anger and latent Democrat tendencies get you near enough to bash.

It would be like me going on a Democrat Left blog and start each comment out with, "I'm a long time progressive who thinks the Democrats have just about everything right on just about every issue, except for the War on Medicine, undercutting our troops, subordinating American commanders to UN and NATO generals, trade protectionism and the need to prove whether or not Obama is a muslim-born, non-native American who squeaked into the WH on the backs of ACORN-funded voter fraud."

See how terms and issues used by me in that case truly reflects who I am?  Same with you and your false attempt to portray yourself as GOP-friendly but then bashing free trade, the War on Terror, nearly every single major GOP diplomat in the last 15 yrs, and everything else GOP except for a free roundhouse right swing at Cheney.

You can avoid the main point, InBetween, but you'll still be a Democrat troll faking his GOP sympathies.



 A specific point. "Bashing

 A specific point. "Bashing free trade."

I did no such thing. That is in your mind and you did not decipher it correctly or I did not articulate it right. And here is my response to that and I do not believe in protectionism. But how can you justify a president saying "free trade is good" when we keep losing jobs? How can you justify the plants closing down and cities and states going broke and yet we send our money to Iraq? How can you justify ( a democrat or republican president) who is ignorant of what is going on? In economics if one thing happens then you need to counter it to balance the situation. We are bleeding middle class jobs. And we have seen the ignorance by our politicians. The Midwest? Where is that. Oh we are going to be an information society according to Wall Street. We don't need jobs. 

The Republican party and what I have learned.

The war on terror. It is one thing if we pursued our original intent of going after Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda. But we know the neocons were for going to Iraq. We know according to documentation in some 30 books and many hours of documentaries. We also know that Bush 41 had the war in the gulf paid for and had 500,000 coalition troops. We know that Bush 43 did not pay for the war and only had 170,000 troops. It could have been a democrat president or a republican president. I don't care, but this is just one of many blunders from an idiotic president.

As I have pointed out many times before. Bush did not consult James Baker, Bob Gates, Brent Scrowcroft, or his father. It was "I believed in a higher authority." So Bush got a calling from God. Really! This is so laughable, it makes me cry how we run our country. So in the end we invaded Iraq, had a quagmire, lost many more troops and civilians, did not get Osama Bin Laden, Al Qaeda is in Pakistan-a nuclear country, and Iran is the new leader in the Middle East. Yeah, Great Job. And the war will cost over 1 trillion dollars and not 50 billion as originally stated.Think Progress » THE ARCHITECTS OF WAR: WHERE ARE THEY NOW?

But really what angers me is that I voted for Bush the first time around. I voted for a party that was going to do a lot of things. I voted for progress for our country and all we got was failed ideology. You can complain all you want about trolls, but it is the republicans that have had no answers for a long time. I do admit that democrats spend too much. I do not like welfare. And that is why I voted republican. But the very policies that republicans have relied on, has created more welfare. 

And one more thing in sifting through your post on a quagmire in Iraq. We had a quagmire for over 3 years. I sat in front of the TV and saw more and more of our soldiers being killed. And all the president can say is that "we were winning the war on terror." I heard that week after week for over 3 years. Now I am not a smart guy, but anyone can see through this. And we were having fights with insurgents, Syrians, Iranians, Shias, Sunnis, Al Qaeda, and who knows what. Bush was losing it and we had the Iraq Study Group and others figure it out. As always with Bush, he had to be bailed out of trouble one more time. 

I don't disagree with any work with the Coalition Provisional Authority. I only told you what Bush did. And that is "guns and butter" economics. LBJ did that and we suffered 20 years of inflation/stagflation. Bush did it and we had deficits and debt. 

I also don't know why you think I have criticized James Baker. The old elite knew how to deal with the Middle East. It was Bush 43 and the neocons that screwed it all up. As always, James Baker, a family friend comes to the rescue. And Bob Gates also comes to the rescue. 

Bush did more in undercutting our troops. You don't go to war with just 170,000 troops in that situation. It seems to me, that Bush did more harm than good. And if he or Obama really wants to win the war, then have a draft.

And the generals under Bush and Rumsfeld became yes men. The war (like Vietnam) was being run by Washington.

And if you are worried if Obama is muslim born, even though Newsweek had the birth certificate from Hawaii, then let us worry about 4 amendments to the constitution and Attorney General Gonzales. We could go on and on with that. And I don't care about these infractions.

What I care about is running this country. And both the democrats and republicans have illustrated that they don't know how to run a country.



Rather than repeat your dithering, make a point will ya?

You complain,

A specific point. "Bashing free trade."I did no such thing.

Sure ya did with this nonsense, especially the last line indicting free trade.

Globalization is effecting the middle class of our country. We are losing jobs and cities and states are going broke. I have not heard of an answer on this and we just sit back and keep losing. All we heard from a president for 8 years is that "free trade is good" as people lost their jobs. And it is this ignorance that bugs me.

Now, you can try to squirm and wriggle out of it all you want, but those are your words.  And then you expand upon the free trade bashing with the added comments above... skip the fact that you again show your true colors and partisan interests by contending that all Bush talked about was free trade... you moron, the #1 issue was the War on Terror... and the prosecution of the 2 wars that Bush was winning and your man, Obama, your team, the Congressional Democrats are now losing.

Again, InBetween, the problem isn't with your attempt to spin away any criticism of your silly ideas and notions... the problem is your inherently disingenuous attempts to portray yourself as someone sympathetic and empathetic with Republicans, then bash away at them with the glee only found at a DailyKos-sack convention.

The point is, I repeat because you seem so intent on remaining obtuse and impenetrable, that you are a Democrat troll playing a game here to mask your true afflictions for AllThingsLiberallyConsidered... and falsely portraying yourself as one genuinely interested in the future and course of the GOP.

You ain't.  Simple enough?

I will not engage in any further discussion of the SIDE topics you might prefer to speak about.  The point of ChemJeff made was that this site is infected with trolls like you.  You came out from under that rock and tried to spin that you were only a sympathetic soul seeking to aid poor besotted republicans still fumbling with destiny.

Try being honest for once.  Try not being a troll.  I think you can't; it's genetic for you and your spawn.

 I have made a point that we

 I have made a point that we have globalization, in which it has been totally ignored by Republicans and even democrats. I have come up with answers in how to deal with it. Not to deal with it with protectionism, but with a meaningful way of competing in the world. 

Globalization is just as real as terrorism, deficits and debts, and dealing with big government. And yet republicans dance around the issue. I have quoted Bush "free trade is good." Well so what! What is the answer to plants that are closing and cities and states going broke. All you get is rhetoric or blame the unions or whatever else. 

I bash away republicans as you say, because it is only rhetoric. It is ideology and stay the course. It is following useless blogs on other sites, the Limbaughs and the Hannitys that ignore, that sit back with laissez-faire and with religionism. None of this can run a country. I would like to see good debate with results.

Call me a troll if you want. I have given answers to some problems. And that is more than what most republicans have given. 

Your arrogance is typical of the republican. I never would have believed it if it weren't for the internet. Yes, we know welfare does not trickle up, and trickle down has failed too. So again, let us have some answers instead of guessing who is going to win the next election or how we can undercut some politician. 

Both parties aren't worth crap. I would have discussed issues with republicans because I wanted to respect their economic theory. However, there is no economic theory. It is all talk, beat the other guy, and continue on with failed ideology.

Joe Wilson has a few words for you...

But really what angers me is that I voted for Bush the first time around. I voted for a party that was going to do a lot of things. I voted for progress for our country and all we got was failed ideology -InBetween

You lie.  You could no more have voted for Bush 43 or 41 and held the opinions you know hold --which are deeply, deeply steeped in the Democrat labor tradition-- than I could have knowingly debased my right to vote by pulling the lever for Gore, Kerry or Obama.

You are such a tooling, dishonest liar InBetween you should be ashamed for violating the air of the public square.


 You are laughable. Typical

 You are laughable. Typical of what is going on in this country. You have nothing to offer, but to bash. That's the republican way, isn't it?

InBetween retreats in the face of reality.

I think you've got the roles mixed up, muffin boi.

You're the one who bashed Bush for doing nothing for 8 yrs.  You're the one who ascribed all sorts of negative consequences to GOP actions.  You're the one who contended that you were somehow supportive or sympathetic to Republicans but then went on to bash them about Iraq, deficits, job displacements, etc.

I called you out for your duplicity and lying --and your penchant for using far Left labor phrases and ideas.  You didn't like that and, just like Classic Liberal Democrat2 does, your best defense is to project onto your opponents the very demerits that harbor in you... like "nothing to offer, but to bash".

No, InBetween, you were the one responding to a comment about all the far Left Democrat trolls on this site.  You began with a series of statements meant to distract from that point and build a false case that you should be heard because you are sympathetic to GOP interests.

You were caught in a lie.  You got called for it.  Now, after all that gratuitous bashing, you're accusing others of that?  My God, did you do a vulcan-mind-meld with CLD2 before typing?

Jake, In Between isn't the only one who trolls.

It's a real problem with blogs everywhere.  On the left, they ban trolls when one or more regular commenters point them out to the sys admin.  On the right, we're more inclined to debate and tolerate them... as long as they don't get in the way of serious discussions.

And a troll rarely does that.  I agree with your assessment; In Between is no more a republican sympathizer than Obama is a bipartisan, new age politician.  Both dissemble for the sheer purpose of partisan gain.

 Really! Serious discussion.

 Really! Serious discussion. You can't take any. I have given discussion and debate, but you get nothing but some old ideology. You go to any of the republican websites and they will bash and site what is bad. Okay, it is Acorn, Acorn, Acorn. Well so what. We can debate the same infractions with republicans. But my blogs have mostly to stir some action in how to run the country instead of failed policy. 

Also, I have been on Red State and on the Mark Levin websites. And if you say one thing that they don't like, you are out. Those websites are very lame and it is the same old ideology. It would be nice to see republicans think outside the box, inside the box, and around the box.

There have been a couple of people on here in the past that have given a list of 10 things to do and that is the step in the right direction. 

MI-GOP is right, the conservative blogs are more tolerant

Inbetween has spent countless space on this blog rambling about "nothing got done", "8 yrs of Bush and failed wars", "republicans didn't do anything", "all we get (from them is) free trade", etc.

It's BushBashing.  It's a play straight out of the Saul Alinsky handbook for radical community activists and Democrat trolls.  When things are going bad for your guy or your side or you're losing an argument, drag out the last, worst thing a GOPer did and remind everyone of how bad it use to be under Bush, under Cheney, under Republicans.

It's the post-Bush Derangement Syndrome that use to plague the far Left during Bush's terms in office.

I don't think that you've honestly offered new ideas or solutions or highlighted real problems, Inbetween.  What you've usually done is to BashBush and toss out cliche-ridden catch phrases better suited for the DemocratUnderground than here.

When you've had a serious point to make, mostly it's been of the ill-informed variety and one or another commenter has dispatched it neatly, precisely, without snark.

You've tried to appear sympathetic to Republicans to gain some readership here... but in the end, you turn into a BushBashing liberal who can't get past the fact the Gore and Kerry lost.

I know, I know.  Now comes the fake claim that you voted for Bush or McCain or something like Mead50's "I've lived with Republicans all my life; I know them, love them".

But in the end, you resort to BushBashing, Inbetween.  You're as dishonest as your name: there's nothing in-between to you.  Your views are far Left, pro-labor.  Your words are straight out of the union goon handbook.  Try being honest.  Maybe then debate will engage you. Until then, stop complaining about the natural consequence of your actions here... thanks

 When I voted for Bush, I

 When I voted for Bush, I expected so many things. At least that was portrayed by Karl Rove.

When we were attack we were supposed to go after Osama Bin Laden. We had the world on our side and we gave up on Osama Bin Laden and the neocons convinced everyone that Iraq was the war on terror. We did not have enough soldiers and of course did not pay for the war. We saw a social conservative that he his calling from God and that "he listens to a higher authority", so this is one way decisions were made. Never mind discussing these situations with the experts before. 

And so we went to Iraq and I waited and waited (over 5 years) to see what we were going to do in Afghanistan. And it was nothing.

We saw Iraq, and every week on speaking trips, the president would say "we are winning the war on terror." We had a quagmire and it was ignored for so many years.

We saw our jobs going overseas and we heard every year that "free trade is good" and we lost the jobs. So we waited and waited as the jobs went and cities and states became more broke. 

I waited for the infrastructure. We saw China do great things. And yet we did not keep up with what is needed for our country.

What I saw is a republican party and president caught up with ideology and failed ideology. Stay the course as tax cuts was going to solve all our problems.

And then you had Bush saying at the Olympics "America, has no problems" when problems were piling up.

I saw the cowardly talk by Limbaugh and Hannity, bragging how deficits were good as it was a small part of the GDP. We saw the infractions on the constitution. And to be fair, it seem every president will twist the law. 

We have seen the republican party built up by neocons, corporate fascism, laissez-faire, and religionism. 

We saw the economy being driven by tax cuts. Those tax cuts came from borrowed money. Essentially a fake economy. 

I was hoping for the one party to fix the problems and move our country forward. I looked at democrats as stupid and big spenders. And now seeing 8 years of republicanism and getting on the web sites, I find the republicans are a bunch of nuts.

Am I mad? Yes, I am mad. It is the same with both parties. They ain't worth crap. I have talked about Bush because we just went through the last 8 years of hell. Were there other dumb presidents? Yes. However, I look at things long term. You cannot tell what is going on short term. Twenty year histories tells a lot. And the benchmark for the inflation/stagflation of the 60's and 70's was LBJ's "guns and butter" policy. We enjoyed since the early 80's of lower inflation, interest rates, and unemployment, and then Bush comes in and does another "guns and butter." So we already know we are in for 20 years of trouble. 

Bubble Meter: Graph: United States unemployment rate since 1948

We did nothing but sit on failed ideology. We sit in a country that did not invest in the future. We are mired in war and we lost middle class jobs and we have social programs to fix. But you don't care about that. It is ideology. It is your world that puts republicans in a cocoon and to heck with everyone else. 



Let's see...

Me predicting at 7:53AM

I know, I know.  Now comes the fake claim that you (Inbetween) voted for Bush or McCain or something like Mead50's "I've lived with Republicans all my life; I know them, love them".

Then Inbetween at 9:07 AM

When I voted for Bush, I expected so many things. At least that was portrayed by Karl Rove.

Talk about calling 'em! Hey folks! Guess what Inbetween, our BushBashing far Left troll forgot in his revision of history?  Prior to Election Night 2000, Rove was literally deep behind the scenes in Bush-Cheney's march to electoral triumph --shunning all publicity, he approved only 3 interviews outside Austin between 1998-election night 2000.

I think Inbetween, like lots of trolls here, have substituted reality for what they've been reading on DailyKos-sack blogs.  Over there, reality is more squishy.  Remember in 2007 they were calling for Rove to be frog-marched out of the WH for leaking poor Plame's name?

Inbetween, this was a parody; you mistook it for reality.

Of course, you've made a career on this blog of missing the point.  Why should we expect it to change now?

The Un-employment lines, will provide muckrakers

What we need is un-employed Journalists, forced into the un-employment lines by "Real" normal people, imitating Real Journalists.

"Let me be Clear"......we don't need no stinking Czars, we don't need the bedrooms musings of the Journalists as they leave Obozo's bed after sleeping overnight in the Whitehouse.

We don't need a Nobel Prize, or a Pulitzer prize from a dead Hungarian.......well, maybe a Pulitzer prize would help, but they won't award them to "Real Journalists", and there is no "Bloger" category.

There are many "Journalistic" organizations in Place on the TV/Cable Screens, Newspaper stands........they need to Die, and be reborn again into the "New Media".

By the time I see the Afternoon Paper at 6 PM, and glanced at the MSNBC news.............I already know the headlines are misleading and the story has no truth.  I learned this in the Bathroom stall at work cruising on my Blackberry, I learned it on Break, doing the same.  I heard about the "TRUTH" on talk radio on way to work, and on the Way home.  I saw it on Drudge, and linked to it via "Respected" Blogs, and saw four Opinions concerning the Subject.  I got Emails from respected friends who thought there was a MORE IMPORTANT story that WAS NOT being reported.  

All this knowledge gained before I glanced at the Newspaper racks with their yellow press Journalistic Headlines shouting vague BS and attacking the American Patriots who dare speak the Truth about Government.  Newspapers, TV News, and morning "Shows" shouting the virtues of the Healthcare bill that only bloggers have read in depth while the "OLD MEDIA" prints information that is seen from 50,000 feet in the Stratosphere of the Congressional balcony.  All this "Information"  gleamed from the cookie cutter "News" of the AP and the NY Times, fed by the "Talking Points" of the Democrats in charge.

Glen Beck has an Audience, the NY times is on medication.