The Friends of Barack Obama

Everybody knows by now that Tony Rezko, Barack Obama's fundraiser, friend and confidante, was found guilty on 16 counts of faud and money laundering.

But there was another case - a guilty plea - that should also be pointed out....

former Congressional staffer John Albaugh, 41, pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy and admitted to arranging numerous earmarks for clients of “Lobbyist C,” who is not identified but is believed to be Kevin Ring, formerly a lobbyist at the D.C.-based firm Greenberg Traurig.

Greenberg Traurig was Jack Abramoff's law firm.  Where else have we seen Greenberg Traurig more recently?  Why, funding Obama!

Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama could find themselves linked to Abramoff and his former law firm, the Miami-based giant Greenberg Traurig.  A RAW STORY review of Federal Election Commission records shows that Clinton and Obama both received hundreds of thousands of dollars of donations from Greenberg Traurig staff. Moreover, each candidate has particularly benefited from the largesse of the firm's top management and its registered lobbyists.

Uncorruptible!  Pay no attention to the men behind bars.

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Good call!  I am disgusted

Good call!  I am disgusted that the Dems have just nominated a man that believes the American people are so naive as to think you cannot judge a man by the company that he keeps.  Well, I suppose that the liberals are that naive.