The RNC responds, but will not distance itself from WorldNetDaily

After I argued that credible organizations on the Right should not support the conspiracy peddling of WorldNetDaily, it was pointed out that the RNC appears to have rented access to the WND email list.  So I emailed the RNC to inquire about it and encourage them to stop. 

My question was: "Is the RNC really renting the World Net Daily email list?"  This was the response from the RNC Press Secretary:

Nice to meet you. Pls note that we have already weighed in on the birther issue -- weeks ago.  Thanks.

The Press Secretary then appended a NYT story in which this was their response:

Chairman Steele believes this is an unnecessary distraction and that the president is a U.S. citizen,” said Gail Gitcho, a spokesperson for the Republican National Committee. “He wants to move on and continue talking about real and immediate issues that are facing our nation, like health care and the economy. Chairman Steele has other issues to take up with the president having to do with policy, not a birth certificate.”

So, the sum total of the RNC's response was (a) Obama is "a U.S. citizen", but (b) we want to ignore this Birther story, (c) we're not saying whether or not we're working with the Birthers, and (d) we're just going to completely ignore the actual question you asked.

I sent two follow up emails requesting clarification on the following points.

  1. Are the Birther claims a "distraction" or are they false?
  2. Was the RNC renting/using the WorldNetDaily email list or otherwise engaged in anything with WorldNetDaily?
  3. Is the RNC currently engaged in any way with WorldNetDaily?
  4. If the RNC has used the WorldNetDaily email list, does the RNC regret doing so?
  5. Will the RNC renounce future engagement with WorldNetDaily?

The RNC has not responded to either of my emails.  So, in addition to the questions listed above, here are a few more questions:

  1. Why will the Republican National Committee not clearly say that the Birther claims are categorically false and that President Obama was born in the United States?
  2. Why will the Republican National Committee not answer whether or not they paid money to WorldNetDaily?
  3. Why will the Republican National Committee not distance itself from organizations and people who are peddling these ridiculous, disgraceful conspiracy theories?

In the 1960's, Goldwater and a few Republicans had the integrity and guts to denounce the irresponsible fringe in the fevered swamps of the Right.  Today, as far as I can tell, the Republican National Committee works with them.

If the RNC responds further - and I hope they do - I will update this post with that response.

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WND Won't Distance Itself From The Pursuit of Truth is the one place where I have been able to turn to for the news no one else is covering or thinks is relevant. Truth is WND's main pursuit, and it makes "conservatives" who want to be liked by Chris Matthews uncomfortable. I'm more interested in the pursuit and defense of the truth, and could care less about what the "mainstream" conservative media (or blogosphere) thinks if the truth is not important. Truth will out, as I recently heard Rush say.

It seems Michael Steele's walk on both sides of the issue proves there is a valid reason to question the birth issue of Obama. He may have been born in the US, but why won't he just say it and prove it? Why can't he just show the paperwork? It's not hard. Clinton, Kerry, Bush and McCain went to great lengths to prove things less significant than whether they were eligible for office (like Kerry's & Bush's college grades) , but we give Obama a free pass to prove nothing. What gives?

We have the greatest Socialist shift taking place in our country because of Obama, and you're attacking the only credible news source to stick with this issue (and so many others) because of their relentless pursuit of the truth. Instead of attacking WND, you should invest that same effort into proving that Obama is legitimately eligible to be President, and put the issue to rest for WND and the rest of us.



I said this elsewhere, but it bears repeating...

WND, despite the occasional nuttiness, fills a vacuum which has NOT been filled by the MSM. I'll give a living example. His name's Hal Turner.

If you had told me, from 2001 to 2007, that my taxes were financing Hal Turner's bigotry, hate, & racism; I'd have had you fitted for a tinfoil hat. I'd have mocked you, said you were nuts and that COINTELPRO ended in the '60s, and generally I'd have been cocksure in my faith that even Bush couldn't waste tax money on a racist-subsidy...IOW, I'd have been TOTALLY WRONG. The Fibbies were indeed funding this asshole, despite the fact that he's a "worst of the worst" nutcase. In fact, it appears the ONLY reason the Fibbies ever quit with the taxpayer subsidy for bigotry is that "evil" hackers busted the racist-welfare scheme. Moral qualms, apparently, had no more to do with the program than fiscal sanity.

I've been bitching and screaming about this use of my tax dollars to promote hate, and the MSM has been TOTALLY silent when compared to the reactions to relatively minor racial bullshit. Now take a look at what Joseph Farah himself said about the Hal Turner scandal:

Once the right has someone with the balls to say what Joseph said (even if it means taking on the FBI-under-Bush -- horrors!) the right can afford to lose WND. Find me someone from the political right -- anyone -- who said something in the past month about the Hal Turner scandal as forcefully and as well as Joseph just did. Most of what I heard from the idiot box and the blogosphere of the right and the left was silence when it came to my taxes paying for Hal Turner's hate-radio show & hate-website. Why? What the hell is wrong with you people???

Maybe -- I'd hope -- a Buckley or a Goldwater would have had the balls to comment on this outrage, but we don't have any Buckleys and Goldwaters these days. And the closest guy to them, Ron Paul, is wisely avoiding racial issues like Hal Turner -- probably because he's shell shocked from all the campaign accusations. And the issue of the reaction to Hal vs the hyper-reaction to ancient (and relatively-tame!) newsletters points out MASSIVE neocon hypocrisy (show me ANY neocon's Hal Turner outrage that approaches 10% of the outrage we all saw over those goddam newsletters). So, my brutally frank bottom line is, if you're gonna try to get rid of WND, it would be best to consider growing a pair of balls first, GOP.

And ANOTHER thing about the much-ignored Hal Turner scandal...

Your taxes weren't just supporting bigotry (apparently, nobody on the left or right blogosphere gives much of a crap about THAT); the subsidy was also supporting a 9/11 "Truther." This can only mean one thing -- obviously Dr. Ron Paul broke into Dubya's FBI in 2001 and mass hypnotized the entire lot of 'em, since clearly the "Truther" phenomenon is known to be all his fault, and clearly the Bush administration would not have deliberately spread racism and 9/11 falsehoods, using our taxes, for over half a DECADE. Sigh.

This kind of media double-standard BEGS for continued mockery, but I get the feeling even my considerable sarcasm isn't enough...How do vague accusations of privately-funded racism sans proof trump years of admitted racism-subsidy by taxpayers? I don't get it.

Just for the record, crickets are STILL chirpin' on this one...

And I'm still right about the media's bias & double-standards in their non-coverage of this scandal vs their obsession over things like '60s lunch counter discrimination HYPOTHETICALS. Nothing's changed...

You know WHY the RNC won't distance themselves from WorldNut?

I will bet you dimes, dollars, to doughnuts it is because the RNC bought Worldnut's Mailing Lists, that's why. And sold them to the NRSC and the NRCC and whomever else they want to pimp them to. Hell, it wouldn't surprise me if those Vichy Republicans sold their lists to David Axelrod's people.

The people at WorldNut are graverobbers. I wouldn't believe those bastards if they ran a story that exposed Adolf Hitler as a closet Nazi. They have been milking conservatives for years for money and probably socking it away in Paraguay.

I say this as a conservative. They are still flogging this birther crap, too. Half of those zombies probably write for The Stormfront on the side.

And the response of the National Party to your mailing list question? "Look, over there! A Shiny Pony!"

To everyone who believes that the National Party has recovered from its condition of deep denial:

Reagan and Goldwater spin in their graves at your gullibility.

The RNC couldn't beat Levi Johnston in a race for Mayor of Wassilla if they were running Jesus the Christ. They are that out of touch with the rank and file.

Here's another bet: what victories we do have next year will be because of good candidates running good races on their own on good local and some national issues.

World Nut Daily and the RNC. They go together like Jimmy Hoffa and The Meadowlands..




They need the eggs...

Alvy Singer: [narrating] After that it got pretty late, and we both had to go, but it was great seeing Annie again. I... I realized what a terrific person she was, and... and how much fun it was just knowing her; and I... I, I thought of that old joke, y'know, the, this... this guy goes to a psychiatrist and says, "Doc, uh, my brother's crazy; he thinks he's a chicken." And, uh, the doctor says, "Well, why don't you turn him in?" The guy says, "I would, but I need the eggs." ~ Woody Allen from Annie Hall

The answer to your question, the GOP needs the eggs.

The GOP would be nuts to join this boycott.

1.  They have.

2.  Because they probably did, but even if they didn't, publicly dissing the birther wing would be a foolish move on their part.

3.  Because doing so would be political suicide.


The Proof Is in the Language.

Let's analyze, shall we? And all conservatives, think, correct?

Jon is embarrassed by WND. Ok, so what?

Jon therefore decides to go on a campaign to destroy WND, based on his being embarrassed by them. Erm. This is getting weird.

Other posters rally around Jon, acting like true conservatives always do, engaging in character assassination, making accusations of racism, insanity, and general name-calling. Guys? That's the stuff that liberals do, not rational conservatives. Are you Huffpo plants? I'm wondering, because arguing by adjective doesn't prove your point.

And does the RNC cater to the birthers? Not so far as I can tell. I've not heard a word by anyone supporting a rational investigation into the facts behind the case. No, all we see are distancing and name-calling.

The issue is simple -- dead simple. The evidence that Obama has provided -- a certificate of live birth -- does not prove that he was born in this country. Five minutes of Googling will demonstrate that I'm telling the truth. In short, that document does NOT SAY what Obama says it does. Now, when you add to the conflicting statements by Obama's own family members as to where he was born, something is suspicious. Finally, when you have the inability of Obama to come forward and show the long-form birth certificate, when so doing would allow him to smack around conservatives quite a bit, tells you even more. Please don't fall into the trap of assuming Obama is a genius, trustworthy, or politically savvy. That's not in his nature, as evidenced by his prior elections (really, getting everyone else thrown off the ballot is not savvy). As far as genius goes, Obama is helpless without a teleprompter. And trustworthy? The man spent twenty years in a hate-whitey racist church. He claims to be a Christian, but knows very little about Scripture, and favors murdering unborn children. Trustworthy? Not hardly. The most reasonable conclusion from all this is "something is up".

There is no conspiracy going on here. It's simply a matter of proper evidence for the highest position in the land, and proper evidence is this: the long-form birth certificate. Provide this, verify that it is accurate, and the question goes away. It's really very simple. I'll tell you right here and now that would satisfy me, and that would also satisfy most "birthers".

It doesn't surprise me that so-called conservatives don't care about this matter, but then again, when the going gets tough, the cowardly whine and throw fits about being embarrassed. Seek truth, not comfort.

Leading horses to water.

Why did the Hawaii official in charge of birth records state publicly on at least two occasions that he had seen and verified Obama's birth certificate?  If he were lying, what would have been his motive?  Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't some journalist see the original birth certificate with its raised seal and photograph it?  And didn't Chris Matthews show this on his program? 

Why did the United States Supreme Court  refuse to hear a case  questioning Obama's citizenship?  Why would the chief justice of that august and highly respected body give Obama the oath of office if he were not absolutely qualified to be President of your United States and mine? Assuming that there was valid evidence supporting the claim of Obama's non-citizenship, why would the birthers not have pounced on the Court for gross dereliction of duty for not hearing the case?  And yet I don't recall any birther taking the Court to task.


If there were anything to back up the non-citizen claim, why would Hillary Clinton, John McCain or Sarah Palin (all three very savvy politicians) not have exploited this bombshell to their advantage during the primaries and presidential campaign?  Just because they were just too nice to stoop so low?


Why would TWO Honolulu newspapers have printed the birth announcement of an event they were reporting if this event had not taken place? And in anticipation of the birther claim that someone planted this false information (and God only knows what sinister motives would have prompted someone to do that 48 years ago), would it not be much more plausible to assume that the information being reported was given to the newspapers by the hospital or a State official in charge of vital records? (I look forward to seeing you tie yourself in knots trying to answer this one).


And last, but not least, even assuming that Obama was born in Kenya or on the moon, since his mother was an American citizen at the time, wouldn't Obama also be an American citizen under the laws of the United States that were in effect?

I defy you to refute each of these points instead of spewing more of your conspiratorial garbage.  And since you won't be able to, why in the hell don't you just  take you conspiracy theories and stick them up you a**?

When one cuts through all your asinine verbiage, one is left with the following:

"It just bugs the hell out of poor ol' RussetShadows that a black is President, that he is perhaps the smartest ever to hold that office, that he is a faithful husband and clearly devoted father, that he is working to improve the lives of common people, and that he doesn't let the GOP hatemongers get under his skin." 

OK, my friend, I've challenged you to refute my argument(s) destroying your birther sh*t.  Are you up to the task? Put up or shut up.

McCain's guy Culvahouse led the research into this.

 They looked into the Birth Certificate issue when it started to bubble up in the Spring of '08. McCain had his guy Art Culvahouse detail a team to look into it while he was vetting Sarah, Pawlenty, Romney and the other veeps.

This is a big nothingburger.

In point of fact, I will bet you it's an Axelrod/Plouffe false flag operation designed to taint the rest of the GOP with the Birther Craziness. Not that the Asshat G.O.P. is actually, you know, HARD TO TAINT.

Dogs and homework.

 Yeah, the dog ate it.  

As usual the GOP is doing everything...

...a__ backwards.  You don't try to gain the paleo-con vote by hanging out with them and trying be part of their scene. Pandering again!   Wrong, wrong, wrong.  Do the right thing, tell the truth, stand for the Constitution/rule of law, and put the good of our Nation first and foremost.  World opinion - way down on the list of priorities.  By doing that you'll draw massive support from all of the various conservative factions.  DD

Obama needs the birthers; ...

... if they did not exist he would do well to invent them. The GOP should distance itself from all conspiracy groups. You do not have to believe that Obama is some kind of Manchurian Candidate in order to effectively oppose him. Obama does not have to do anything more than what he has already done in order to prove he is a citizen. Even if his birth certificate is free of any taint, which it probably is, he would be foolish to release it since he is getting much political traction from the GOP’s association with the birthers in the public’s consciousness by not releasing it. If I were him I would not release the birth certificate either. You don’t kill gooses that lay platinum eggs.        

I posted blogs about this

I posted blogs about this sort of behavior right here on this website over a year ago.  I was concerned then.  I am extremely concerned now...All signs of intelligent life has left the GOP. If we keep this up, we will not win in 2010 or in 2012..We may never win again.

Darvin and Section 9 are right.

From what little I've seen, the RNC is just as out of touch with the Republican base as the DNC is.

Both organizations share pretty much the same view of the Republican base, that they (we) are a bunch of stupid, poorly educated, anti-evolutionsit, racist, sexist, eaisily manipulated hicks who have subcontracted out our higher brain centers to talk show hosts, the NRA, TV preachers, NASCAR, and various brewing and truck companies. This is, of course, far from true. However it allows the folks at the DNC and RNC to maintain an air of moral and intelectual superiority. I mean  we're the sort of poor fools who don't have advanced degrees, and not only go to "mega-churches" but also enlist in the military and shop at Walmart.  As such we are just plain not as evolved as the inside the beltway folks who work at the RNC and DNC, in that they aren't any of these things. Why we in the base don't even eat Artisan Breads! We drink domestic beer, (and I'm not talking micro-brew here!) and (horrors!)  do things on Sunday morning  that don't involve half-caf moccachino lattes, goat cheese omlets, and  listening to NPR!!  Now, as a member of the Republican base I can assure you that while I do live in "fly over country" , am pro-life, can shoot a gun, and go to church religiously, I can also read. In fact I don't even move my lips while doing so!  Personally I found this to be a very useful skill, and I wouldn't have been able to get through the military, much less law school, without it. In fact, most pert near all of the conservative folks I know can read, and those that can't are fixin to learn.  (If you work for the RNC and are reading this you might want to know that they are also all under the age of 6.)  Come to think of it, reading is why a lot of us  became Conservatives, reading things like ATLAS SHRUGGED, and THE ROAD TO SERFDOM, and FREE TO CHOOSE, and COMMON SENSE, THE FEDERALIST PAPERS, HUMANAE VITAE  and LEVIATHAN. Now most of those are big books, and they don't normally come with pictures in them, but we read them anyway. Most of us didn't even read them for a class ! ( I strongly suspect that few of the 24 year old's who work at the RNC can say the same thing.) I used to be a bit of a local GOP activist, twice elected precint chair, member of the Pachyderms, etc.  That being said I walked away from the party when they decided to pander to Tom Trancedo and his dozens of supporters on the immigration issue, instead of distancing themselves from this racist  re-incarnation of the "Know Nothing Party".  (If you work for the RNC you can find out more about the "Know Nothing Party" by using Google. No it is NOT a rock band.) Not only was the anti-immigration campaign morally wrong, economically wrong, (google "H-1B and Microsoft") and philosophically wrong, it was politically moronic. As Joseph Fouche said of the murder of the duc d'Enghien "It was worse than a crime, it was a mistake." ( Once again, if you work for the RNC  just go to Wikipedia to find out what I'm talking about there.) Prop 187 resulted in the formerly competitive state of California becoming solid Dem for at least a generation. With the rapid increase in the Latino population in California,  Governor Wilson's and the GOP's embrace of Proposition 187 as a cause of the rapid decline in the ability of the party to win statewide elections[Governor Schwarzenegger is the only Republican to win a California gubernatorial, senatorial, or presidential election since 1994 (when most of the RNC staffers were, apparently,  in 7th Grade) for a reason.  Look here for a great article on the subject . Toss in the "English Only" laws, and the California GOP managed to permanently alienate  not only the largest (and fastest growing) minority group in the USA today, but also one that is naturally Republican, in that it is  largely entrepreneurial AND socially conservative AND has solid roots in the middle class.   Gee... with a great track record like that, why NOT take the whole illegal immigration issue national? What could possibly go wrong? Personally I wouldn't trust the national leadership of the Republican Party to poor pee out of a boot that had the directions printed on the heel. Anyone that can manage to LOOSE to the sort of "leadership" the Democrats have today isn't just dumb they are "I say Sophie, why don't we run down to Sarajevo for the weekend? It's so lovely in late June." dumb.


Where is Farah's Birth Certificate

Personally, I think the appropriate response when one of these individual's demands to see Obama's long form birth certificate is to demand to see their long form birth certificate or cerificate of naturalized citizenship.  I mean, after all, what proof do I have that any such critic is actually a US citizen with standing to raise a constitutional claim that Obama is not a citizen, thus ineligible to be president?

Until they prove they are citizens, then I feel compelled to ignore them.  If they would only provide their verifiably unforged birth certificate then I would be reassured that they were who they said they were and not some foreign agent sent to attack and destabilize the country I love and call home. 

Wakeup call

As an outsider, I find this developing schism in American conservatism to be a hopeful sign.  You brought this on yourselves by embracing the loons for short-term electoral gratification, and now you are dismayed to find the soul of the movement--rationalism--corrupted.

Well, it is about time you woke up.  America needs a thinking conservative movement again, so get cracking!   And while you're at it, how about repudiating gibbering clowns like Beck and Limbaugh, who have become the most recognized faces of the Right in America? 

Ditch the dead weight and find another Goldwater.

Wingnuttery ruining the Republican party

I had to sign up for this. Kudos to Jon for calling out these fringe wackos. It's a shame the media is giving these clowns so much attention.We need to distance ourselves from these morons because they scare away independents. You would think some of them are just leftists trying to make conservatives look bad. And you know what really pisses me off? I get  called a " lefty commie " for speaking out against these vile fake conservative trash.

Folks, as long as we are being looped in with people like rush limbaugh, sean hannity and glenn beck we will lose to the leftists. Let's get back to the core values of conservatism and start winning in landslides again.

There's a lot to critique the Obama Administration about...

 Continuing most of the wrongheaded economic policies of George Bush is one of them, but that's another issue. The GOP is simply trying to get the anger money from the fringies because they think that the Base and the Fringies are one and the same. The Dems did this too, btw, with the antiwar left. Played them like a violin. You all saw that article about how Cindy Sheehan can't get any action from the news media now whenever she protests Obama? 

That's the Mittens crowd for you folks. Same as the Bushtards.

Wonder what they're going to put in their harem scare'em Direct Mail now that Teddy is gone to meet Mary Jo.

Oh, right, Obama is really Kenyan. How frakkin' original....


Around the Bend

The problem isn't World Net Daily. The problem is that almost the entire GOP seems to be as bats**t crazy as WND.

From Rod Dreher A teacher in a Dallas suburban district just phoned the colleague of mine who works in the office next to mine. She's a personal friend of his. He says she phoned from the break room at school, close to tears. She told him, "This is getting out of control. Parents are calling up the school and yelling at the principals. The principals are freaking out." All because the president of the United States is going to give an address on education to students. Meanwhile, it took no time for a commenter on the Dallas Morning News editorial board blog to compare the president to Charles Manson. Which was followed by this:

This all sounds very familiar. Oh yea, Hitler was well liked by children. He could speak to them very well, and won them over. Hitler organized the youth as an army, complete with regiments. A boy could rise from the simple rank of just a boy to lead a squad, platoon, company, even a battalion. A girl could rise to become a leader. Even lead them into community organizers. Don't drink any more of Obama's Kool Aid. Wake up people.

The Road to Crazytown

I sincerely believe our president is not safe from these people.

Just as Buckley said of the

Just as Buckley said of the JBS, WND, and specifically Jerome Corsi, who I think is responsible for originating a great deal of the garbage peddled there, is 'far removed from common sense.' Their brand of "journalism" appeals to people who have found themselves uncertain of the future, perhaps diminished in scope of determination, and as such are willing to take counsel of their fears. It's a tacit repudiation of faith to adhere to conspiracies.

Atlas Shrugged is simply

Atlas Shrugged is simply great book I have to admit. Mike the best external drive dude.


....are soooo "..tell me what you did last Summer", Jon!

 Get with the GOP program, dude.

This month, it's the " TENTHER"  movement, demanding strict observance of the 10th Amendment, the dissolution of ALL "Government Encroachment" into States'  Rights!

You know, little things like Social Security, the Income Tax, the Civil Rights Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, Medicare, the Medicare Prescription Program, Federal aId to Education..  You know, all those "little things" .

Watch for FOX News with Glenn Beck and Hannity and Greta Van Susteren to have constant updates on the "Great American Grassroots Spokespeople"  for this movement, and  to be a huge part of  2010 and key Statewide races in Texas, Arkansas, Alabama, Florida, and many other places where the GOP knows if it doesn't keep the redstate crazies at a fever pitch and contributing their tithes, they will be a fringe minority party. 

They are following the Gingrich model to take over the GOP from the bottom, looking to get far-right candidates elected at all levels of the GOP from dogcatcher to Governor, but most especially the precinct captains and local Party chairs and district-level journeymen who have so much to do with who gets on the ballots come November.

I've caught these people actually quoting verbatim from their memorized copies of Saul Alinsky's  "Rules for Radicals",  for God's sake, it's become their textbook and Bible. 

By the way, we've had our disagreements here, but I admire and applaud your cojones on this one.

...and if you think the WND is loony...

It looks like the RNC really

It looks like the RNC really doesn't grant your questions much significance. Either that, or they have something to hide.

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