Why Elizabeth Warren Should be Rejected

I have generally argued that the Senate should only withhold confirmation approval for manifestly corrupt or unqualified appointments. Otherwise, a President should get his nominees.

Megan McCardle makes a compelling case that Elizabeth Warren - a leadering candidate to run the new consumer financial protection agency - is an utterly incompetent academic.

I can understand why the Democrats would promote somebody who panders to their prejudices, but it is genuinely hard to understand how Harvard - or the academic journals that published her - could stand by while she has used their reputation to peddle propaganda as academic research.

If Elizabeth Warren is appointed, the Senate should not confirm her.

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..McArdle's JOB is to use Alinsky's rules on anything Obama.  She simply lost her credibility in the flood of anti-Obama screeds that pour regularly out as her work,

Is EVERY right-wing media figure now a version of Andrew "Race-Bait" Breitbart??

I claim "YES", and I have the doctored videos, out-of-context excerpts, mashed-up soundbites, and distorted clips to prove it.

Sherry Charade was fired by Obama, not Breibart

Show your videos to Obama, he fired the Race Baiter. As for your video sound clips, do you have the Charles Sherrod clip too ?
How about the Tea Party $ 100,000 Video ?
The Race Baiting Conspiracy is out of the Journolist Bag.....we're on to you Dems now.
You got nothing, or msnbc and friends would be showing it non-stop.


This is definitely a compelling case indeed. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with the rest of us. I honestly don't know of any candidate for any position that is worthy these days. It really is sad.

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Weak Reasoning

Thats pretty weak reasoning on your part Mr. Henke.  In your first sentence you state that a president should get his nominee's confirmed unless they're corrupt, which makes sense.  But you throw the word "unqualified" in there too.  Kinda vague, eh?  That word gives you the latitude to label anyone your deem not conservative enough - unqualified.

And reading the first few paragraphs of McCardle's piece, she pretty much says the same thing.  Warren is a liberal, therefore unqualified.  I'm absolutely sure you would be making the exact opposite argument if it were a conservative president nominating a conservative for the position.  So basically, I'm calling BS on this one and its just another case of IOKIYAR.


 If that's all you saw in McArdle's post, you really didn't read it at all.

I didn't just "throw in" unqualified. It's an obvious metric for the Senate to consider for any appointee or role.  Warren's central qualification is her academic background and expertise...and her central academic work is remarkably, blatantly hack advocacy work. As McArdle pointed out, it should concern you that an agency head is so incapable of evaluating data. 

As for the rest of your argument, it's pretty apparent you don't actually know anything about me, what I think or what I have supported/opposed.  

You're right about it

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