"Free Speech" May Cost Kansas Citizen $7500

Kris Van Meteren interacts with Attorney Ryan Kriegshauser before $7500 fine was announced

Kris Van Meteren (left) interacts with Attorney Ryan Kriegshauser (right) before $7500 fine was announced

The Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission adjourned without a decision in the civil fine hearing against Kris Van Meteren in January.  See the Meadowlark article, First Amendment Defense Thorny Issue for Ethics Commission, for details.

Briefly, Mr. Van Meteren brought a complaint to the Ethics Commission’s attention several months ago, and then talked to the the press about his complaint.

Today, when the public hearing was re-opened, Chairwoman Sabrina Standifer explained that at the last meeting, the Commission took the exhibits, memo and motion to dismiss from Mr. Van Meteren’s attorney, Mr. Ryan Kriegshauser, under advisement.  Earlier in the afternoon,  Ms. Standifer re-opened the deliberations of the complaint in a secret Executive Session.  After these additional secret deliberations, the Commission issued their findings of fact and conclusions of law in this case.   Read the rest of this article.

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Here we go again

"Secret"....like this is word that we need to be throwing around! Do YOU really think the American people have forgotten the last 8 years of secrecy on the part of OUR party?

Stop this and find things to write about that can help us. We are not going to bring anyone else to our party, Dems or Independents, if we continue to ignore the facts. We MUST offer them policies and hope that we can lead this country out of the SECRECY of the last years.

Just throwing stones that reflect back on our own actions will not raise the 30% of the people left in this country that identify with the GOP and news flash, 30% NEVER won an election.