Republicans on the Web - Who Are You?

Promoted. Who the heck are you people anyway? -Patrick

First off a confession - I'm an Independent and a McCain supporter, I work online but have not been politically active until this election. That being said I'm fascinated by the role of the internet in politics in its current use and its potential for the future, and have many more questions than answers. The basic question being what makes the difference between the left and the right online? 


Possible factors...

  • Numbers/Quantity, there are more left leaning sites and readers.
  • Age appears to be a factor.  Youth leans Democrat and their proficiency online would likely pull greater numbers to left leaning sites and blogs than older generations.
  • Media and the Arts.  Fields that frequently lean left also have close ties with the internet.
  • Democratic candidates appear to be influenced by the 'Leftosphere' in a way that the right is not.

The most obvious problem with this analysis is that it adresses who's on the left, but doesn't address who's on the right.  So here are a few of my question about who is online in the 'Rightosphere'.

  • Is there a difference between the reader and the contributor?
  • Is there a difference between the audience for conservative talk radio and conservative web sites?
  • How does the politcal reader find a favorite site?
  • Do online participants become 'on the ground' volunteers? Who is driven to action by web materials?
  • What are the demographics for political blogs? Are the demographics different for blogs on the right and on the left? Are the democraphics different for blogs versus candidate sites?
  • What are the features that Republicans are looking for online?  For instance, are they looking for information on an issue? Are they looking for an event caladar? Are they looking for an easy way to donate?

While I'm full of questions and short on answers the one thing I do know from working online is that knowing your audience is extremely helpful.  With such huge potential in a relatively new and untested technology my big question for conservatives online is, Who Are You? 

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Who am I?

I am an under-30 professional working in real estate development.  I have always been a "Republican", although only recently (within the past 4 yrs) became a passionate conservative.  I'm single and live basically how all my peers do.  I am however intensely interested in politics and the conservative movement.  I spend a lot of time reading blogs, websites, and magazines.  I consider politics and the conservative movement to be my "secret life".  Most people don't even know I'm interested in such things, save a few close friends.  I can't really attest to other online Republicans, since I don't know any in person.

Independents online

It would seem to me those who identify themselves as "Independents" would be the first to push the cyber boundaries to their limits. They would be the first to create a cyber political party, together with a cyber political platform and an effective online deliverative process, if for no other reason than to empower themselves possibly even more than the present  two major political parties. This doesn't seem to be happening. Why?

We here must first overcome the obstruction on Republican and Democrat party officials before we can re-empower the seer numbers of our grass-root supporters within their respective parties. But the Independents have no such impediment. Is it just me, my lack of experience in this field and within the Independent blogsphere, or is it something inherent in the medium?

It seems we all have questions, with few answers.

ex animo



Pleased to meet you

I'm a 19 year-old libertarian conservative from Ohio.  I just finished my sophomore year at Yale University.

To give you an idea of my politics views, my support of candidates in this campaign cycle was roughly from best-to-worst:  Giuliani, Romney, Thompson, McCain, Paul, Huckabee

Check out my blog too: Army of Principles

Hi-tech Boomer

I'm a Baby Boomer born in 1953 with a B.S. in Computer Information Science which I got when I went back to college in Southern California at the start of the hi-tech and dot com revolutions in the 1980's. Today I'm a senior analyst at a global high-tech corporation.

I grew up in Japan and Hawaii, my dad was a career Air Force pilot.  Barack Obama and I actually attended the same preparatory academy at different times in Honolulu.  In the 1970's I attended 2 Midwestern universities with a major in Sociology, originally intending to go to Law School.  I took classes taught by several Marxist professors at Wright State and Purdue Universities using textbooks like Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals, Donella Meadows' The Limits to Growth, Howard Selsam's Reader in Marxist Philosophy, Lincoln Keiser's Vice Lords and Howard Becker's Outsiders from the Chicago School of Sociology.  Higher education was already becoming dominated by the Left, now of course made infamous by hard core luminaries the likes of Jeremiah Wright, Ward Churchill, Bill Ayers, etc.  I can only imagine how many Marxist professors dominate even the most rustic college curriculums today - having no children of my own, at least I don't have to pay for the privilege of knowing first-hand. 

I've been online on RPG's, bulletin boards and IM's since 1995, I've been blogging since 2005, and international and national politics and social problems became renewed interests of mine on September 12, 2001. 

I registered Republican on my 18th birthday, was the first woman in three generations of my family who all served in the military during wartime, and I consider myself a Goldwater Republican more than a Reagan Republican.  I'm an economic conservative, a national security hawk, and a social moderate.  My husband, also a Republican, has similar values.  He's also been a Republican since he was 18, but unlike me, he's an atheist (as are quite a few of our Republican friends) who is not quite as interested in politics as I am.  We both completely support John McCain. 

My role models are William F. Buckley, Barry Goldwater, Peggy Noonan and Thomas Sowell. I'd like to be a local GOP activist, but I'm getting the message that I'm not exactly a good fit for the type of activist they're looking for.  I'm open to the possibility that might be a compliment?

Too bad

I'd like to be a local GOP activist, but I'm getting the message that I'm not exactly a good fit for the type of activist they're looking for.  I'm open to the possibility that might be a compliment?

That's bad leadership on the part of local leaders. It's not like people are knocking down the doors right now for volunteers.

I'm an old Reaganite

who is part of the late "baby boomers" from the NY suburbs...i.e. my role model was John Belushi and not John Lennon.

I work in the public sector and believe in practical solutions to real world problems. Not wishful thinking, academic theorems, faith based agendas, or buying votes ala old Urban Democrat machines. 

I am also a bit miffed at the defeatism regarding the web and the left. We got Dan Rather's scalp. The Left didn't get Joe Lieberman's, now did they?

Maybe we need to revisit why we used cyberspace effectively in 2004.




Well, I'm 29, with a family, Master's Degree and have been in the IT industry for my entire professional career.

Politically I've always called myself a Republican, but much more of a fiscal conservative than anything else.

I believe in a strict interpretation of the constitution, a strict adherence to state's rights, and fiscal responsibility.

I don't want the government in my business, and I don't want the government in anyone else's either.  I think if the government really wanted its citizenry to succeed it would just lower taxes and butt out.




I'm a 55 year old veteran.  I retired from active duty after 20 years in the USAF.  I work for a large aerospace corporation that manufactures commercial and military aircraft and is a large defense contractor. My job involves part of one of those contracts.  I'm a husband, father and grandfather. 

I ain't rich, I ain't poor and I pay my taxes and my bills on tiime.  I'm a fervent 2nd amendment supporter, yet I own no firearms. 

I see taxes and overreaching environmentalism slowly strangling a free America. 

I vote and I blog at 




I'm a 41 year old male who has been married to the same woman for 20 years. I work in the wireless telecommunications industry in technical support and quality assurance. I have a bachelor's degree in... having a degree (one of the first offered in TN by correspondence/online, had to finish up over 17 years). I'm in the conservative/libertarian/federalist way - called myself independent for years until I came to the realization that the Democrat party was going far to far to the left, & that I had only voted for Republicans. I'm active in my local county party as the secretary, & formerly chaplain. I've been involved in many campaigns since 1992 actively supporting candidates in whom I believe.

What I look for in a website is information and opportunity for discussion. Some, like this & Redstate, are geared to the right. I also frequent a few other sites where there is more of a range of views, such as the Tennessean's (Nashville Newspaper) website.

Why is the preponderance of political sites left leaning? Not sure if I know the answer, & I'm sure there's not one simple, cut & dried one out there. I have my own blog, but limited time to keep it up - I think that is one reason many on the right don't have more internet presence. A large number of the left blogs & sites that are run by a single person who does not have a family. Others, like the big ones, are run by committee. I believe that more people on the right are becoming involved through the internet, from what I've seen - however, trite but true, many of these folks have to ration their time.


I'm 23 years old and I'm from the great state of Louisiana. I work in politics, specializing in grassroots campaigning. My goal is to gain enough experience and knowledge in media and campaigning in general to become a full fledged political consultant. I stumbled into professional politics by accident.

I've been campaigning as a volunteer since I was 19. I am a former CR chapter president and I'm active in my local YRs.

My politics are classical liberal or libertarian-conservative. I believe we face great crisises in energy diversity, stopping socialized healthcare, environmental extremism, illegal immigration, War on Terror, sanctity of life, preserving our 2nd Amendment rights, and maintaining a competitive economy. I also believe in a strict interpretation of the Constitution and have no tolerance for conspiracy theorists of any stripe.

I'm a co-blogger at The Liberty Papers, a classical liberal group blog (everything from small government conservatives to anarcho-capitalists)

I'm single (let me know if you're a 20 something conservative woman) .

If you're looking for a campaign consultant, e-mail me.


I am a twenty year old male college student in anchorage alaska. 

Most of my political views fall in line with conservative values.  the main change i would like to see is that americans should realize that nothing is free, ever.  Our liberties are paid for with lives and hard work,  our city streets are paid for by the hard work of american citizens.  I think that everyone must keep this in mind when attempting to decide the responsibility of our government. 

I am pretty non traditional in the sense that i love all kinds of music and arts.  I wish that there were more artistic and a little more open minded conservatives out there.  Some things that upsete me most in the world today is when people do not think for themselves.  When they hear something on tv ar in a song or from a friend, they just regurgitate it and dont investigate for themselves.  Nothing makes me more angry to see someone hate the president, just because they hear it on tv.  The more i actually learn of the president, the more i learn i like him.  This works the same for conservatives as well.  I think that many conservatives do not think for themselves and it ends up making them sound like crazies.

The savior for conservative polotics is going to be someone who is not afraid to stick to their principals, yet does not attempt to antagonize those who disagree.  this person cannot pander to anyone for votes, because that is not the way conservatives act.   I pray someone has the balls to do this, because it will work.

Being boisterous and expressing views out loud is sometimes not a part of conservative politics.  I think that conservative blog sites like this should help to outreach those in my generation with similar views as myself.



I'm a 29 year old woman.  I've always been a Republican. 

I grew up in a politically split household.  Dad was a Democrat, mom was a Republican so I made my choice seeing both sides. 

There is an online presence on the right, but it really isn't as active.  I have a theory about that though, and I'm not going to say it as nicely.  Conservatives work for a living.  Conservatives have a work ethic because we believe that we are responsible for our own destinies.  Liberals believe the 'village' is responsible for raising their children. 

I blog at

Small L Libertarian

Ok, maybe that's not true.  I'm registered as a Republican.

I'm 41, married, father of two, live in central Indiana.

I'm a software developer (a field that's generally very lefty) and recently converted to Catholicism.

I have recently started a political blog (

I favor small and less-intrusive government, the FairTax, the war on terror, and securing our borders.

I've written often on various sites in the past about bias in the mainstream media.  Happens to be a significant irritant with me.

I voted a straight ticket in 2006 despite my issues with the Republican party, but that may be the last time I do it.  I'm seriously considering this year voting for McCain, and my governer, Mitch Daniels (who has done an absolutely incredible job), and leaving the rest of the ballot blank. I'm not sure there are any other Republicans who deserve my vote, and I can't vote for a Dem.  I may vote for any Libertarians down ballot who happen to be on the ballot.



For myself, I'm a 40 year old web administrator working for the local government here in Omaha, Nebraska. I've been involved in politics for a number of years, starting with the Young Americans for Freedom back in 1985 and continuing to this day.

Politically, I'm pretty much a straight line conservative, though I do share a few things in common with so-called libertarians.

I'm one of the 25% who still support Bush. I will be voting for McCain. This country does not deserve being run by either the Clinton mafia or the Obama marxists.

Who are we?

We're representative of all kinds of Americans.  I'm Republican because the only real conservative politicians are also Republicans. Blue dogs aren't complete conservatives.

I'm retired and well into my second career as a political activist. I'm conservative through and through and work for a wellknown political website. They pay me but that's not why I do it. I'm extremely concerned about the world that will be forced on my grandchildren by liberals.

I'm at a loss as to why anyone would identify themselves as an independent.

Independent of what? Firm positions? Enough knowledge to know where you stand on very important issues? Enough backbone to take a stand?

Ah well. Perhaps you'll find an issue important enough so that you will join a party and work with them to accomplish it someday.


Conservative Christian

I'm an Evangelical Christian who lives in NYC.  I'm a conservative living in liberal land.  I enjoy reading blogs because I don't get much of a conservative viewpoint here.  When you are assaulted with so much liberal thinking like I am, you need to find places where you can get a reality check.

I have always voted Republican, but I'm becoming very disenchanted with the party.  It angers me that they let liberals roll over them without fighting back.  I was hoping for an intelligent bulldog GOP nominee, but I don't see that in John McCain.  I still haven't decided if I should hold my nose and vote or skip voting altogether. 

It's important to me that our government stick to conservative positions on social issues.  We've alreay given way too much ground on things like gay marriage and abortion.  Our society is a very messed up place because we've gone soft on society.

I am for conservative fiscal policies. The spending and pork in Congress disgusts me.

I am a strong believer in government being limited.  I think we as human beings are smart enough to make decisions without government making them for us.

Currently, I am watching.  I am watching how the liberals are twisting Bible truth and stomping on the values that make the United States great.  It is sad that our press no longer feels the need to print the truth.

I would like to see the next turn America makes be a turn back toward conservatism.


Hello Everyone,


I am a 26 year old republican from hudson valley new york. I work as a social media coordinator for a pr agency and I have to say it is great to see some fellow right wing americans on the web. I look forward to interacting with you all and making sure we dont put our country in danger by electing those who are afraid to fight for her.

God Bless Everyone and God Bless the United States of America the greatest country on earth.



Young Law Student

Nice to meet you! I'm a 22 year old law student from Florida. I'm a former modeate leaning liberal youth who double majored in International Affairs and Religion, and now I am very conservative. I was always more of a fiscal conservative, but now I have shifted to a moderate stance on social issues, and a very neo conservative view on our forien policy, which I did my senior thesis on, and am shocked to admit now that the inital choices of the Bush Admin are 100% on the mark. Needless to say, it is far more complicated than the dems in power wish to tell the masses. Anyways, I was drawn in at first by the arguments of Mark Levin's show, and he suggested on the radio that I read "Upstream". I did, and I was convinced that conservatism was for me.


The real revolution of the youth is in conservatism


I'm a 19 year old middle class white male about to head off to his first year of college.

I was born in raised in hyper-liberal land, right next to the University Wisconsin in Madison. I first "discovered" my conservatism as a teenager reading George Will's biweekly newsweek column which alway's made far more sense to me than the liberal stuff I'd been exposed to.

Will, along with the late Buckely remain my favorite republican thinkers. I am a conservative, (but definately non-fundamentalist), catholic who thinks the ever icreasing dominance of secular humanism is undermining our society. I despise Christopher Hitchens. On Foreign policy I believe in promoting democracy, but am more of pro Kissinger realpolitik guy. Fiscally I believe in less regulation, but mor important less, far less spending. Republicans have also become far too tolerant of large long lasting budget deficits.

It's good to see so many young Republicans here, a good sign for the future.

So who the heck is "kmorrision"


I got the following email feed from techPresident's Daily Digest, May 29, 2008 today. Among other little bits of online news, this little ditty appeared:

"A user on the new conservative hub The Next Right, echoing the oft-repeated lament that the GOP is lagging behind the Dems online, asks her Republican readers who, exactly, they are. The responses show a diversity of backgrounds — professional thirtysomethings, independent libertarians, baby boomer vets, hyper-educated twentysomethings, etc. — that makes it clear that online conservatives, like any large community, belong to a positively large, and heterogeneous, tent."

How did the good people at techPresident's Daily Digest know "kmorrisom" is a woman?

ex animo


Follow Up

Thank you for all the comments.  I contribute to which is likely how TechPresident knew I was a woman.  Here's the follow up to 'Who Are You?'

I'm a "let's start over" Conservative

I am a 28 year old living in Arizona. I don't identify as a Republican anymore because they no longer identify with me. At this point, I think we would have more luck with our government if we kicked everybody out of DC and replaced them with local fast food workers. Our "govern"ment has become a huge system of paybacks and favors. America has become the ultimate slippery slope and one only has to look across the pond to see where we are heading.

I contribute to two blogs: and They are both relatively new and I enjoy ranting on them.

Tumbleread, I feel the same

Tumbleread, I feel the same way. I just switched my registration to independent yesterday after deciding I've had enough.


Now we just need to...

 ...start the revolution. I don't think people realize how bastardized our Constitution has become. Then again, I would bet that most of America has never read the "most cherished"(I use that term loosely) document. How can we recreate a 21st century Boston Tea Party concerning the issues we face today?

I am glad you asked.

For some basic ground work, please go to my own little website at The National Online Party.

We, as a "People" have to collectivize ourselves using in Internet. The tool is there, all we have to do is use it.

Well. it's almost there. We do need some deliberative groupware development and Robert's Rules reformatted for use over the Internet. It is essential that effective, online deliberative meetings be held in order to move good ideas and issues up to the forefront and bad ideas downward.

This is by no means a completed work. Indeed, it is only a conceptual model of what a cyber political party would look like. It is designed to empower the People within their own political parties, not start a new political third cyber party. 

I would deeply appreciate any help or advise anyone might care to add to this effort.

ex animo