A New Internet Bill Guaranteed to Fail

According to CNN, Republican Congressman are looking to force ISP's into keeping records for two years for all users.

This bill is horribly designed, on more than just one level.

First, it requires copious amounts of data storage. I don't think that Congressmen recognize how much data even a small network can generate. Data storage is becoming cheaper nowadays, but it's still a huge hurdle. What data should be saved? All packets? Login information? Website caches?

Two, storage equals money. You're going to add to the operating costs of not only big companies like AT&T, Verizon et all, but you're also going to reduce the ability (as if it wasn't non-existent now anyways) of a startup company.

Three, there's a great many people who use Wi-Fi who do not have it locked down with security. Will they be held liable to keep this data as well, or will it just be for those who use it commercially? The article is unclear, and it's very likely that the average person or small company will know how to store data correctly.

Fourth, the idea that I should have to give up my identity on the net is a poor one. The Internet grants anonymity, and with that, freedom. Will some people use that freedom to try to get around laws? Most certainly. But all this bill will do is force those who wish to break the law to do a slight amount of reading on how to mask your IP, how to steal Wi-Fi addresses from unsuspecting people, or find some other workaround.

If this bill goes into place, how long until the names and data get used for reasons other than their true purpose? A week or a month?

There are some good arguments for data retention by bigger companies (and they're already doing it, to some extent) but there is no need for the majority of people to store records for two years.

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Someone in our party shows how disconnected we really are......

Once again our party shows how disconnected we really are......this is a measure that will only be used as a Democratic talking point to show how we do not understand the internet and it's realistic uses.

This guy does not have a clue what he is asking for so the next logical step would be to ask why he wanted it in the first place????

mpaa, riaa, pedos, cia, nsa

the list goes on. at least carnivore was gov't paid for!

 The real question is who or

 The real question is who or what organization is the driving force behind this legislation?  I doubt that these guys thought this up entirely on their own.  I will just bet that it could be traced back to Focus on the Family - Family Research Council or some associated entity as the inspiration.  If not them, then another similar activist group.  Since 1995 these associated groups have been trying repeatedly to use federal legislation to curtail sex related material/activity via the Internet.  Each effort that has passed Congress has been struck down by the USSC.   While presented as "protecting children" the purpose is to "deter" those who want to sneak a peek at adult material by requiring record keeping and proof of age to be kept on file somewhere.   Btw, note that these sponsors are all from Texas, and note that there is expected to be a couple of high profile state-wide GOP primaries in Texas next year (Senate and Governor).  Connect the dots.  



won't work.

studies have shown a significant decrease in the amount of "fussy budget" people who are concerned about whatever their neighbors might think about their porn usage.

Good points

What of Congress' attempts to ban online gambling? The old guard doesn't seem to understand how the Internet works.

It Takes a Police State to Raise a Child

1. The linked article quotes Cornyn:  "Keeping our children safe requires cooperation on the local, state, federal, and family level."

It takes a police state to raise a child.

2. I'm not so sure that the bill won't pass.  The entertainment industry, the religious extremists, and the police establishment may put aside their differences to push it through.

I am sure the Republicans are being set up to get blamed for any negative fallout.

3. In principle I'd be willing to talk about this if it were strictly limited to national security.  In practice that would never happen.

4. Those who would trade essential liberty for temporary security...appear to run the government.

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If this bill goes into place, how long until the names and data get used for reasons other than their true purpose? A week or a month?

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