Dead Party Walking

By Rose Pedenko and Tanya Simon

The word “historic” has been stretched far too thin to describe many of the life-altering events that occurred in 2008, both nationally and internationally, in particular with respect to the election of Barack Hussein Obama.

“Historic Hysteria” can be applied to Democrats to depict their “first black president” fervor, and then to the Republican Party that did little to deflate that political balloon.

Republicans were water-boarded by the media for eight years, but unlike Guantanamo detainees, Republicans nearly drowned in the lies invented by that mercurial fourth estate whose mission was to exact maximum damage on George Bush’s presidency.

What the liberal media learned from their efforts is this: They could get away with anything (e.g., promoting a man to the office of president whose credentials and experience are, at best, marginal) – and also, because Republicans did little to stop the bleeding between moderates and conservatives in their own ranks, the MSM could blame the President and potential candidates for everything with impunity.

Obama didn’t win – we lost.

It reminds us of that old greeting card where a man alone on empty acreage is complimented for being “outstanding in his field.” Conservatives were out standing in their field too, but no one was listening because we heard little or nothing from them. They stood silent like hay-stuffed scarecrows flopping in the political winds.

With the exception of Mitt Romney, the GOP candidates looked, sounded and behaved more like leatherhead third-stringers for Knute Rockne than distinguished politicians.

Say what you will about Obama’s questionable alliances, conservative pundits spent far too much air-time energy decimating Obama’s bad judgment rather than understanding that those alliances were the strategic imperatives of a dead-serious politician. In the weeks leading up to the inauguration, we have witnessed the president-elect mow down far left supporters and blocks of his political party standing in the way of his path to glory.

Which is worse – bad judgment or ruthlessness? Or is there a difference?

Conservative pundits also finally realized at the 11th hour that their ambivalence over the GOP candidates proved to be a mistake of historic proportion.

Adding to the media’s assaults on Republicans was our lineup of candidates - a mish-mash of contradictions, overblown egos, sagging jowls, and a libertarian fervor that captured a flock of loons and thrust them into the limelight. On the plus side, they did raise a lot of money for Ron Paul which is proof positive – if candidates stick to their core principles and make no excuses for it they have a better chance of prevailing.

One thorny issue that contributed to the GOP downward slide was the vote “whores” who pandered to illegal aliens on some imagined future promise of party loyalty. For all his public relations and grandiose advice, Karl Rove, “the architect,” almost single-handedly sank George Bush’s legacy by pushing that future vision. And what did George Bush get for comprehensive immigration reform? It arrived in the form of an embittered and enervated base that left him (and John McCain) in the political wilderness to fend for themselves. The GOP’s money well dried up and shriveled around them.

The President’s pertinacious support of immigration reform eroded what little was left of praise for his outstanding leadership and handling of 9/11. And then, like a free falling guillotine, the Reenactment of the Medicare Prescription Drug Improvement and Modernization Act of 2003 sealed his fate with the base.

No amount of reaching across the aisle or congressional glad-handing could have altered the incomprehensible hatred already held by liberals. It is somewhat embarrassing, that even after losing the majority in congress as well as the presidency it did little to illuminate those mistakes as was evident in his final press conference. George W. Bush clearly did not understand how it all came crashing down. He still believes conservatives are anti-immigrant versus anti-illegal immigration. When he said the “party has to be compassionate and broad-minded” he was referring to his beloved immigration reform.

Republicans could have won the 2008 election in spite of an increasing minority vote. Had we not strayed from our core principles, eventually that minority vote would have been ours because those very principles inure to the benefit of immigrants in their quest to achieve the American dream.

What can Republicans do to ensure none of this happens again? The answer is simple: adhere to the golden rule of conservative principles. Period.

We know of no creative writer who could have invented the series of events that led to the near self-destruction of the party and country we know and love. The left-wing media succeeded, in spite of the rules of ethics in journalism, to “recreate” the U.S. government and this country’s social structure to suit their fractured ideology.

2008 ended up being the year the lunatics took over the asylum. They even managed to place the blame for the housing crisis and credit meltdown squarely on George Bush’s shoulders – a burden created in toto by Democrat political dogma.

The left-wing mantra that will surely endure is: “Everything bad happened on his watch,” notwithstanding their two-year majority and miserly performance.

And what happened in Chicago sure as hell didn’t stay there. An epidemic of corruption, greed and idiocy has engulfed every level of sensible society across America. Where else could someone named Madoff have “made-off” with everyone’s money? We can’t make this stuff up!

Republican principles designed to make us safer and stronger were eaten away by bad decisions, weedy financial restrictions, ineffectual oversights, and those mangy curs called greed and payoffs – all of which led to the current economic crisis.

In spite of the political disasters wrought on our heads, Americans have, out of shock and necessity, arrived at the realization that no one really knows anything when it comes to the financial health and wellbeing of the United States. We are all the hapless victims of the implosion of our retirement funds, curling up in fetal positions, waiting for good news.

Republicans have made huge mistakes, and the Democrats and their media lapdogs will continue to take full advantage of those mistakes. They will, as always, because that sticky candy called “success” is stuck in their gums, and will be for the next four years.

Conservatives must begin garnering our forces and lead the charge against straying from the principles that led us down that rabbit hole where nothing is as it seems: big is little, little is big, fat cats talk and we meet with strange, frightening and “politically correct” characters.

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Madoff rule was instituted by Paulson.

so much for compassionate conservatism, eh?

just blame the democrats.

Is our former king henry whispering to you in your sleep?

Brain Dead Party Walking.

"Conservatives must begin garnering our forces and lead the charge against straying from the principles that led us down that rabbit hole where nothing is as it seems: big is little, little is big, fat cats talk and we meet with strange, frightening and “politically correct” characters."

My mind is reeling, and all I did was read it!

As I read the essay, I thought that every paragraph was from Bizzarro world. Then I got to the last paragraph where the author admitted the same. Obviously, the author is intelligent enough to put words together into interesting sentences that make sense grammatically. But, honestly, every thought in this piece is completely unhinged from reality.

I would not even know where to start in critiquing it, or if I could ever finish. It might run into several volumes. That kind of case study of what chronic conservatism can lead too is worthy of a combined double doctorate in political science and mental health.

I never go into an argument with a conservative assuming they are "lunatics". But when presented with evidence like the above, I really have no choice. Dead Party Walking? Yeah, Brain Dead Party Walking would be closer to the truth.

He's a bit off, but not too much

You liberals do make me laugh---you all are on your high horse right now, but if history has taugt us anything it's that the crowd is fickle and people's political allegiances come in cycles.

You all win an election and lord knows who could blame people for voting the way they did, but instead of coasting on the win you have idiots at Move on running BS ads that will only backfire and Dems using this eco-stimulus package as a fiscal free-for-all to make up for all of the projects and kickbacks they could not fund and get through congress for the past 8 years.

So the author may not be very tactful in his wording, but he's not that far off--where he is missing the mark--and you all who posted are too--is that this all ebbs and flows...6-8 years we'll be back in a republican dominated country--mark my words b/c either party and either of its minions on either side of the aisle are too dumb to know when to know when to quit while their ahead..


By the way...Paulson is NO traditional republican/conservative--look up his credentials...he came from G-Sachs I think---he's fairly liberal minded, financially speaking...

mr socialize the risks and privatize the profit

seems to be a typical conservative to me. no, but seriously, let's not tar either side with King Henry's affiliation.


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Blame Bush before the media

President Bush is more to blame for the demise of the Repubican Party than liberals or the media.  President Bush, his enablers inside the Republican party,  and Karl Rove were just too stupid and incompetent to run the executive branch.  

Anyone who believes that Hispanics will ever be conservatives or that the Repubicans could ever benefit from open borders and unlimited immigration is a idiotic fool.  Importing millions of future Democratic Party voters was beyond irresponsbile. 

Also, there is nothing conservative about treating people at the airport like criminals, for addings 1000's of pages of regulations to the CFR, adding new entitlements, getting involved in nation building, and adding five trillion to the national debt had nothing conservative about it.

Remember, when Republicans made fun o Paul O'neill when he said that the Bush Administation should not push for tax cuts and should be making spending cuts.  It turns out that O'Neill was right and all of the Bush apologist were dead wrong.

Hispanics are gettable

The Hispanic vote is gettable. Their Roman Catholicism makes them receptive to the social conservative message. They turned out in big numbers for W.

Hispanics are beyond reach

The only way for the Republicans to get the Hispanic vote is to become the big spending, big government entitlement party with maybe some anti-aboriton, anti-gay marriage thrown in.

The problem is that with all the open borders, entitlement spending, and expansion of government programs with the increased taxes and growth of the government, the middle class fiscal conservative whites will walk away from the Republicans.  At least the Democrats realize what the long term effects of massive government spending is unlike everyone who worked in the Bush White House.


Completely wrong

Show me a scrap of evidence that Hispanic voters are looking for big spending, big government entitlements.

Have a look at the data in this pdf from the Pew Hispanic Center. From 1999 to 2006 the Republican Party was closing the gap regarding Hispanic party affiliation, from 33 to 21 points. Now it has blown wide open again.



Compare RNC with the CHC

If you look at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and look at there positions, there is nothing there for the average middle class white Republican. Also, you will not find any mention of all of those conservative issues that Republicans think will attract Hispanic voters. 

Also, importing millions of poor mexican immigraiton is the same as importing millions of automatic Democratic voters.

Hispanics make up a key voting block in swing states

Would you take the votes of the congressional delegations from ND, SD & NE as representative of the votes of white voters throughout the country? Or would you say their are the votes of one segement of that demographic? And there are other white voters who are going to have different opinions and will be motivated by different issues?

Hispanics ... are strategically located on the 2008 Electoral College map. Hispanics constitute a sizable share of the electorate in four of the six states that President Bush carried by margins of five percentage points or fewer in 2004 –New Mexico (where Hispanics make up 37% of state’s eligible electorate); Florida (14%); Nevada (12%) and Colorado (12%). All four are expected to be closely contested once again in 2008. Bush drew an estimated 40% of the national Latino vote in 2004 -- a record for a Republican presidential candidate.


Bush had them and the hard right lost them.

Bush made big inroads into the Hispanic vote. And was poised to make even bigger ones with comprehensive immigration reform. He tried twice to get it passed. Once with a Rep controlled congress and once with a Dem controlled congress. Both times hard right conservatives brought the bill to defeat.

The Latino vote (that's what Democrats call them by the way, as not many of them are from the island of Hispanola) went to Obama in huge margins. And due to the Reps failure to deal with an obvious problem, once again the Dems will clean up the mess. And they will reap the rewards at the ballot box in 2012. Maybe even 2010.

We can only hope that when the debate starts that sites like this one will be pushing Limbaugh and Tancredo forward as the voice of the Republican party on immigration. Its one thing to bemoan a demographic group you will "never" attract. It's another to have been attracting them in huge numbers in the very recent past, and then blow it all so royally.

Let that be an object lesson for those of you who think the next right needs to be further right than the current right. 

a serious question?

why would Bush's 2004 performance among Latinos been a) sustainable or b) transferable?

In light of McCain's weaker perfrorrmance---being the most pro immigration reform candidate possible---a certain level of skepticism about the underlying assumptions herein is warranted.

BTW, one of those "hard right" immigration skeptics is now the junior senator from NY state. Hmmmm?

Passing McCain's bill would have helped.

If McCain's immigration bill had been passed many Latinos would have been happy about having something constructive done to address the problem. And probably would have voted Rep as a thank you to McCain.

As I recall neither McCain nor Obama pandered or mentioned very much of specific interest to the Latino community. Obama had no record with Latino issues to trumpet, only plans for the future. McCain, who had a real admirable record, could not mention it because he was "shoring up the base" from day one to election day.

The falloff from Bush's numbers with Latinos can only be attributed to hate mongering and xenophobia from the two immigration debates. W's Spanish isn't that great. But Jeb is damn near fluent and married to a Latina. So maybe he can get back some of what was lost in a future election quest.

Sure about this?



relatively few Hispanics favor increasing the flow of legal immigration from Latin America and a significant minority, concentrated among native-born Latinos, is concerned that unauthorized migrants are hurting the economy

I think a better explanation would be, in the words of James Carville, "It's the economy, stupid"

Worries over the U.S. economy have overtaken immigration among the top issues that Hispanics — the nation’s largest group of immigrants — say should be tackled by President-elect Barack Obama’s administration, according to a Pew Hispanic Center survey.

Only 31 percent of Hispanics rated immigration as an “extremely important” issue facing the new president, according to the nationwide Pew study released Thursday.

The economy received the top ranking from 57 percent of Hispanics, who rated immigration sixth among seven policy priorities

It's not surprising that an immigrant population with weak ties to the Republican party bolted when the incumbent party was blamed for an economic downturn.  The failure of Bear Stearns may have had more to do with this than the failure of immigration reform.


Repubicans: suicide or slow death


If doing what a stupid idiot like President Bush proposses is what it takes for the Republican Party to survive, then everyone is better off with out it.  President Bush added $5 trillion to the national debt and through the desire to give every illegal alien with a stolen identity a home loan, President Bush pushed the U.S. into a deep recession.

Pandering to Hispanics and blacks may be a way to keep the Republican Party alive a little longer as a brand name, it will be an unmitigated disaster for the middle and upper middle classes.  Unlimited immigration, chain migration, and anchor babies create millions of future Democratic voters.  Those poor Latinos (Hispanics) will vote for politicians who promise to tax whites and give then money to them.  Read the positions of the CHC (not the Latino Conference).  Virtually all Hispanic/Latino politicians are liberal Democrats who support higher taxes (on whites), more spending (on Latino's and Hispanics) and do not care about quality schools, low crime, or livable neighborhoods.

If anyone wants what the CHC is peddling, they will vote for the Democratic party.  there is no way that the Republicans can outpander them.

What a choice?

Suicide or slow death? Sounds like a hell of a pickle.

The country is getting browner everyday. Illegals will probably never find a pathway to voting. But rest assured every one of their American citizen children will. And they will all remember how their parents were treated by those in positions of power.

On the plus side, the GOP has plenty of time and resources to devote to wooing Latinos. Because Black voters will be 95% with President Obama for obvious reasons of pride. So Steele or no Steele, the African American vote is gone in total for the next eight years. Any time spent trying to get it back, will be a day wasted.

Does 2014 qualify as slow or fast death? That's the election cycle I'm predicting for the GOP to decend into complete irrelevance. I'm predicting they will be outnumbered more than three to one in both chambers at the end of that cycle