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by  Lance Thompson

A recent controversy the media have embraced, rather than examining the wisdom of spending more money than America has ever had, was sparked by commentator Rush Limbaugh when he dared to say that he hoped that President Obama failed to remake the economy and the government.  Liberals gasped at this, likening it to high treason.

Some Republicans on the Sunday shows have been quick to disavow Limbaugh’s statement as well.  House Republican Whip Eric Cantor said “no one wants this president to fail.”  Congressman Mike Pence echoed the sentiment.  Congressional Republicans participated in Obama’s Fiscal Summit on 23 February, engaging in “break-out sessions” and reporting their “findings.”  They acted as if the responsible Republican “no” votes on the stimulus package were in need of an apology, and that nothing would be worse than being labeled “partisan.”

For all those Republicans whose convictions lead them to go along to get along, I have a solution.  And it is certain to be respected by the Left, because the Left came up with it.

While the outcome of the war in Iraq was still in doubt, the Democrats did everything they could to bring about defeat for the United States.  Democrats in Congress called the war criminal, immoral, and unwinnable.  Democrats introduced various resolutions to end the war, pull out the troops, and cut off funding.  Of course, Democrats were smart enough to know that these actions, while solidifying their support among liberals, was not going over well with the families of our troops.  Thus, they came up with a bumper sticker to plaster over their shameful actions:  “We support the troops, but not the war.”  This, they thought, allowed them to have it both ways.

This solution can easily be adopted by Republicans who can’t bring themselves openly to defy the president.  All they have to say is, “I support the president, but not his policies.”  Painless, isn’t it?  Let’s all try it, shall we?

I support the president, but not his Politburo of a cabinet.  I don’t support the collection of tax cheats, terrorist sympathizers, baby killers (if Governor Sebelius is confirmed as HHS Secretary) that the president has appointed to his administration to carry out his socialist agenda.

I support the president, but not his spendaholic stimulus bills, bailout bills, redistribution of income and tax hikes on anyone who actually works for a living.  I don’t support his plunging the nation into a bottomless pit of debt and sticking responsible Americans with the tab.

I support the president, but not his Secretary of State’s nuzzling of Red China, subsidies for Hamas to rebuild Gaza into a terrorist base, and abandoning former Soviet Republics to the increasingly belligerent Russia.

I support the president, but not his outsourcing of executive policy to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, so they can rush legislation through Congress without letting most members of the legislative branch even read it. 

I support the president, but not his plan to nationalize health care and give a bureaucrat authority over my own medical needs.

Wasn’t that easy?  Republicans who still want to be invited to interviews on the MSM, chic Washington parties, and The View, can embrace this two-faced construction.  They can gush over Obama’s diction, his wife’s taste in clothing, his lavish entertaining.  But they can still oppose the policies that are remaking the nation in the socialist image.

Speaking for myself, I don’t support the president or his policies, and I doubt that any future conservative leaders do either.  Those who like to play both sides will not earn, nor do they deserve, the support of conservative voters.  Our future leaders will be those who are not afraid to state their principles and live by them.

Of course, if the president decides to reverse course, cut taxes, beef up the military, get rid of the criminals in his own administration, reduce spending, and stop giving the money of working people to non-working people, I’ll gladly support him and his policies.  But I’m not holding my breath.

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sounds good.

and repeat after me: of course there are some things that I do support about his policies.

I like his tax cuts

I like his work against terrorism, even when I wish it would be stronger...